Confederation of Cities Communes and Protectorates

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Confederation of Cities, Communes and Protectorates
Flag of the CCCP
  • Confederate
  • Comrade
AllianceAugustan Federation
  • Decentralized Confederation
  • Direct Democracy
Governing documentCCCP Charter
• Premier
• Vice-Premier
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The Confederation of Cities Communes and Protectorates (CCCP), was a sovereign nation on CivClassic 2.0. It was an international union of several socialist groups with presence across all quadrants. It was formed after the Communist Cities Caretaker-Protectorate's annexation by the Confederation of Socialist Augusta and subsequent reform and re-organization. Each Republic in the Confederation was largely autonomous and self-governing, with the Confederation having no strong centralized government and no official capital.



The Commissariats were distinguished players of the CCCP tasked with leading the nation, as of November 2021 these were:

  • Commissariat of Industry and Furry Relations - Smal
  • Commissariat of Agriculture and Robot Relations - Lanni
  • Commissariat of Workplace Safety and Environmental Protection - Lowtuff
  • Commissariat of the Navy - Pythius_
  • Commissariat of Homosexual Construction and/or Hate Crimes - ChocChips


The CCCP was composed of several republics spanning much of the southern hemisphere:

  1. Western Agricultural Union (WAU)
  2. Lumière - The Consulate of Lumière
  3. Augusta Oblast (AO) - The Confederation of Socialist Augusta (CSA)
  4. Protectorate of Lenin Isle (PLI) - The Socialist Republic of Lenin Isle
  5. Protectorate of Greater Dithmarschen (PGD) - The Comradeship of Dithmarschen and Terestai
  6. Autonomous Protectorate of New Pripyat - The New Federal Republic of Pripyat
  7. Autonomous Protectorate of Provincia - The Republic of Provincia
  8. Protectorate of Maltovia - The People's Federative Republic of Maltovia
  9. Cairo - The Free City of Cairo
  10. Unitas - The Free Republik of Unitas
Republics of the CCCP


The October Revolution

A series of political developments which were still ongoing would reshape the map of Civclassics and the history of many socialist states on the server. In an impressive display of political acuity and will the Central Committee of The Worker's Party would in a short while unite many independent left wing states across the entire map into a new political entity.

Integration of the South East

Official Pronouncement of the Annexation of the CCCP by the CSA
Official Pronouncement of the Annexation of the CCCP by the CSA

The first major act of the revolution would be the October 16th proclamation of Premier of the CSA, SandFalls. This formalized the union of the Confederation of Socialist August and the old CCCP, the Communist Cities Caretaker Protectorate, though both entities had been nominally lead by The Worker's Party prior to this.

The annexation was sought by both nations in order to more closely integrate the efforts of the comrades of the East and West branches of the Party. Additionally greater security was sought by the less populated but geographically larger eastern constituencies.

A Red Star Rises in the South

Immediately following the annexation of the old-CCCP the new enlarged CSA began a constitutional convention. Party members from the now 7 member Confederation discussed and debated in a Congress which would result in the naming of the new entity, the adoption of the Anarcho-Stalinism flag, and the ratification of the Charter of the Confederation of Cities, Communes, and Protectorates.[1]

Socialism Sets Sights on the North

With this flurry of historic activity several other small socialist states, from all over the map, would join the new CCCP. On October 23rd the Free City of Cairo would become the first member from a northern quadrant and it would soon be followed by the Consulate of Lumière which joined October 25th.