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Rhodesia was a nation that was originally founded on CivClassic.

Rhodesia's flag
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CivClassic 2.0


Nudist Beach Colony

Rhodesia was initially founded as a colony to Nudist Beach on CivClassic. The aim was to produce bulk XP in a location that was isolated and well suited for production. At this time the only members were Dovahkiin, Impulca, and _SteveBuscemi. A few basic farms were set up and used to produce a small amount of XP. After the Nudist Beach raider crisis, Rhodesia became the fall back location for a few of the surviving members of Nudist Beach. Notably, _SteveBuscemi began expanding the farms and fortifying the location in the event of the arrival of bounty hunters.


During the height of the Somber War, most the Nudist Beach people had gone inactive, Dovahkiin had deployed over seas, big dogs were banned, SteveBuscemi, and Impulca joined HJE. Rhodesia became a dead location with only occasional visitation from SteveBuscemi who still used the farms for personal wealth. At this time the Rhodesians earned the hatred of bgbba by defending his enemy SouthernBloc. Capri was pearled by Hjaltland.


Zimbabwe Craft

Eventually a few of the players from Civ 3.0 Aegis banded together to create a small XP nation. SteveBuscemi and Capri had left HJE to go back to Rhodesia. Pds0303 who was previously in Shadap Gahar joined Rhodesia. Other Aegis characters who were interested included GTAIV, Thymos, and Prof. SteveBuscemi, Capri, and pds0303 settled as the three most active players and became the core of the group. The group began their endeavors to modernize the XP farms and expand the preexisting infrastructure. The group started producing XP faster and faster, but at this time diamonds had stopped spawning. Rhodesia had a surplus of XP, but absolutely no diamonds. The Rhodesians set up a shop in the center of Mount Augusta selling XP at the astronomically low price of 2d a block and started racking in diamonds.

Wakanda Craft

Now thoroughly wealthy, the diamond crisis had ended and Rhodesia began mining diamonds and producing XP at a rate rivaling Hjaltland. The Rhodesians were playing in Mount Augusta with the NUP as well as expanding farms, bunkers, and decided to start a trench. Capri was freed by Hjaltland after Darkthkid turned himself in for Capri's pearl. The group began construction on the largest trench in the server, which protected all of their infrastructure. The trench took months, but it was finished. Rhodesia gained new members and grew at an alarming rate. Rhodesia joined the FRIENDS agreement as a founding member with HJE and Hallow. The Rhodesian trench was dug in small part by Qji's controversial trench bot. Dovahkiin returned from his service and joined back into the fold with the Rhodesians. Havok, zackattack, and numerous others joined the team.

Third Laconia-Yoahtl War

Laconia was invaded by Yoahtl in August of 2018. Having played with and against the Laconians on other servers, SteveBuscemi went to help clean up Laconia and prepare them for their next assault. While cleaning up a farm, meat312 attacked the group including SteveBuscemi. Unprepared, the Laconians held the line at their bunker. After it was clear that they couldn't hold without equipment, they sallied forth and pearled Falvyu. SteveBuscemi and Toffee Dodger were pursued for ten thousand blocks until Capri came to rescue a near dead Buscemi by pearling bgbba. SATO fighters attacked the Rhodesian space marines who managed to safely reach an HJE outpost north of Mount Augusta. Yoahtl surrendered and the situation de-escalated as a result of this crushing defeat.