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Montarnis screenshot
Location[-750, -5500]
Activity level10 - 12 people at one point
Capital cityOlympia
• Leader
• Founder
Foundation dateMarch 10 2014
LanguageEnglish, small German speaking population

Montarnis (formerly Olympia) was a left-wing nation on Civcraft 2.0, north of 0,0 on the north-south axis, ~4.5k blocks directly east of Orion across the ocean.


Montarnis was a large island with a diverse landscape. The capital city, Olympia, was nestled among snowy mountains whilst the large brutalist city of Trotskygrad, headquarters of the cosmopolitan party, lied to the north, straddling desert and plains biomes. The farming province of High Garden was situated far east on fertile plains, separated from the western island by a large desert. To the south was the ice mountain isles, separated from the desert by a river, and a small buffer zone shared with the ULV in the large ice mountains to the southeast.


The government was headed by an elected premier, and a general secretary who ran as the right hand man to the premier. Government officers were hand selected by the general secretary to perform various tasks related to their government-created job.


Trials were judged by an elected commissar, who served as the judge, jury, and executioner. In any case where there was clear bias from the commissar, the Premier was meant to hand pick an individual to temporarily take his place.



Bizzig, the owner of a small faction server "FU-Camp", came with a few of his server denizens, connor1998 and zxasazx, to Civcraft and settled in the extreme hills that became known as Olympia. There was an existing, abandoned town in the plains to the east, called "New Angel Grove" or "High Garden", interchangeably. They got in touch with the old owners of high garden and got permission to use the existing farms and expand on them, all while preserving the city. Around this time, the name was changed to "Olympia", but the old name lives on as the common snitch group citizens are added to. The government established was a very loose and relaxed one, with bizzig as the "leader", Connor as "head architect", and zxasazx as "vice leader". It was described as a small farming town by most, including bizzig.

First Griefer Attacks

A bandit attack by a trio of griefers, "Shoe_Shot", "dudio9711", and "acquaintence" occurred early on in the conception of Olympia. They were caught slaughtering livestock and griefing multiple farms. Dudio was quickly caught and pearled by bizzig, but the other two remained free. About a day later, "Stratmatt57" showed up to help, and the last two were pearled.

RogueX7 and the new government

Around late April of 2014, a newfriend from Orion named "RogueX7" showed up to make some cash by catching "gipsyking" who was caught griefing the Olympian nether wart farm (which later proved to be a misunderstanding). After staying in Olympia, he decided to settle down permanently there, to escape the overpopulation of Orion at the time. He was made director of defense, the fourth addition to Olympian government. Eventually, Bizzig stepped down from the leader's position, and left leadership in Rogue's hands. Connor also was inactive around this time, and so the last government positions were held by Rogue and Zxasazx. The population of around 5 -6 agreed that a more formal government was in order, and Rogue was elected Prime Minister, with a small cabinet of hand selected ministers; Thiecec as Minister of Infrastructure, bizzig as Minister of Economics, josephandjake as Minister of Defence and Pantostado1066 as Minister of Architecture. Rogue and the four Ministers wrote up a constitution over the coming days, until bizzig went completely inactive shortly after. The government shuffled around in the next 4-5 months, with different ministers, a new constitutional draft and the rise of party politics, but Rogue continued as Prime Minister (and later a title shift to "Premier") until Orangutans99 was elected December 8th, 2014, and the rise of the cosmopolitan party began.

The Cosmopolitan Government and Bizzig's Coup attempt

At the beginning of January 2015, Orangutans, the new premier, was unable to continue to lead due to real life pressure and resigned. Bizzig quickly stepped in and tried to put himself into power. The details of this event are controversial and the motives for each side are not entirely clear. Bizzig seized power without elections and caused a great upheaval, and Roguex7 had come with an armed squad telling the Olympian people Bizzig was going to be their new dictator. This outraged the Cosmopolitan party members as well as the general citizenry and resulted in Eastern Bloc intervention. Bizzig later denied Rogue was acting under his orders. Yuy168 emerged as the new leader of Olympia and Bizzig went into self-imposed exile. Following a spate of subreddit spam, which was uncontrollable due to josephandjake's (the only subreddit mod left) temporary inactivity, a new name for the nation was decided upon and the new subreddit was created. The capital city remains known as Olympia [city].

Interactions with other Countries


In late summer of 2014, Olympian citizens put forth a proposition known as the “Co-Prosperity Sphere” to manage and regulate the islands and mountainous region just south of the Olympian continent. ULV, a nation run by Stonato, opposed this proposition, but not until after it was passed.

Orangutans99, herald of the co prosperity sphere, and stonato got in to a few arguments, and Orangutans99 decided he would try and prove the non-existence of the ULV. He wrote up a detailed post outlining the apparent non existence of the ULV on the Olympian subreddit. This infuriated stonato, and negotiations got more hostile.

Rogue, Prime Minister at the time (who later claims to have not supported, nor voted for the sphere, but instead supported his citizens and the law), declared war on the ULV, considered a very bad move by some, even Rogue himself.

After realizing the severity of the declaration, he removed the call for war and put forth a ceasefire, but it was too late, for Olympian citizen JFCamp had not seen the ceasefire and proceeded to burn down Polska (which he thought was a ULV settlement, which it wasn't) and tried to pearl stonato himself in the town of new frinland, ULV Capital. Before this occurred however, JFCamp was pearled by SkyHG, but accidentally released when the server crashed. Tensions were high, and the Olympians decided to forget about it for a while.

A month later, after no development on the co-prosperity sphere, Olympia was griefed hard by unknown assailants, with all the vaults bar the pearl vault broken and all the factories broke and replaced with DRO. Olympia went in to a state of emergency, fearing more attacks would come and give them time to rebuild and figure out who did it. A closed border policy was put forth, with explicit rules to allow 0 people in the city without direct permission from Rogue or Josephandjake. Stonato, on his alt “Heistenberg”, decided to enter the city anyway and break a few Olympian propaganda signs in the Capitol square. He was bountied, and he and Rogue shared a few harsh words in game via pm the following week.

Later that day, Rogue was filling in an inactive player who came online to play once more, the details on the crisis. Rogue jokingly said in chat “I may send a fireteam down there idk lol” to him, which was heard by SkyHG who was sitting in the ice mountains in the disputed area of Nude Erabor, in case Olympia tried anything. 5 minutes later, Rogue was pearled for the words in Olympia by SkyHG, and was vaulted overnight.

The next afternoon, a treaty was made between Olympia and ULV, with geohash paying all the reps required from Olympia (despite being one of the main opponents of the Co-Prosperity Sphere) and Nude Erabor being established as a buffer zone between the two states.

Notable People

Username Reason for notoriety
Bizzig Founder
Connor1998 Head of Architecture, also former vice leader
Zxasazx Former Vice leader of Olympia, currently serves on the Executive Council of Orion
RogueX7 Former Prime Minister/Premier, instigator of the modern socialist government
Josephandjake Former Vice leader under RogueX7, former Minister of Defence then Minister of Foreign Affairs
Orangutans99 Former Head of the Cosmopolitan Party, former Premier of Olympia
Yuy168 Current head of the Cosmopolitan party and Premier of Olympia
Pantostado1066 Founder of Agora and New Agora in, 1.0, Founder of Aurora in 2.0, Former Chief of Architecture in Olympia
Thiecec Former Minister of Infrastructure and, later on, Minister of Defence
Leak9000 Former Minister of Internal Affairs