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Polska, officially the Commonwealth of Polska, was a nation on CivClassics 2.0 that is best known as a NATO member state that was annexed by Columbia following the Infinity War.

Commonwealth of Polska
Commonwealth of Polska
Flag of Polska
Flag of the Commonwealth of Polska
Location-2778, -7736
Capital cityPolska
• Ceasarz
Preceded byPolska (Civcraft 2.0)
Succeeded byPolska Province, Columbia


The Commonwealth of Polska was founded in the early days of CivClassic and was named Augska [1]. However, its citizens left after a devastating raid. [2] They returned after two years, in December 2019, to the same location and renamed the nation Polska [3].

Polska in early 2018

In January 2019, they fought a brief war against New Champtown over the ownernship of the land. [4] A battle was fought when several members of Champtown attacked Polska but most of the attackers were pearled by NATO. [5] They later agreed to relocated to another area on the map, thus ending the hostilities. [6]

It is a founding member of NATO and fought Mir during the NATO-Mir War.

On September 2019, Polska was griefed by a group of Mirian fighter who tore down houses in the city. [7]

From February of 2020 to late March of 2020 Polska was one of the main sites of the prolonged Siege of Columbia. Multiple attempted attacks upon the Crucible vault were staged in Polska and it was built up militarily. Eventually a skybridge was built from Columbia to Polska that resulted in its falling. Polska was considered "contested territory" by mapmakers until the fall of Hallow pushed NATO out of the deep -,- region for good.

A polar bear eats some pumpkins from a derelict farm

Polska became an official province of Columbia on October 5th, 2020. Most of the city has been leveled since its annexation, with the field where the city once was now serving as a polar bear reservation.

The Polska Polar Bear Sanctuary, the largest wildlife reserve on the server
The polar bears like to swim in the Polska bathhouse