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The Free Republic of Gabon
Green Yellow Blue horizontal stripes of equal proportions
Flag of Gabon
Green Yellow Blue horizontal stripes of equal proportions
Gabonese Coat of Arms
Location-3000, -2300
Capital citySalisbury
Area3.27 km² (as of October 2021)
Governing documentConstitution
• Lord High Chancellor
• Vice Chancellor
• Lord's Council


• Cabinet Office
Paagf - Minister for HUD
FKA_Twink - Minister for FA
Foundation date10 June 2018
Foundation documentEstablishment of the Land Claim of the Principality of Gabon Declaration
Motto"Justice, Peace, Prosperity"
National anthemHail to Gabon's Peoples
MascotAzure Bluet


WebsiteGabon Online

Gabon, commonly known as Gabon (/ɡəˈbɒn/), is an independent nation in the northwest quadrant. The mainland of Gabon is situated adjacent to the Coral Sea and the Sea of Crete. The nation borders Icenia to the east across the Dover Strait and Varkonia to the west across the Bay of Hope. In addition, Gabon includes more than 7 islands; principally off to the east and south. Most of the population, including the capital Salisbury, is concentrated in the central belt – the forest plain between the northern mountains and southern snow-plains.

Gabon is divided into 5 administrative subdivisions, known as boroughs. Salisbury is the largest borough in terms of population, with the borough of Baile bán being the largest in terms of area. Limited self-governing power, covering matters such as education, roads and transportation is devolved from the Gabonese Government to each subdivision via appointed Mayors. The Capital of Salisbury is further split into 13 subdivisions, known as suburbs – under the authority of the Mayoralty of Salisbury.

The Principality of Gabon emerged as an independent sovereign country in early June 2018 and continued to exist until July 2018 when it became the lesser partner in a political union with Varkonia. This political union would continue until October 2020 when an independence referendum garnering a 62% leave vote would result in Gabon's exit from Varkonia.

Within Gabon, the monarchy continued to use a variety of styles, titles and symbols specific to the pre-union Principality of Gabon which would remain in use up until the civil war in November 2018, the result of which would change Gabon's Government to a Republic whilst remaining inside of the Union. The legal system within Gabon remained separate from those of Varkonia and other provinces. The continued existence of legal, educational, religious and other institutions distinct from those in the remainder of the Varkonian Union contributed to the continuation of Gabonese culture and national identity and would eventually play a crucial role in the independence referendum of October 2020.

The Free Republic of Gabon is a democracy with an resident-elected Lord's Council and an executive body of the head of state, and the head of government who are both elected by the populace. The Head of State is the Lord High Chancellor, who is supported by the Head of Government, The Vice Chancellor of Gabon. Gabon is also a member of the Council of the Medi Sea.

As of October 2021, The Lord High Chancellor of Gabon is BritishWanderer who ascended to the position after the civil war in November 2018 and has retained the position through election since. The Lord High Chancellor works alongside the Head of Government in all aspects of internal and diplomatic matters, the current Head of Government is Vice Chancellor Gobblin who has held this position since its creation in November 2018. Both Chancellors act on the behalf of advice given by the elected Lord's Council and the appointed Cabinet.

Gabon is world renowned for its architectural style, builds of grandeur and its expansive city scape. Boasting a capital of brobdingnagian proportions within the minus, minus quadrant. The Capital of Salisbury is the largest population centre in the nation and forms a continuous conurbation with other towns nearby, most notable being SouthShields, Tynemouth and Reddingsfield. The city stretches from coast to coast and encompasses both the Elizabeth Bay and the Bay of Biscay to the east and south respectively.


Pictured: Photo taken of the first few buildings constructed in the settlement of Salisbury, the storehouse can be seen to the right, housing in the middle and the Bakery second from the left. Circa June 2018

Early History - June 2018 - August 2018

The 10th of June 2018 marked the creation of the state of Gabon as a result of the discovery of the uninhabited landmass by Tvman999 and the subsequent claim of the land by GetSkinny who would become the Queen of Gabon shortly thereafter. Through the issuance of letters patent by The Queen, the Principality of Gabon was formed with the initial sole settlement of Salisbury.[1]

The Principality of Gabon would slowly continue to increase its mainland territory and by late June 2018, the claims of Gabon had encompassed the village of Bakerswood on the south-eastern peninsula and the town of Cottingham formally Alpoko in the south.[2] Gabon would go on to add the sub-province of Venice to the north of Salisbury in September 2018.

After GetSkinny's accession to the throne, Her Majesty, by letters patent[3] created the position of Lord High Chancellor and through a Commission[4] appointed BritishWanderer to that office. The Lord High Chancellor had effective control of the Privy Council and was entitled to require them to present information about the activities of Gabon to himself – although ultimately serving at the pleasure of Her Majesty.

Throughout the time period as a Principality, the nation was governed by a small privy council of BritishWanderer, Tvman999 and Gobblin who advised Queen GetSkinny in day to day duties and decisions. The government system was an absolute monarchy without a constitution until late July 2018 when Gabon would formally enter into a political union with Varkonia.
Pictured: An overhead view of foundations of Balmoral, laid out circa July 2018

Establishment of Salisbury

The establishment of the Principality of Gabon bought with it the settlement of Salisbury, this settlement was solely planned to be a simple base of operations whilst the surrounding area was surveyed. In June, Her Majesty deemed it necessary to set out on a vast excavation project in order to extract stone and minerals which would be used to fund future construction projects in prominent positions around the island. Throughout the time of the extraction of the grand quarry, a large influx of labourers would migrate to the surrounding area, speeding up the project and resulting in buildings springing up around the quarry. The substantial amount of stone being extracted allowed the privy council to fund constructions of a storehouse, bakery and multiple houses. Although many of buildings constructed around this time have since been either torn down or reconstructed, the bakery still stands to this day as the oldest building in Gabon. As the settlement around the quarry continued to grow, a factory building and rudimentary train station was set up, with one of Gabon's first factories being a compactor donated by Mayor Ahrimanne of MTA.
Pictured: The first known map of mainland Gabon. Circa June 2018
In late June, with constant construction underway to the southeast and within the settlement, concern was placed on the damage that local labourers were committing on the native flora and fauna. This opened a fierce debate within the privy council, which was split down the middle on the economic side of the argument and the agricultural preservation side of the argument. This led Her Majesty to make a tough decision, ultimately siding with the native wildlife and by letters patent created measures to protect the natural wildlife from any further destruction which would be amended by a compromise to allow members of the privy council to authorise the destruction of any particular instance of flora so long as saplings of the respective fauna was planted elsewhere.[5] This patent is generally regarded as saving the decline of the natural trees within the nation of Gabon.

Sensing that Salisbury was becoming more than just a settlement, Her Majesty the Queen in July 2018 would name Salisbury as the capital of Gabon and laid out plans with her privy council to construct the royal residence of Balmoral Castle which would straddle the main avenue and overlook the city from the west. The original design contained fifty rooms, wide corridors and a sizeable courtyard. Balmoral planned to hold not only the residential quarters of the royal family but also the hosting place of internal government gatherings and diplomatic meetings.

Balmoral would require such a vast amount of concrete that new industries would have to be structured from the ground up in order to support the demand. Glass smelters and concrete factories were planned and constructed in Salisbury and Bakerswood to aid in the erection of Balmoral Castle. However the project would eventually run into a brick wall due to budget constraints and a skilled labour shortage, with the construction halting just after the first floor of Balmoral.

The city would expand at a slowed pace for the remainder of 2018 due to the limited resources left over, however development continued on road systems and more housing in the eastern portion of the Capital.

This map represents the offer that Alpoko sent to the negotiations, with red representing Alpoko's claim and Pink representing Gabon's.

The Alpoko-Gabon Crisis

The dashed lines show the region of Gabon that was offered back to Alpoko, containing their capital.

On July the 11th 2018, the Privy Council of Gabon was notified by Goobernut1 and the Kingdom of Alpoko of their intention to return the region and take back their previous claims. Long before the arrival of the Gabonese and at the time of the initial settlement in June, Alpoko had been considered an inactive nation for many months and the region laid empty and unclaimed.

Initially both Gabon and Alpoko began discussions over finding a solution, each state understandably wanted their claim to surround their settlement and cities. Negotiation would be difficult however as Salisbury and the Alpokoan capital were only separated by 500 blocks, and the entirety of Gabon existed within the old claims of Alpoko. Gabon would offer to un-claim the southern portion of it's territory below the canal, which held the capital of Alpoko.

However Alpoko would counter this offer with its own attempt at redistricting and when those talks fell through, Gabon would reach out to Bloom to become involved in the crisis as a third-party arbitrator. This invitation to Bloom worked out well for the land negotiations and ground began to be made on diplomatic efforts on the idea to create a zone of financial co-operation between the three parties and commitments were made to developing the region together, although a final land claim for both Alpoko and Gabon was yet to be agreed upon.

Alpoko would not compromise on its beliefs that most of Gabon should be returned to Alpoko and that a third of the leftover Gabonese territory in Bakerswood be turned into the zone of financial corporation, mutually administrated by Alpoko, Bloom and Gabon.

Gabon was apprehensive to give away a majority of its land, especially since the land above the Cottingham canal had been empty prior to the development of Salisbury and now they were expected to part with not only a large portion of their claim but submit a portion to be mutually administrated. Despite this, the Gabonese privy council was heavily considering the offer and was open to the idea of economic cooperation and collective contribution to the region.

Bloom agreed with Gabon, heavily emphasising during the negotiations that the economical promises and financial zone was the key to keeping the negotiations going. During the negotiations, Bloom would even offer a portion of their own land, part of a nether island to be given to Alpoko alongside Gabon's offer.
This map displays the arbitrated offer that Bloom reached with both parties, with purple representing Gabon, red representing Alpoko's new claims and Bloom in the green.
Gabon would approach Varkonia on the 14th of July, its western neighbour and sought support to its claim to the region, although Varkonia explicitly expressed no interest in getting involved, the Red Duke of Varkonia commented to the Gabonese delegation that the mutually administered region sounded like a bad idea. Unbeknownst to Gabon, Alpoko had also approached Varkonia looking for support to return to their prior claims over the whole region. The Varkonian Senate would conclude internally that, while Alpoko had a right to come back and exist, Alpoko did not have a right to remove Gabon's settlement, which had been established for months in previously undeveloped land, and that negotiations were needed to draw a new border without shared administration.

Bloom would arbitrate between Gabon and Alpoko further, and would offer a portion of its own territory into the new deal. This proposed claims map was accepted by all parties involved and treaties began to be drafted initialising the land transfer.

On the 15th of July, the Queen of Gabon, GetSkinny asked Alpoko to contribute materials alongside Gabon and Bloom towards the mutually administered trading territory, any contribution would have set in motion the final steps of the negotiation and would initiate the land exchange between all three parties. Inexpliticity, Alpoko refused to contribute anything towards this effort, even though it was their idea to create this zone.

This decision by King Havana of Alpoko to tear up the economical agreement portion of the land treaty was seen as a massive breach of trust in good-faith negotiations, and Gabon, namely her Majesty Queen GetSkinny would respond with a formal letter later the same day rejecting the idea of any cession of Gabon's land to Alpoko[6] Bloom's prime minister, Aleh56 would support the letter and Gabon's claim to the land in private correspondence with Goobernut1 the same day, at which point Bloom ceased arbitrating and would no longer support Alpoko's claims. Furthermore, The Grand Duchy of Varkonia decided to support Gabon and their claims in the land dispute.

Havana, the King of Alpoko would go on to halt all attempts at negotiation and severed diplomatic ties with Bloom, Gabon and Varkonia. After Alpoko disbanded their efforts to return, Gabon came into full possession of Alpoko's former claims, and the new claims were recognised by Bloom and Varkonia as Gabon's sovereign territory

The Political Union between Gabon and Varkonia

On the 29th of July 2018, the privy council and Her Majesty decided that it was in the best interests of the Gabonese peoples to open negotiation talks with the Grand Duchy of Varkonia to discuss and ratify a treaty joining their two nations,[7] this treaty saw Gabon lose its title as a Principality and become a Provincial Government within Varkonia.

This also saw the dissolution of the royal family of Gabon, including the Privy Council. Gabon became a unitary republic as a Varkonian province. In the place of the privy council, the Assembly of the Province of Gabon was created as a provincial government. The head of the Assembly, the Grand Prince, was initially The Queen. The privy councillors continued their duties as members of the Assembly. As an oligarchy, the Grand Prince had power to appoint and remove members of the Assembly at will. This treaty also saw the appointment of two members of the Assembly of Gabon to the Senate of Varkonia, these two senators representing Gabon would initially be Grand Prince GetSkinny and Chancellor BritishWanderer.

Although Gabon had become a Varkonian protectorate, Varkonia did not have the power to interfere with Gabonese politics unless they infringed upon peace and good government in Varkonia. This meant that Varkonian laws did not apply in Gabon unless Varkonia was granted the power to make law on a certain topic for Gabon. Additionally, Varkonian courts were not competent to hear matters relating to the law of Gabon.

The reaction to the transition of government was met by positive outpouring by the citizenry of both nations who saw it as two sister nations joining together, with many citizens of both countries holding dual residency of both states. This made the relationship between both countries intertwined, Varkonian flags were quickly added to prominent focal points around the Capital with government buildings gladly displaying the Varkonian flag alongside its Gabonese counterpart.
Pictured: Borders of a unified nation-state between Gabon and Varkonia. Circa Late July 2018
Current map of mainland Gabon and it's overseas territories. Circa September 2018

Immediately after the signing of the treaty, the government of Varkonia agreed to aid in the funding of an eastern defensive structure within the Capital of Salisbury. This was in conjunction with citizens of Varkonia funding the construction of an updated rail station in Salisbury, the station went from three one-way lines to eight possible two-way connections to multiple countries in the northwest quadrant. The station is adorned with the Varkonian national flag alongside the Gabonese standard to reflect the contribution that was made towards to the construction.

The Senatorial contributions by both GetSkinny and BritishWanderer to Varkonia would be immensely beneficial to the rule of law in Varkonia and both senators would be the main authors of the establishment of the constitution of Varkonia alongside the Red Duke himself.

After the Gabonese civil war, GetSkinny would be replaced on the Varkonian Senate by Gobblin. Gobblin would do much to improve and assist in the burgeoning Varkonian XP industry and the drainage of the Nox Vault.

In December 2018, BritishWanderer was elected as Speaker of the Senate of Varkonia and would maintain the position until July 2019 where upon he would resign due to the breakup of the UNC. BritishWanderer would be elected again a month later in August 2019 and would serve in the Speaker role until the independence of Gabon in October 2020, holding a total term length of 1 year and 9 months, the longest of any Senate Speaker in Varkonia.

Gobblin would be elected to the position of Guild Master in February 2020 due to his commitment and contributions to the XP industry and would serve in this capacity as Guild Master of Varkonia for 7 months from February 2020 - September 2020.

UNC Political Era - August 2018 - July 2019

With the political union of Varkonia & Gabon, the Grand Duchy of Varkonia was quick to assure neighbouring states that Varkonia would gladly take up any responsibilities in all treaties previously signed by Gabon. This action would set out the course for leaders from both Gabon and Varkonia to draft a mutual defence charter which would lead to the foundation of the United Northern Congress.

Formation of The United Northern Congress

In Early August 2018, The Grand Prince of Gabon and The Lord High Chancellor in conjunction with the Red Duke of the Grand Duchy of Varkonia drafted the Charter of the United Northern Congress[8] in hopes that a new alternative alliance bloc in the northwest quadrant would allow nations the ability to stand aside peacefully, not involving themselves in any future wars while also furthering good relations and economic ties between signing parties.

The document was originally sent to Varkonia's largest neighbours, SPQR and Nevrast, for approval and discussion, both would later become the first of many signatories on the Charter of the United Northern Congress.

By Mid August, The UNC had reached out to The Federal Republic of Bloom and the Kaiserreich, who after negotiations, signed the charter. The Celestial Empire of Tvtopia, The Kingdom of Kaltsburg, The Duchy of Westmore, Heavenly Kingdom of Gensokyo and the Archduchy of Nyasaland, shortly joined the signatories, bringing the member-count of the UNC to ten total nations.

The claims of the Grand Duchy of Varkonia in October 2018, showing the province of Gabon on the right. Circa October 2018
Gabon's Impact

Gabon's leading government ministers and monarchy played an instrumental role in drafting the original Charter for the United Northern Congress, the Charter itself hints to this Gabon contribution with the document being signed by each member country at the location of Balmoral Castle. This is displayed at the bottom of the Charter alongside the date. The Gabonese Lord High Chancellor, BritishWanderer, served the United Northern Congress for 118 days as the Alliance Spokesperson and was the last serving Spokesperson at it's disbandment on 13th July 2019.

The Gabonese Civil War

By October 2018, His Majesty, Grand Prince GetSkinny, had been out of the public eye for over two months. The duties that would normally be undertaken by the Grand Prince were being added to the daily tasks of The Lord High Chancellor and his councillors. This extra burdening workload began to cause the stagnation of Gabon which was felt throughout the country, with the council behind on their normal duties, food production and welfare handouts fell to an all-time low. Although republicanism was not unheard of prior to this point, it grew to unprecedented levels among the citizenry and members of the provincial assembly around this time. October would also see the peaceful Green Flag Protests which saw citizens take to the streets wearing green banners to express their discontent with the monarchy and the government of Gabon. Green banners were used as a meaning for a fresh start, with some radicals suggesting this did not end at reforms for a constitutional monarchy but should result in the ending of the monarchy altogether.

Around the same time in Varkonia, members of the Varkonian Senate were charged with numerous criminal offences in the courts of Mount Augusta leaving Gabon awash in shame, striking at the heart of the connection between the sister nations. The Lord High Chancellor BritishWanderer and councillor Gobblin would meet with the Red Duke Mickale of Varkonia to the concern of the growing republicanism and the worry that armed response may be required should it come to a boiling point, the Red Duke agreed to provide military support and privately endorsed the Chancellor to lead the nation instead of Grand Prince GetSkinny if the situation were to lead to a civil war. Mickale would go on to provide assurances relating to the criminal offences levied against multiple senators in Varkonia by MTA courts, alleviating the worries of BritishWanderer and Gobblin.

In early November, Grand Prince GetSkinny, returned to a nation seemingly divided. Disagreements had broke out within the Assembly of the Provincial Government of Gabon on how to respond to the dissatisfaction with the actions of Varkonia, alongside heated debates of government reform. The Prince's return was coldly received by her citizenry, including her own government who had seen the rising costs of funding the monarch's private lavish lifestyle without any visible benefit to the nation.

Tensions came to ahead on the 9th of November as the Her Majesty would call for an emergency assembly meeting, every councillor (BritishWanderer, Gobblin, Tvman999, ChrisFa99, Suigin) was required to attend immediately. Her Majesty, would call three important votes, all relating to the dissolution of the union between Varkonia and Gabon.

Proposition For Against Abstain
Votes % Votes % Votes %
Should Gabon exercise its human right to self determination and declare independence? 2 40 1 20 2 40
Should a second plebiscite be held on independence? 4 80 1 20 0 0
Should Gabon exercise its human right to self determination and declare independence? 1 20 4 80 0 0
As the initial vote came to a close, The Grand Prince proclaimed to the Assembly that she felt that with the 40% support that there was reason to call for immediate independence. This declaration sent the opposing councillors into an uproar, calling for an official vote to respect the 50% threshold. The atmosphere inside of the voice chamber quickly became one of fury and chaos. In order to quickly quash the mayhem within the Assembly, the Prince called for a second referendum on independence within the Assembly.

During second vote, the Lord High Chancellor took to defending the Grand Duchy of Varkonia to the clear disapproval of loyalist government councillors. The majority of the Assembly did however, stand behind the Chancellor and his track record. This bought a perhaps uncomfortable realisation to Her Majesty, that the Assembly itself was slowly splitting between herself and her own Chancellor. In order to retain her support within the house, she backed down and called for the second vote of independence.

The final vote was ruled in favour of the union, with a majority of councillors supporting the Chancellor's ideals of closer cooperation and continued union with the Duchy of Varkonia. This blow to the Grand Prince was seen by many as one of the final nails in the coffin for a monarchy unresponsive to their own country's needs.

However the Grand Prince would take the stand before the Assembly and informed them that she would be issuing a royal decree to declare independence herself[9], effectively ignoring previous votes and the will of her Assembly. This was an unprecedented move, and whilst permitted by the laws and the government system in place, it had never been undertaken in such a manner before in Gabon's history. The Lord High Chancellor, who was once seen as the most loyal member of Her Majesty's Assembly was the first to speak harshly against this action. In the mist of the anger felt by the Assembly, the Chancellor controversially called for a vote to unseat the ruling monarch and replace the Grand Prince with himself.

Proposition For Against Abstain
Votes % Votes % Votes %
Should the current Grand Prince be replaced by BritishWanderer? 3 60 0 0 2 40
Although not legally binding and unenforceable by the Assembly, the plebiscite was a clear display of dissatisfaction felt by a majority of the Assembly. Rather than comply with the result, the Grand Prince dissolved membership of the Assembly and revoked the Lord High Chancellor's commission, effectively usurping all power in Gabon. Additionally, the then Grand Prince, dissatisfied with republicanism, unilaterally declared a change of government. Gabon was renamed to the Independent Principality of Gabon and the royal family was reinstated, with the Grand Prince again becoming The Queen.
Pictured: Photo of the bombing raid on the Capital City of Salisbury. Circa November 2018

Immediately following this, The Queen, GetSkinny passed the Security of Gabon Act 2018[10] and declared war on Varkonia and Hjaltland.[11] Members of the previous Assembly, led by the previous Lord High Chancellor, who voted against the Grand Prince engaged diplomatically with Varkonia and Hjaltland to rally a force to effect a coup d'état against The Queen and take back Gabon. Large outpourings of 'Long Live Gabon!' would come in from home and abroad in support of the revolutionaries and become the standard motto of the rebellion.

The Red Duke of Varkonia, at the behest of the Lord High Chancellor, ordered a group of forces to enter Gabon. The forces bombed a local church, which had previously acted as the loyalist stronghold in the centre of the city of Salisbury. The Varkonian forces then captured The Queen and promptly imprisoned Her.

After this military success, the Lord High Chancellor publicly declared that a coup d'état against Gabon had succeeded.[12] Varkonia and Gabon proceeded on the understanding that the previous declaration of independence was invalid and void ab initio.

The Lord High Chancellor and The Queen deliberated and negotiated closely for a period of four days. Dissatisfied with the "great toil of suffering and bloodshed on all sides", the parties on 13 November 2018 ratified a treaty to bring an end to the wars and replace them with "a firm, just and durable peace".[13][14] This saw the abolition of the Independent Principality of Gabon, and the renaming of Gabon to the Grand Mercantile Republic of the Autonomous Free Sovereign State of Gabon, the Abode of Peace.

In place of the previous Assembly, the Executive Council was created. The body was composed of the members of the Assembly prior to the declaration of war. The head of government, the Leader of the Executive Council, was to be elected by the Executive Council.

The office of Lord High Chancellor was continued, but was promoted to be the head of state. The intention of the parties was to establish the Lord High Chancellor as "the symbol of the unity and permanence of Gabon". The office was to be elected by members of the Executive Council. The Lord High Chancellor had power to appoint members to the Executive Council.

The first elections returned BritishWanderer to the office of Lord High Chancellor and Gobblin to the office of the Leader of the Executive Council. The Lord High Chancellor appointed ChrisFa99 to the Executive Council. It was then composed of BritishWanderer, tvman999, Gobblin and ChrisFa99. Later to be joined by Cincius on the 19th December 2018 as the governor of the internal province of Venice, north of the Capital Salisbury.


The abolishment of the monarchy and the establishment of an executive lord's council freed up an immense amount of wealth that was held by the royal family, which the council swiftly used for the betterment of Salisbury. The city experienced rapid growth internally and externally with immense funding being put into the Gabonese diamond mining industry by the Executive Council. This also saw the Executive Council fund extensive repairs and complete long-awaited construction projects, allowing citizens to visit new cafes, bars, and the theatre like never before.

The end of the Civil War in Gabon bought about a much-needed period of growth to the nation. After the accession of BritishWanderer and Gobblin to high ranking positions in the Gabonese government, both of whom supported relaxing regulations and expanding diplomatic ties across the globe, the economy and construction industry subsequently began to truly flourish.

Whilst the rebuilding efforts were continuing, Chancellor BritishWanderer took it upon himself to revisit the policies of Salisbury and restructure them from the ground up, cutting taxes and establishing the Sovereign Fund which would be used as a safety net for the capital government and its citizenry. The Sovereign Fund was vital in keeping the economy afloat and allowing citizens to benefit themselves in periods when the Council were on diplomatic missions or otherwise outside of the Capital.

This time of prosperity also saw the birth of a cultural movement in Gabon, centred around the arts. The Lord High Chancellor commissioned the creation of a number of works by local artists, including the publication of internationally acclaimed bestsellers such as Tender Night in Gabon and Gabon in Spring. These books sold out twice during the height of publication. ChrisFa99 would continue to author many pieces of Gabonese literature, many of which are still held in high regard and form an integral part of Gabonese culture.

Inspired by the cultural movement and its connection with nature, the Leader of the Executive Council commissioned the construction of a developed footpath running through the countryside towards Bloom in furtherance of the deep friendship between the nations. The construction also harked back to The Queen's love of nature, as established by the prohibition on the destruction of trees within Gabonese territory. Ultimately, the construction culminated in the erection of the friendship bridge between both nations.
An overhead view of the city of Salisbury in Gabon, you can see the 2-ring vault on the far right, alongside the construction of Balmoral Estate on the left. Circa December 2018
Government Reform

Although the result of the civil war was a democratically elected government with the desired transparency and competency. The Government felt that the system was too cumbersome in size and was impacting local election turnout. The Executive Council would convene to discuss and negotiate a streamlined system of government continuing the democratic flair. The subsequent discussions and negotiations were a public affair, with many citizens involving themselves in the drafting process.

The negotiations would end after small concessions had been granted to the Lord High Chancellor and the Executive Council at the time. The new system, named the Chancellery Act would keep the Lord High Chancellor as a hereditary position, retaining all the powers of his predecessor and the Executive Council would no longer be appointed by the Lord High Chancellor and were from that moment on, elected by the citizenry every three months. The Executive Council was renamed to the Lord's Council and it's head, formally the Leader of the Executive Council was henceforth renamed to Vice Chancellor and elected by the Council itself.

The Act was passed on the 10th of January 2019 with one of the largest majority of bills in Gabon post civil war era.

Proposition For Against Abstain
Votes % Votes % Votes %
The Chancellery Act 2019 5 83 0 0 1 17

The Disbandment of the UNC

On July 2nd 2019, news broke that the Lord High Chancellor of Gabon, BritishWanderer as well as numerous other high-ranking Varkonian officials had been involved in the pearling of the Corvus' head of state, a fellow ally and voting member of the UNC. UNC emergency meetings were held internally, in which the Red Duke of Varkonia attempted to explain his reasonings for his government's actions and whilst initally receptive, the congress of 8 other nation states turned to either neutrality or general dissatisfaction with Varkonia's actions.

The Varkonian senate would privately discuss leaving the UNC, realizing that the UNC had rendered itself ineffective with a bad-actor member in the form of Corvus, and members who were unwilling to commit to difficult choices in order to prevent large-scale war from breaking out. The King of Nox proposed the vote to leave the UNC.

The Senate unanimously agreed, and the law passed. On July 3, 2019, Varkonia, and as such, Gabon left the UNC. The resulting drama, chaos, and confusion left the UNC in a crippled state, and it would dissolve fully shortly thereafter on the 13th of July 2019.

Infinity War Era - July 2019 - October 2020

Involvement in the Infinity War

As a provincial state of the Grand Duchy of Varkonia for the entire duration of the infinity war, Gabon would initially enter into a state of conflict with Corvus alongside Varkonia on the 2nd of July 2019. Gabon would later find itself involved in the Entente-Laconia War and the War of the Coalition against Ransakistan.

Although Gabon had no adept-pvpers who resided within the country, the leadership of Gabon would find other ways to contribute to these conflicts. Lord High Chancellor, BritishWanderer, would be involved in the attack on Evocator in the Varkonian station by preparing and organising the initial trap which would lead to Evocator's pearling by Varkanos, BennyZ and Callum. BritishWanderer would also write the UNC's response to the pearling of Evocator with 'UNC Thwarts plot' further explaining the actions taken against Corvus, as well as contributing to other public statements on the behalf of the UNC, Varkonia and the Entente regarding these conflicts. Vice Chancellor Gobblin on the other hand, would contribute to the wars economically, funnelling stacks of diamond blocks, emerald blocks and obsidian through Varkonia. Gobblin would also assist in sky bridging and the construction of bunkers during the war of the coalition against Ransakistan and the Entente-Laconian war.


The actions taken by the leadership of Gabon during this period would be controversial amongst some citizens and Gabonese council members, most notably being her ex-majesty, GetSkinny, who would push through the Neutrality Act on the 29th of February 2020. The Neutrality Act's intention was to prevent the leadership of Gabon from being able to take provocative actions without prior approval in any conflict and to prevent any form of lend-lease or sale of goods to any country in a state of conflict.

Independence Movement

Independence was not foreign to the minds of Gabonese citizens, with the topic being discussed numerous points throughout the union between Varkonian and Gabonese leadership. Initial independence discussions between Varkonia and Gabon back in 2019 would result in further powers and discretionary abilities being devolved to the provincial government in Gabon by Varkonia, such as being able to engage in light diplomacy, set up embassies and display themselves as a different colour on the world claims map. However as the population of Gabon grew and developed a culture that steadily became distant from that of Varkonia City, the prior concessions would not be enough to stem growing political thought.

Previous leadership discussions on independence were held throughout the Infinity War, with the Gabonese Chancellors being told that an independent Gabon in the middle of the war would be incredibly damaging to state unity and public perception of Varkonia. The Chancellors of Gabon agreed with this assessment and decided to leave independence off of the table until the war was won.

The Infinity war would be declared won on the 19th of July 2020, with the collapse of the Litterbox Vault. In celebration of the coalition's victory and to ensure political stability, Chancellor BritishWanderer would announce upcoming Council elections in September 2020.


In the run-up to the 2nd Council Election of Gabon in September 2020 immense campaigning took place on the topic of Independence from Varkonia. Gobblin and BritishWanderer had decided not to run for the Varkonian Senate in the Varkonian elections which were occurring at the same time – this decision triggered a treaty crisis due to Article 9 Representation on the Senate. Whilst underneath the surface and unbeknownst to much of the public, the Gabonese Chancellors had entered talks with Varkonia about invoking Article 10 Gabon may Withdraw.

Both sides amicably agreed to have the populace of Gabon hold a referendum on independence. As such on the 1st October 2020, The Red Duke Mickale would address Varkonia concerning Gabon partnership inside of the union and the Lord High Chancellor would address Gabon the next day. The referendum would be held the following weekend and the turnout would be the second highest of any democratic exercises in Gabonese history.

The GNP and newly founded POG party encouraged voters to choose to leave the union whilst Shadowwyn-backed politicians stood behind Varkonia and insisted reform was the answer to what was seen as an unrepresentative cumbersome system in Varkonia.

On the 5th of October, the Lord High Chancellor would announce the results of referendum

Referendum Proposition Leave Stay
Votes % Votes %
Independence from Varkonia 11 62 7 38
Eligible voter turnount Voters Non-Voters
Votes % Votes %
18 56 14 44

This result was seen as a surprise the Varkonian government, especially to those who had been kept out of the loop of general leadership discussions. The Speaker of the Senate for Varkonia would go on to call Gabon's actions 'snakey' and would lambast Gabonese individuals for their actions in the independence movement, although the Red Duke would reassure the Gabonese Government that these were not the opinions of the entire government.

Following the vote to leave the union, the Gabonese government hoped to maintain an amicable relationship, and to underline the general understanding of there being no ill will between the two states. The Gabonese Government would send two documents over to the Government of Varkonia to formalise relations and to work co-operatively regarding XP production. The Gabonese were appreciative to the leadership of Varkonia who had assisted them in their journey to independence, and were grateful to be allowed continued access to XP infrastructure in Varkonia for a short period, which would stem any instability and economic turmoil.

On the 7th of October, an XP treaty and a friendship treaty would pass both the Gabonese Government and the Varkonian Governments, with official relations turning positive once more.

Recent History - October 2020 - Present Day

Government and Politics

Salisbury, the capital city of Gabon - 25th November 2019 [By jasonbord]

Gabon has both an elected Head of State and Head of Government, advised by an elected Lord's Council that enacts the law. The current Constitution of Gabon was adopted in September 2021[15]which replaced the previous Chancellery Constitution of 2020[16]. Prior to these constitutions, Gabon was governed under the Chancellery Act of 2019 [17].

No Government member may hold another government position in Gabon or internationally, excepting that of mayoralty positions.

The Lord High Chancellor & Vice Chancellor

The Lord High Chancellor is the Head of State and represents Gabon in its international relations. The Chancellor may also give and take away residency, and is the overseer of the Sovereign fund. The Lord High Chancellor wields a vote on the Lord's Council, and may propose new legislation.

Executive authority is vested in a joint government body compromising of both the Head of State (Lord High Chancellor) and Head of Government (Vice Chancellor).

The Vice Chancellor has the ability to appoint ministers to the Cabinet to undertake duties relevant to their portfolio.

The Lord's Council

Legislative authority is vested in the unicameral Lord's Council, made up of typically 3 members elected whenever 5 or more citizens petition to hold an ordinary election as per article 3 of the constitution. Councillors are then elected via a semi-FPTP system. Candidates must receive enough votes to be placed in the top 3 candidates to become a councillor. Both the Head of State and Head of Government hold seats on the Lord's Council.

The Lord's Council elects from citizenry an Electoral Commissioner. The Electoral Commissioner is charged with performing functions of Council supervision and must undertake the duties required to hold referendums and general elections.

Judicial authority is vested in the Lord's Council, The Lord's Council rules on the conformity of laws with the constitution.

Lord's Council Elections in Gabon

Unfortunately due to the burning of records after the Gabon Civil War (Deletion of the old Gabon discord) all prior councils are lost to time and as such the following elections and councils will be post Civil War period.

First Council Election of Gabon

The First Election of the Lord's Council of Gabon was held on Sunday, the 17th of December 2018. The Lord High Chancellor would appoint three trusted advisors to the position of Councillor during this period and would bar the general public from voting.

Political Party Candidate Position Votes
Tvman999 Incumbent Appointed to the Council on the 17th of December 2018
Gobblin Incumbent Appointed to the Council on the 17th of December 2018 - Became Vice Chancellor on the 9th of January 2019
ChrisFa99 Incumbent Appointed to the Council on the 17th of December 2018
Cincius Incumbent Appointed to the Council of the 17th of December 2018 - Removed on the 12th of April 2019
OstenVonStolz Incumbent Appointed to the Council on the 12th April 2019

This Council would last until the 27th of November 2019.

Second Council Election of Gabon

The Second Election of the Lord's Council of Gabon was held on Monday, the 25th of November to Sunday, the 27th of November 2019. This is the first election in which the citizenry of Gabon would be able to vote and participate in the democratic process.

Citizens voted using a method of first-past-the-post in which the three candidates with the highest vote totals would receive a seat in the Lord's Council, citizens were asked to pick three choices from the candidate list for council. The Elections were announced by the Lord High Chancellor on the 21st of November 2019, with the results being declared on the 27th November 2019. The citizens of Gabon would elect her ex-majesty, GetSkinny back into Government for the first time since the Civil War, seen as a forgiving statement by the electorate. Zyra_Bot would also be elected for the first time, with Tvman retaining his council position.

This was the first election to contain a political party, with the GNP (Gabon National Party) fielding two candidates.

Political Party Candidate Position Votes Result
GetSkinny Challenger 11 Elected
GNP Zyra_Bot Challenger 10 Elected
GNP Tvman999 Incumbent 6 Returned
IcyPenguin79 Challenger 5 Not Elected
InvictusX Challenger 1 Not Elected

This Council would last until the 14th of September 2020.

Third Council Election of Gabon

The Third Election of the Lord's Council of Gabon was on Thursday, the 10th of September to Monday, the 14th of September 2020.

The Third Council Elections would take place 10 months after the previous democratic display, this was mainly due to the Electoral (Pandemic Postponement) Amendment Act of 2020[18] which postponed elections indefinitely the act would be repealed on the 3rd of September with the Lord High Chancellor announcing elections to take place the following day. Results would be declared on the 14th of September 2020. Citizens were asked to pick three choices from the candidate list for council, the same as previous elections.

This election saw the first showing by Shadowwyn-backed candidates, a corporation with it's own compound in the north of Gabon.

Citizens would return GetSkinny to the council, however they would evict the other two GNP incumbents and replace them with Tiddy & Rclman, both of whom were quite new to Gabon but had already been industrious in creating the suburb of Swanmore alongside Gobblin.

Political Party Candidate Position Votes Result
Tiddy1806 Challenger 15 Elected
Rclman Challenger 14 Elected
GNP GetSkinny Incumbent 10 Returned
Shadowwyn Vemredat Challenger 6 Not Elected
GNP Zyra_Bot Incumbent 1 Not Elected
Shadowwyn Skullicus Challenger 1 Not Elected

This Council would last until the 30th of November 2020.

Fourth Council Election of Gabon

The Fourth Election of the Lord's Council of Gabon was on held on Friday, the 27th of November to Monday, the 30th of November 2020.

The Fourth Council Elections would take place just over a month from the Independence referendum which resulted in Gabon's exit from the political union with Varkonia. Citizens would be asked to vote in the same manner as the previous two elections. The Lord High Chancellor would declare the results on the 30th of November 2020.

This election would see the popularisation of political parties and their use in encouraging voters and drumming up support, with the newly founded POG party taking in much of the vote.

The citizens would elect newcomer FKA_Twink to Council, as well as the first Shadowwyn-backed candidate to receive a government position, Skullicus. The populace would also return Tiddy1806 to his seat.



Candidate Position Votes Result
GNP FKA_Twink Challenger 17 Elected
Shadowwyn Skullicus Challenger 12 Elected
POG Tiddy1806 Incumbent 11 Returned
GNP GetSkinny Incumbent 10 Not Elected
Shadowwyn EvilxFish Challenger 8 Not Elected
POG Novastorm93 Challenger 7 Not Elected
POG Goop04 Challenger 6 Not Elected
POG Soggybreadstick Challenger 0 Not Elected
This Council would last until the 27th of September 2021.
Fifth Council Election of Gabon

The Fifth Election of the Lord's Council of Gabon was on held on Friday, the 24th of September to Monday, the 27th of September 2021.

September 2021 bought with it the unanimous adoption of the third constitution of Gabon, 'Constitution of the Free Republic of Gabon' which amended the positions of Chancellor and Vice Chancellor to be elected, granted new powers to the Lord's Council and set about concrete term limits within the nation state. With this new constitution, elections were declared for the first time in 10 months. This election period saw the creation of two new political parties, the NMP (New Monarchist Party) and LOG (Left Labour of Gabon), both parties were distinct in their political ideology and set apart from the ruling party of the GNP, which would help them both in securing seats away from incumbents.



Candidate Position Votes Result
NMP Flushy Challenger 12 Elected
NMP Ahrimanne Challenger 12 Elected
LOG AidanVonLoopy Challenger 9 Returned
Swiftfizz Challenger 2 Not Elected
D_humbugg Challenger 0 Not Elected
ItzHoover Challenger 0 Not Elected
Novastorm93 Challenger 0 Not Elected

The NMP and LOG party swept the Council election results, with huge public support for their proposals and promises. The GNP ran no candidates in the council election in order to focus entirely on the Chancellor elections. The turnout was considerably low in comparison to previous elections held, thought in party to the mass change in demographics between this election and the previous one. For the first time in Gabonese history, the GNP became a minority political party.

BritishWanderer & Gobblin decided to run for the positions of Lord High Chancellor and Vice Chancellor together once more, titles they had both held since the end of the civil war.



Candidate Position Votes Result
GNP BritishWanderer - Gobblin Incumbents 7 Elected
FKA_Twink - Druid Challengers 5 Not Elected

The GNP faced a harder fought election than was to be expected for two well-liked incumbents, the populace was both eager for change and a chance to commit a protest vote against the GNP, who had held power for nearly 3 years without public accountability.

Lord's Councils of Gabon

First Lord's Council of Gabon
Lord High Chancellor Political


Make-up of the Lord's Council Status Notable Events Length of Governance
BritishWanderer BritishWanderer Permanent Seat - LHC This Council was responsible for a large swath of reforms that would help shape the future of Gabon. While initially the Executive Council of Gabon, the Council was reformed into the Lord's Council as of the passing of the Chancellery Act 2019. The first session would be instrumental in the creation of the Sovereign Fund, funded by the government's acquisition and nationalisation of all-natural minerals within Gabon. The first council session would end up voting on 12 separate propositions over the 11 month period.

Responsible for the mass-funding of the arts, culture and education, the first council session and its councillor's influence has permeated throughout society. Both Cllr Tvman999 and Cllr OstenVonStolz are honoured in the Salisbury cathedral's crypt as a testament to their contributions during this period.

17th December 2018


27th November


346 days

Gobblin Permanent Seat - VC
Vice Chancellor Tvman999 Appointed to the Council
Gobblin OstenVonStolz Appointed to the Council
ChrisFa99 Appointed to the Council
Second Lord's Council of Gabon
Lord High Chancellor Political


Make-up of the Lord's Council Status Notable Events Length of Governance
BritishWanderer GNP BritishWanderer Permanent Seat - LHC The second session of the Lord's Council was the only council to be governed by a party supermajority, despite the voting power that the GNP held, the council would only pass 4 propositions through government over the course of 10 months. The second Council of Gabon would cause controversy with its first proposition, the electoral postponement act 2020 which would be enacted just prior to the March 2020 elections and would prevent any democratic acts from taking place until its repealing in September 2020. In spite of this, the second session would however remain instrumental in drafting important legislation such as the Neutrality Act and the adoption of the Varkonian Civil Service act which would go on to lay the groundwork for the Gabon Public Service Act and the constitutional amendment to include a Cabinet Office.

The second council session oversaw a rapid pace of construction that would see the city expand outside of its boundary wall with the foundation of the suburbs of Swanmore and Whitehaven, with the latter requiring mass land reclamation in the bay of Biscay. Zyra_Bot would be instrumental in reforming the architectural style of Gabon during this council period and would push for further protection of city green spaces.

27th November 2019


14th September 2020

292 days

GNP Gobblin Permanent Seat - VC
Vice Chancellor GetSkinny Elected
Gobblin GNP Zyra_Bot Elected
GNP Tvman999 Elected
Third Lord's Council of Gabon
Lord High Chancellor Political


Make-up of the Lord's Council Status Notable Events Length of Governance
BritishWanderer GNP BritishWanderer Permanent Seat - LHC The third council session would see the passage of 11 propositions in just over two months, making this the most productive council session in regards to legislative activity. This council would establish architectural standards and define the Gabonese style and its enforcement throughout the boroughs of Salisbury, Bakerswood, and Highgrove via the Architectural Standards Act 2020. The third council session would be a defining era for Gabon, containing the debate and passage of the first Constitution of Gabon and the establishment of a Gabon-centric civil service, known as the Gabon Public Service (GPS).

The latter part of the third council session would be mired with the Gabon-wide debate of independence from the political union with Varkonia. The council was apprehensive to make the decision of independence without consulting the citizens of Gabon and as such the issue of independence would be opened up to the citizenry in a national referendum.

This referendum would result in a 62% leave vote, and the Lord High Chancellor would call for another council election the following month.

14th September 2020


30th November


78 days

GNP Gobblin Permanent Seat - VC
Vice Chancellor Tiddy1806 Elected
Gobblin Rclman Elected
GNP GetSkinny Elected
Fourth Lord's Council of Gabon
Lord High Chancellor Political


Make-up of the Lord's Council Status Notable Events Length of Governance
BritishWanderer GNP BritishWanderer Permanent Seat - LHC The fourth session would bring flesh-blood of FKA_Twink and Skullicus into the legislature, and with fresh blood came new ideas and propositions which would legislatively result in the passage of the Citizenship Act 2020. The 4th session has prioritised the economic outlook of Gabon and its people, establishing nationwide XP infrastructures such as farms, ice roads, rails, and grinders. These investments have propelled Gabon into an economic boom, enriching the lives of the government and the Gabonese people.

Whilst the XP infrastructure constructed was initially government-owned, the council would later privatise the industry, selling a majority of the assets to the newly founded Gabon Corporation for an undisclosed amount. The Gabon Corporation has played an important role in the economical development of Gabon from late 2020 into 2021, with the corporation being the largest employer in Gabon and funding multiple leisure projects throughout the capital.

In February 2021, it was decided by the Lord High Chancellor in correspondence with the Vice-Chancellor that elections would be suspended for the foreseeable future.

30th November 2020


27th September 2021

302 days

GNP Gobblin Permanent Seat - VC
Vice Chancellor GNP FKA_Twink Elected
Gobblin Shadowwyn Skullicus Elected
POG Tiddy1806 Elected
Fifth Lord's Council of Gabon
Lord High Chancellor Political


Make-up of the Lord's Council Status Notable Events Length of Governance
BritishWanderer GNP BritishWanderer Elected The fifth session of the Lord's Council would be Gabon's final council before Civclassics would end on the 19th of December 2019. 27th September 2021


19th December 2021

84 days

GNP Gobblin Elected
Vice Chancellor NMP Flushy Elected
Gobblin NMP Ahrimanne Elected
LOG AidanVonLoopy Elected
Gabon Government Timeline.pngTimeline created by Gobblin May 2022

Vote History of the Lord's Council

Unfortunately due to the burning of records after the Gabon Civil War (Deletion of the old Gabon discord) all prior voting records are lost to time and as such the following votes will be post Civil War period.

First Lord's Council of Gabon
Date Proposition Proposer Votes Result Notes
24th December 2018 Sovereign Fund Limiting Gobblin Aye - 3

Nay - 0

P This was an act to reduce the number of diamond blocks held in the Sovereign Fund from 192 to 128 diamond blocks in order to fund increased security within Gabon.
24th December 2018 Security Budget Allocation Gobblin Aye - 3

Nay - 0

P This act budgeted the allocated 64 diamond blocks towards snitches, bastions, and other security assets.
24th December 2018 Sovereign Fund Expansion Gobblin Aye - 3

Nay - 0

P With a large influx of diamonds into the state coffers, the Sovereign Fund was expanded to hold 192 diamond blocks.
9th January 2019 The Chancellery Act BritishWanderer Aye - 4

Nay - 0

P The Chancellery Act established the roles of Lord High Chancellor and Vice Chancellor, as well as establishing a fixed term limit of 3 months between each election.
6th April 2019 Sovereign Fund Limiting - 2 BritishWanderer Aye - 3

Nay - 0

P This was an act to reduce the number of diamond blocks held in the Sovereign Fund from 192 to 100 diamond blocks in order to fund mass building projects, such as the rail

station and factories.

12th April 2019 Appointment of OstenVonStolz to Council BritishWanderer Aye - 3

Nay - 0

P This act appointed OstenVonStolz to replace Cincius on the Lord's Council.
4th June 2019 Sovereign Fund Expansion - 2 Gobblin Aye - 3

Nay - 0

P This Act raised the Sovereign Fund to hold a minimum of 128 diamond blocks.
5th June 2019 Rename Redingsfield to Phucbloomiansfield Gobblin Aye - 1

Nay - 2

F This Act proposed renaming the Redingsfield on the border of the Republic of Bloom to Phucbloomiansfield
5th June 2019 Increasing the number of votes held by the Vice Chancellor Gobblin Aye - 1

Nay - 2

F This Act proposed giving two votes to the Vice Chancellor.
6th June 2019 Increasing the number of votes held by the Vice Chancellor - 2 Gobblin Aye - 2

Nay - 2

F This Act proposed giving two votes to the Vice Chancellor.
7th November 2019 Rename Redingsfield to Phucbloomiansfield - 2 Gobblin Aye - 1

Nay - 2

F This Act proposed renaming the Redingsfield on the border of the Republic of Bloom to Phucbloomiansfield
22nd November 2019 Currency Bill 2019 BritishWanderer Aye - 3

Nay - 0

P This Act proposed the establishment of an official Gabonese currency.
22nd November 2019 Corporations Act 2019 BritishWanderer Aye - 3

Nay - 0

P This Act established Corporations in Gabon, and created a business register.
24th November 2019 Arrest GetSkinny for land seizure Tvman999 Aye - 1

Nay - 2

F This vote was filed to arrest GetSkinny for seizing lands previously held by the Monarchy.
25th November 2019 Incorporation of Born and Bread Corporation BritishWanderer Aye - 2

Nay - 1

P This Act incorporated the corporation of Born and Bread under the Corporations Act 2019
25th November 2019 Incorporation of Gabon Trading Company BritishWanderer Aye - 3

Nay - 0

P This Act incorporated the corporation of Gabon Trading Company under the Corporations Act 2019
Second Lord's Council of Gabon
Date Proposition Proposer Votes Result Notes
28th March 2020 Postponement of Elections due to Coronavirus GetSkinny Aye - 3

Nay - 0

P This Act proposed postponing elections indefinitely.
29th March 2020 Neutrality Act 2020 GetSkinny Aye - 3

Nay - 0

P This Act directed the nation of Gabon to establish itself as a neutral nation in all foreign affairs. This Act would also place restrictions on selling and purchasing materials.
20th August 2020 Transparency Act 2020 BritishWanderer Aye - 3

Nay - 0

P This Act proposed opening Government channels to public view, allowing citizens to see what their Councillors were voting on and discussing.
20th August 2020 Civil Service Act 2020 BritishWanderer Aye - 3

Nay - 0

P This Act proposed that the Republic of Gabon adopts the Civil Service Act passed by the Varkonian Senate.
7th September 2020 Architectural Standards Act 2020 BritishWanderer Aye - 4

Nay - 0

P This Act proposed the foundation of architectural standards across the boroughs of Salisbury, Bakerswood and Highgrove.
Third Lord's Council of Gabon
Date Proposition Proposer Votes Result Notes
17th September 2020 Architectural Standards Act 2020 - 2 BritishWanderer Aye - 4

Nay - 0

P This Act replaced the previous Architectural Standards Act after amendments were discussed and put forward for a vote.
2nd October 2020 Independence Referendum BritishWanderer Aye - 4

Nay - 0

P This proposal set forth the holding of an Independence Referendum from the Grand Duchy of Varkonia.
8th October 2020 Gabon Public Service Act 2020 GetSkinny Aye - 4

Nay - 0

P This Act established the Gabon Public Service, which would maintain infrastructure and facilities for public use.
9th October 2020 Repeal - Postponement of Elections due to Coronavirus GetSkinny Aye - 5

Nay - 0

P This proposal repealed the postponement of elections, which was approved back on the 28th of March 2020.
21st October 2020 Renaming Colony to Tasmania Gobblin Aye - 4

Nay - 0

P This proposal renamed the Gabonese swamp colony in the far east to be called 'Tasmania'.
5th November 2020 Constitution of Gabon 2020 (Bill) Gobblin Aye - 4

Nay - 0

P This vote proposed a new constitution for Gabon, to modernise the Constitution of Gabon, and establish the roles of government.
8th November 2020 Justice Legislation Omnibus Amendment Bill 2020 BritishWanderer Aye - 4

Nay - 0

P This bill overhauled the justice system of Gabon, modernising it alongside the new constitution of the Republic.
9th November 2020 Appointing Gobblin as the Director General of the GPS BritishWanderer Aye - 3

Nay - 0

P This proposal appointed Gobblin to be the Director-General of the Gabon Public Service, tasked with overseeing it's entire operations.
12th November 2020 Treaty of Friendship with Imperial Truidence BritishWanderer Aye - 4

Nay - 0

P This treaty established an alliance between the Republic of Gabon and the second Trudencian Hegemonial Empire.
17th November 2020 Architectural Standards Act 2020 - Licence Authority GetSkinny Aye - 5

Nay - 0

P This Act amended the Architectural Standards Act to contain architectural licenses that could be provided to citizens.
17th November 2020 Defamation Act GetSkinny Aye - 4

Nay - 0

P This Act was proposed on the back of a request from a Gabonese citizen for a defamation Act. Making defamation against the law in Gabon.
Fourth Lord's Council of Gabon
Date Proposition Proposer Votes Result Notes
4th December 2020 Citizenship Act 2020 FKA_Twink Aye - 3

Nay - 0

P This Act proposed two classes of citizens in Gabon, splitting the citizenry into 'Citizens' and 'Residents' as well as defining the rights of each class.
18th July 2021 Repeal - Citizenship Act 2020 BritishWanderer Aye - 3

Nay - 0

P This proposal repealed the Citizenship Act 2020, which was approved back on the 4th of December 2020.
21st July 2021 Repeal - Defamation Act BritishWanderer Aye - 2

Nay - 0

P This proposal repealed the Defamation Act, which was approved back on the 17th of November 2020.
22nd July 2021 Repeal - Corporations Act BritishWanderer Aye - 2

Nay - 0

P This proposal repealed the Corporations Act, which was approved back on the 22nd of November 2019.
23rd July 2021 Repeal - Crown Court BritishWanderer Aye - 2

Nay - 0

P This proposal repealed the Crown Court Act, which was approved in the pre-civil war times of the Principality of Gabon.
25th August 2021 Establishing the Constitution of the Free Republic of Gabon BritishWanderer Aye - 3

Nay - 0

P This Act established the third and final constitution of Gabon, becoming the Free Republic of Gabon.
19th September 2021 Repeal - Neutrality Act 2020 BritishWanderer Aye - 2

Nay - 0

P This proposal repealed the Neutrality Act 2020, which was approved back on the 29th March 2020.
Fifth Lord's Council of Gabon
Date Proposition Proposer Votes Result Notes
11th November 2021 Gabon Corporation Act 2021 AidanVonLoopy Aye - 5

Nay - 0

P This Act focused solely on the Gabon Corporation Company and the Government's control over its assets in times of war and peace.
23rd November 2021 Call Upon the Lord High Chancellor to leave the Augustan Federation Flushy Aye - 5

Nay - 0

P This request demanded that the Lord High Chancellor exercise his diplomatic powers under the constitution and have Gabon leave the Augustan Federation.
29th November 2021 Formation and Signing of the United Northern Congress (New) FKA_Twink Aye - 5

Nay - 0

P This proposal established the formation of the United Northern Congress once again.
3rd December 2021 Northern Union Treaty AidanVonLoopy Aye - 5

Nay - 0

P The Northern Union Treaty was a joint friendship treaty between Lambat, Lusitania and Gabon. Other names include the Democratic Economic Alliance Treaty.

The Cabinet Office of Gabon

The Cabinet Office was founded with the passage of the first Gabonese Constitution on the 6th of November 2020 and was amended by the third Gabonese Constitution on the 25th August 2021. The Cabinet Office is an appointed government body made up of agencies or department subdivisions, on occasion the Cabinet Office Agencies may be referenced as a department or ministry. As of December 2021, these are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Housing & Urban Development, and the Ministry of Commerce.

Previous Ministries or Agencies under the Cabinet Office Act were; The Growth and Innovation Agency (GIA), The Housing and Urban Development Agency (HUDA), The Transportation Agency (TA) and The Agriculture Agency (AA). These were discontinued with the passage of the third constitution on the 25th of August 2021.

The Director General

The Cabinet Office is headed up and organised by the Director General of the Gabon Public Service, as of May 2021 the Director General is Gobblin.

The Director General (DG), along with advice from the Lord High Chancellor appoints the head of every agency or ministry, heads are appointed based on their merit and individual skills. The heads serve in their post indefinitely until resignation or removal either by the DG, or a referendum by the citizenry.

The Cabinet Office forms the backbone of the day-to-day governance of Gabon, with the instrumental role of advising the Lord High Chancellor and undertaking the tasks specific to their Ministry. The Ministries have comprehensive discretionary power within their roles, managing responsibilities and projects far greater than their elected counterparts in the Lord's Council.

Current Ministries of Gabon

Previous Agencies of Gabon

As of the passage of the Third Gabonese Constitution on the 25th of August 2021, all prior agencies and ministries of Gabon were dissolved.

Growth & Innovation Agency (GIA)

The GIA was a heavily economical focused government body, working in collaboration with the Agency of Housing & Urban Development in attracting international vendors and accommodating their needs whilst ensuring profits are passed onto the citizenry and government.

The head of the Growth & Innovation Agency worked alongside the Lord High Chancellor in managing and auditing the Sovereign Fund of Gabon and the relevant financials of each government department. The last head of the GIA was FKA_Twink, who was personally responsible for the foundation of the Gabon Corporation and the co-operation between the GIA and the Agriculture Agency in building XP infrastructure throughout Gabon which increased economic growth and ensured significant long-term financial benefit for Gabon.

No. Individual Term of Office
1 Head of GIA


10th of November


August 25th


Served until Agency Dissolved
Housing & Urban Development Agency (HUDA)

The Housing and Urban Development held the most responsibilities of any agency within the Cabinet Office, and its role was of paramount importance to the executive branch of Gabon.

The HUD Agency was primarily focused on the capital of Salisbury, although held discretionary power over the rest of mainland Gabon. The main function of the housing and urban development agency was to construct sustainable housing according to local styles that met the town planning needs of Gabon in collaboration with the Vice Chancellor as well as collaborating with the G&I Agency in building marketplaces that attract domestic and international vendors.
A Gabonese Transportation Agency Poster detailing the renovation and construction of the Salisbury Subway system. December 2020 - Posted by Skullicus
The Agency was also required to proactively provide for the protection, repairs and maintenance of roads, paths, and any buildings within Gabon. The HUDA was principally responsible for the conservation of Gabon's natural beauty and cultural heritage for the benefit of the community and future generations.

The Cartography Office fell under the HUDA's purview and as such the production of maps of the capital and mainland Gabon must be produced on a monthly based to be viewed publicly and internally.

The last head of the Housing and Urban was Zyra_Bot who was personally responsible for the mass development and blossoming growth of Portsmouth and Garston Point, both suburbs redefined the building style of Gabon in its recent years and the style has been continued throughout the city, most notably in the city centre with the redevelopment of the townhall and surrounding buildings.

No. Individual Term of Office
1 Head of HUDA


13th of November


August 25th


Served until Agency Dissolved
Transportation Agency (TA)

The Transportation Agency was the widest-reaching government department within the Cabinet Office, wielding jurisdiction over all underground & aboveground rail connections, iceroads and roads within all of Gabon's claimed territory. The Transportation Agency had the largest budget of all departments.

The TA was responsible for providing the best possible public passenger transport at a reasonable cost to the community and the government The TA held the ability to administrate and charge for the use of any rail-line which fell under its portfolio, as a result of this, the Gabon Corporation funded 27% of the agency's budget due to on-going payments to utilise specially built XP rail infrastructure.

The Transportation Agency was also required to work in collaboration with the Housing & Urban Development Agency on the topic of light-rail lines and subway lines which permeated throughout the city and surrounding towns.

The last head of the Transportation Agency was Skullicus who was responsible for the construction and excavation of five XP-focused rail-lines to XP farms and infrastructure around Gabon, and the Gabon <-> Imperial Truidence direct rail service. Under Skullicus' tenure, a renovation of the Salisbury Subway system was undertaken and completed in December 2020, turning the subway into a focal point of transportation within the capital.

No. Individual Term of Office
1 Head of TA


17th of November


August 25th


Served until Agency Dissolved
Agriculture Agency (AA)
The Agricultural Agency was primarily responsible for the construction and maintenance of any and all national farms within Gabon, and was charged with overseeing the agricultural harvests and ensuring they met the food & business needs of Gabon and its people. The AA held emergency powers in the event of a food crisis or natural disaster although such powers were not legislated on and were never used by the Agriculture Agency.
An Employee of the Agricultural Agency observes the harvest of the Beetroot farm in Bakerswood. November 2020

The Agricultural Agency was responsible for working in tandem with the Housing & Urban Development Agency to protect the environment, especially aspects of the environment that were matters of national environmental significance.

The last head of the Agriculture Agency was PuraMadera who was personally responsible for the construction of multiple pieces of XP infrastructure such as that of Vine & Beetroot farms.

No. Individual Term of Office
1 Head of AA


15th of November


August 25th


Served until Agency Dissolved

Political Culture

Gabon has undergone a myriad of government systems since its founding in June 2018. From a Principality, to a Provincial Republic, then a Plutocratic Republic, and now a Republic led by direct-democracy. Gabonese people have a distinct enthusiasm for politics, with election turnouts consistently above 65%, policies debates between candidates and citizenry alike are well known to last hours before any conclusion is reached. The early governments of Gabon undertook lengthy plans to increase voter turnout and decrease political apathy which plagued the days of the Principality – as such it is very common to see large 'VOTE' banners around prominent locations in the capital and the promotion of exclusive voter-heads and badges for those who vote.

Political Parties in Gabon

The political landscape was dominated by the Gabon National Party (GNP) from 2019 until 2021 when the newly formed New Monarchist Party and the Left Labour Party of Gabon gained multiple seats previously held by GNP and other smaller parties. Gabon's electoral system leaves less-established parties disadvantaged as similar parties tend to draw votes from one another and block candidates from receiving a seat in the Lord's Council. Previous major parties are People of Gabon Party and Shadowwyn with both parties holding representation on the Lord's Council through multiple governments.

The definition of a political party within Gabon is incredibly loose as there is no official registration board.

Party Emblem Party Date of foundation Political position Ideology Leader Lord's Council Mayors Membership Previous Election Vote Share
GabonNationalPartyEmblem.png Gabon National Party
  • GNP
2018 Centre


Economic Liberalism


BritishWandererSkin2021Reupload.png BritishWanderer
2 / 5
0 / 6
6 58%
People of Gabon Party
  • POG Party
2020 Far-Left Democratic Socialism

Left-wing Nationalism

Tiddy1806Skin2020.png Tiddy1806
0 / 5
0 / 6
4 0%
Shadowwyn Company
  • Shadowwyn
2020 Centre Varkonian-Gabon Unionism


Social Liberalism

EvilxFishSkinMay2021.png EvilxFish
0 / 5
0 / 6
4 0%
SecondLeftLabourPartyOfGabon.png Left Labour of Gabon
  • LOG
2021 Centre-Left


Democratic Socialism

Primacy of the Legislature

AidanVonLoopy.png AidanVonLoopy
1 / 5
0 / 6
1 25.7%
New Monarchist Party
  • NMP
2021 Gabonese Political

Scientists are still

Working this out

Figurehead Monarchy

Gabon First

Market Socialism

GabonFlushySkin.png Flushy
2 / 5
0 / 6
2 68%

Borough map of mainland Gabon in July 2021. Made by AmandaCC[19]

Administrative Divisions

The mainland of Gabon is divided into five separate administrative divisions, or more commonly known as boroughs, with an additional three subdivisions and one special protective zone. All boroughs fall under the legislative authority of the Lord's Council The Council may pass laws that only affect specific boroughs, such as the Architectural Standards Act of 2020[20]. Each borough is administrated at a local level by a Mayor, usually appointed by the Lord High Chancellor to represent the make-up of the Lord's Council. As the Mayoralties of all boroughs devolve their power from the central legislative authority in the Lord's Council, it is common for some Mayors to hold no authority or devolved powers whatsoever and the title to be used honorifically to bestow respect onto certain individuals by the Gabonese government.

When towns within a Gabonese borough reach a certain population, the Lord's Council may have the township split into suburbs to further administrate the the settlement's local boundaries. Suburbs can be created for a myriad of reasons such as in order to separate building styles, to draw a line between public and private buildings or to represent populations more adequately in census work and politics. The capital city of Salisbury is the only populated settlement in Gabon that currently contains suburbs, of which there are 13.

All boroughs and suburbs under the Republic of Gabon are to be updated regularly as the cities and territories expand, the Lord's Council holds the responsibility to manage and draw boundaries of all administrative divisions. The boroughs for Gabon as well as the suburbs for Salisbury were last voted on and approved by the Lord's Council on November 12 2020.

Borough of Salisbury

Salisbury is the second largest borough by area, and the most populous & economically valuable region within the Republic of Gabon. The borough of Salisbury is the oldest borough within Gabon, being formally declared by Queen GetSkinny in August 2018.

As the capital city of Salisbury expanded rapidly in late 2020, portions of new settlements such as Fleetwood and Swanmore extended into the boundary of the borough of Bakerswood. This growth expanded the boundaries of the capital across two boroughs. These suburbs straggling Salisbury and Bakerswood are administrated collectively by both boroughs.

The borough of Salisbury contains the highest portion of townships in Gabon, with the towns of South Shields, Tynemouth, and Reddingsfield.

Mayoralty of Salisbury

Due to the borough's size and value to the nation of Gabon, the Mayoralty of Salisbury holds the highest level of authority and devolved powers within the local government structure

The borough of Salisbury is the only administrative division which receives both a mayor and a deputy mayor to administrate both the capital city and the borough respectively. The mayoralty of Salisbury operates under a legal power-sharing agreement in which the mayor has authority over the city boundaries marked by the suburbs whilst the deputy mayor holds authority over the remaining portion of the Salisbury borough itself.

No. Individual Term of Office Status
1 Mayor


16th of December


25th of November


11 months, 9 days

(344 days total)

1.1 Deputy Mayor


16th of December


25th of November


11 months, 9 days

(344 days total)

2 Mayor


26th of November


27th of September


22 months, 2 days

(672 days total)

—Held Devolved Powers—
2.2 Deputy Mayor


26th of November


1st of December


12 months, 6 days

(372 days total)

2.3 Deputy Mayor


2nd of December


27th of September


9 months, 26 days

(300 days total)

3 No Holder 27th of September


19th Of December


End of Server -No Appointee-
Map outlining the Capital boundaries and it's internal suburbs - November 2020
City of Salisbury
The city of Salisbury is situated at the centre of Gabon's mainland, the city is the most populous settlement throughout the nation and is world-renowned for its architecture. The city is split into 13 suburbs, each with their own unique take on Gabon's building style as well as their own stories & intricacies. The suburbs undergo a constant state of redesign and development to ensure that all parts of the city keep up with new additional blocks and styles that get introduced to the city.

Certain suburbs within the capital have specific designations, Portsmouth holds all foreign-owned commercial properties, Swanmore is purely for residential properties along the southern canal and the Balmoral suburb is entirely under the purview of the Lord High Chancellor as his official residence.

Salisbury boasts it's own subway system, used by the residents to quickly navigate around the city to certain key points, the subway was originally built by Novastorm before being redesigned by Skullicus in 2020. The city also contains a sewer system that flows throughout the city, connecting the canals and other bodies of water surrounding the capital.

Salisbury heavily emphasises its roleplay and integrates stories into builds across the city, Whitehaven, Melbourne and Salisbury proper are suburbs with heavy concentration of books, signs and stories for visitors to browse and explore. Although concentrated in certain suburbs, visitors can find signs and stories littered across the capital, each adding on to a continuation of stories and depth to buildings.

At its core, the capital of Salisbury exhibits the values of Gabon and puts itself on the worlds stage as a display of architectural beauty, city planning, roleplay & natural city growth.

The Borough of Bakerswood prior to any Government programs or grants, the land is dilapidated with sparse farms. November 2019
The Borough of Bakerswood in the midst of Government grants and programs to uplift the local area and improve the natural productivity of the region. July 2021

Borough of Bakerswood

The borough of Bakerswood is the smallest borough by landmass yet is the most productive in terms of food & lumber produce across the entire Gabonese mainland. Once a dilapidated peninsula, Bakerswood has been uplifted through numerous government grants and programs in order to take advantage of the fertile soil to feed and maintain the growing populace of the ever-expanding metropolis of Salisbury.

The transformation of Bakerswood has had an immense positive impact on the region, allowing citizens to harvest their own vast quantity wheat, beetroot and trees of all growable kinds. This ability to harvest substantial amounts of goods has expanded the commercial opportunities and growth for citizens and government alike - and has played a huge role in the founding and expansion of the Gabon Corporation.

Bakerswood also plays an important role in the production of XP materials, with large complexes for oak trees and beetroot being based in the borough.

Mayoralty of Bakerswood

The mayoralty of Bakerswood, much like that of the borough of Salisbury has stayed within the sphere of the government and more notably the GNP. The mayor of Bakerswood is granted administrative control over the architectural and design direction for the borough as well as farming quotas and new-friend integration with Bakerswood - advertising and ensuring that citizens freely use the facilities in the area.

No. Individual Term of Office Status
1 Mayor


1st of December


27th of September


33 months, 27 days

(1032 days)

Held Devolved Powers
2 No Holder 27th of September


19th Of December


End of Server -No Appointee-
Gobblin and BritishWanderer stand outside Highgrove Palace in the glaze of sunset. November 2020

Borough of Highgrove

Highgrove is regarded by many as the most prestigious borough of Gabon, boasting the gargantuan yet gorgeous Highgrove Palace which straddles the borough from coast to coast. The work on the palace and the surrounding local area is undertaken in part by the Gabonese Government in collaboration with members of the Order of Saint Marcus.

The borough has been undergoing renovations since its initial creation in 2018, there is a high standard of build style for the local area, especially of that surrounding the Palace. The Government takes extra care to ensure that every building block and piece of foliage is placed to perfection. This extra care does entail an extremely long construction time, with many projects on hold or undergoing constant planning phases within council circles.

Highgrove is set to be Gabon's centre for foreign activity, as that of embassies and ambassadorial residences, with a new palace-style forming in the region.

Mayoralty of Highgrove

The mayoralty of Highgrove has remained under the Vice Chancellor's administration since its inception as a borough, the mayor for Highgrove is responsible for the overall design and direction of the borough and the surrounding area across the separating northern canal.

No. Individual Term of Office Status
1 Mayor


1st of December


27th of September


33 months, 27 days

(1032 days)

Held Devolved Powers
2 No Holder 27th of September


19th Of December


End of Server -No Appointee-

Borough of Venice

The borough of Venice is the second most populous region in mainland Gabon, hosting both the township of Venice of which the borough is named after and the Shadowwyn company compound. The build style is diverse and the usual terracotta/oak style of Gabon seen across Salisbury, Bakerswood and Highgrove are not present in the borough of Venice.

Venice holds some of the roughest terrain in Gabon, with harsh mountain passes and incredible fragile topsoil - with the latter only being a few blocks above a deep ocean floor. This kind of geography is unique to the northern part of Gabon and solely rests within the borough of Venice.

The Lord's Council does not explicitly govern the borough of Venice, exempting it from numerous bills including but not limited to the Architectural Standards Act of 2020. This hands off approach has allowed the settlements within Venice to flourish of their own accord and has generated capable and independent individuals, which is displayed in the industrious nature of the Shadowwyn company whos entire company is based in the borough as well as every member of their board.

Photo of the Shadowwyn Company Company in the Borough of Venice. July 2021
Mayoralty of Venice

Although the mayoralty was principally created for the township of Venice under the steady and untiring hand of Cincius, with the latter's departure from the Council and the settlement of Shadowwyn in early 2020, the borough has come into the hands of the Shadowwyn company who are now themselves represented via the mayoralty of the borough.

The mayor of the borough is responsible for its safekeeping and monitoring the northern portion of mainland Gabon.

No. Individual Term of Office Status
1 Mayor


16th of December


4th of February


1 month, 20 days

(51 days total)

Held Devolved Powers
2 No Holder 5th of February


31st of January


11 months, 27 days

(361 days total)

-No Appointee-
3 Mayor


1st of February


27th of September


19 months, 27 days

(605 days total)

Held Devolved Powers
4 No Holder 27th of September


19th Of December


End of Server -No Appointee-

Borough of Baile bán

Translated to snow town or white home in irish, Baile bán is made up of two distinct landmasses and is the largest borough in mainland Gabon. Baile bán is the only borough in Gabon to contain more than one type of biome within its boundaries. The borough was once home to the farming industry and a small residential settlement under Alpoko. Baile bán was named by Councillor ChrisFa99 in 2019, and as an honorary gift the land was granted into his name, ChrisFa would resign from the Lord's Council before getting a chance to redevelop the borough and as such it has been left mostly as it was found - dilapidated and loosely griefed.

Numerous resettlement programs have been undertaken to repopulate the region, with the projects picking up pace in 2021 - resettlement of numerous newfriends and interested parties would see the redevelopment and naming of Aberfoyle in the northern island of Baile bán.

Mayoralty of Baile bán

The Mayoralty of Baile bán exists to offset an even number of mayors in local governance, and to ensure that the number of mayors remains the same as that of the Lord's Councillors.

No. Individual Term of Office Status
1 Mayor


16th of December


14th of January


29 days

(29 days total)

Held Devolved Powers
2 No Holder 14th of January


30th of November


22 months, 17 days

(687 days total)

-No Appointee-
3 Mayor


30th of November


27th of September


10 months,

(302 days total)

2 No Holder 27th of September


19th Of December


End of Server -No Appointee-

Foreign Relations

Gabon has consistently nurtured positive relations with its neighbours, maintaining friends & allies across the globe since its founding in June 2018. During the political union with the Grand Duchy of Varkonia, foreign relations was solely under the purview of the Varkonian government despite this, the Gabon government held the ability to power to develop and strength Gabon, and as such international visits and co-operation between Gabon and other neighbouring countries were still undertaken during this period.

Government members of Gabon have previously held multiple public facing positions in other nations & organisations. Lord High Chancellor BritishWanderer served as The Senate Speaker for Varkonia from Jan 2019 - Oct 2020, as well as serving as Spokesperson for the United Northern Congress from March 2019 - July 2019. Gobblin currently serves as a Director and a fellow of the third degree for the Order of Saint Marcus. Serving in these organisations have given the Gabonese government the privilege to make global connections, and these networks of friends serves as the foundation of Gabon's foreign policy.

Foreign policy and international relations has been a focal point of every session of government, being a small nation without a vault or a sizable military. Gabon ensures its safety through internal defensive security as well as alliances & mutual defence pacts with neighbouring countries.


Gabon holds a close friendship with certain nations and individuals within the UDF & the Entente, and is regarded as being apart of the informal '"World Police'" collection of nations.[21]

Council of the Medi Sea

Gabon is a member of the Council of the Medi Sea, and has been a member since the claim of New Zealand by Gabon on the 22nd of December 2020. Previously BritishWanderer represented the Grand Duchy of Varkonia until Gabon's independence in October 2020.

The Augustan Federation

Gabon has been recognized as a member of the Augustan consortium within the Augustan Federation since its successful application on the 26th May 2021. Squareblob (May 26th 2021). “[Admission Vote] Gabon passes” – via Discord (#announcements). Augustan Federation. Retrieved May 26th 2021.

Treaty signing taking place outside Salisbury Cathedral, Salisbury, Gabon.

Ratified Treaties

Imperial Truidence

On the 15th of November, the Free Republic of Gabon and the Second Trudencian Hegemonial Empire signed a treaty establishing an alliance and a formal friendship. The treaty of Kingstown formalised

existing ties between the two nations.

Treaty of Kingstown


On the 20th of October 2020, the Free Republic of Gabon and the Grand Duchy of Varkonia signed a treaty of friendship.

Treaty of Nox

Lambat , Lusitania , Lumière

On the 22nd of July 2021, the Free Republic of Gabon signed a treaty committing to rail infrastrcuture and further expanding cordial relations between all parties involved. This treaty also disallowed Corporation

tax and embargoes on one another. [22]

The L Line Treaty

Discontinued Treaties


Pictured: The Gabonese Embassy in Icenia, built by FKA_Twink. December 2020

The Principality of Gabon and the Republic of Bloom would sign a treaty of friendship and alliance on the 20th of June 2018. This treaty was the first signed by Gabon with another country.

This treaty would be discontinued upon Bloom's integration into Icenia as a province.

Treaty of Bakerswood


Gabon has a fondness for constructing embassies across the globe, with the desire to promote Gabonese culture and architecture as well as acknowledging close personal ties and trade relationships. The endeavour of embassy construction and negotiation is usually undertaken by Vice Chancellor Gobblin.

On the 11th of October 2020, Vice Chancellor constructed the first international embassy representing Gabon. This embassy would be based in Sigmaringen, the capital of The Kingdom of Prussia in acknowledgement of their close friendship and of the two nation's appreciation for good architecture and city design. Gabon would open their second international embassy in Imperial Truidence in November 2020. The Salisbury House was built by BritishWanderer & Gobblin and would acknowledge the close friendship that both nations enjoy with one another, with the bonus intention of promoting fledging trade relations and encouraging economic growth, this embassy was the first to contain an XP shop, licensed by the Gabon Corporation.

In December 2020, construction would be completed by Councillor FKA_Twink on a Gabonese embassy in Icenia city. This embassy was built to represent the close ties and friendship as well as the strong trade relationship between the two nations. The embassy contains a Gabon Corporation XP shop in the lower floor.

The first embassy built in 2021 would be the Gabonese embassy in Mount September. Built by Gobblin, this embassy promotes Gabon's architecture and its historical connection with Augustan culture.

Embassy List

  • Sigmaringen, Prussia October 2020
  • Anburon, Imperial Truidence November 2020
  • Icenia City, Icenia December 2020
  • MtS, Mount September April 2021
The defensive structure that used to reside in the centre of Salisbury, designed by Mrllamma of Coventhia. October 2018


The Free Republic of Gabon has a small yet robust military, comprising of compact bunkers located in key-points around the nation staffed by bands of militiamen. In 2018, the centre of Salisbury held a defensive bunker structure with the aim of securing the eastern-most portion of the Grand Duchy of Varkonia, however this bunker was deconstructed and filled in just under a year later. The defensive bunker structure was initially designed by Mrllamma of Coventhia, who also assisted in its funding alongside the Government of Gabon.

Executive administrators (those holding government office in Gabon) may be required to undertake military training for the purposes of mainland defence.

As of July 2021, the head of the armed forces and responsible for military response within Gabon and abroad is Vice Chancellor Gobblin.


Map of Gabon's geography drawn in an artistic style, drawn July 2021.

The Free Republic of Gabon is located in the south-eastern corner of the minus minus quadrant, the centre coordinates of Gabon are -3000, -2300. The total area of the Gabon is approximately 3.239 square kilometres. The mainland claim of Gabon vertically straddles a forested landmass situated between Icenia to the right and Varkonia to the left, of which both countries are separated from Gabon by bodies of water.

As of July 2021, it is estimated that 27% of Gabon is forested, 11% is cultivated for agriculture and less than 1% of land is used for pastures.

The country consists of lowland temperate forests, which make up a majority of the central portion of the mainland. The northern and southern most points are increasingly upland and mountainous the further travelled. Gabon has no natural rivers yet has a myriad of canals which run throughout the mainland territories, connecting the eastern sea to the west and separates the mainland into three distinct portions.


The majority of Gabon rests within a temperate climate, with generally cool temperatures and plentiful amounts of rain all year round. The higher elevations in the boroughs of Venice and Baile bán experience a tundra-like climate with heavy snow and freezing temperatures.


Gabon's economy is largely dominated by its XP industry (70%) followed by mining (20%) and services (6%). The economy was formerly dominated by the mining industry until server updates radically changed mining strategies and forced Gabon to seek alternative revenue streams. After the independence from Varkonia in October 2020, a strong push was made to start an XP industry in Gabon. IN less than a month Gabon was able to create an XP industry and public exchange that rivals the strongest economies on the server. Salisbury is renowned regionally for their artisan bread and fine cuts of meat from local farms in Bakerswood.

Gabon currently receives no citizenry revenue, with no taxes of any kind, with the government relying on XP exports and agriculture incomes. Gabon currently operates with an economic surplus, contributing a majority of its revenues to a sovereign fund, funding public projects and securing the economy in times of declining industrial production.



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