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Activity levelHigh (as of 10/05/2021)
Capital cityBrutus
  • Brutus
  • Union
  • Swim
  • Central Buckeye
  • Union
  • McCorkle Aquatic Center
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• Monarch
• Provincial Leader of Union
Foundation dateSeptember 9, 2021

Buckeye was a small kingdom located in the Northeastern Quadrant (+,-) of CivClassic 2.0 founded by the user yackabu in September 2021. It was bordered by Sussex in the north, west, and south, and by the ocean to the east.

The largest settlement in Buckeye was Brutus. The kingdom also had Union, a desert village outpost. Buckeye is a founding member of the NDI alliance.


Buckeye was founded by claiming unclaimed land between Sussex to the west, and the former territories of Myrthil and New Sovia to the north and south, respectively. Upon the claim, many called it "the smallest land claim in CivClassic history". The original claim was 50x100 blocks. Nevertheless, yackabu was persistent in building a small nation from this humble beginning.

The first buildings erected were the Olentangy Condos and the Scioto Apartments. These were very basic builds that utilized the hills in the terrain, a theme that would become a staple in Buckeye.

Upon logging in one day, signs left by Lemmings were found scattered around the settlement. Lemmings would soon become the second citizen, and would be key in the building of the nation.

Throughout the coming weeks, Buckeye would see rapid development, with farms, a factory, an observation tower, and a skyscraper being built within a week, along with the establishment of the Union district, which serves as the main cactus farm and desert city. Such rapid development led to the growth in citizens, the negotiation of lands north of Brutus from Sussex, and the joining of the NDI alliance.

Brutus, the capital city for Buckeye, was voted to be the Capital of the NDI alliance in early October. This decision led to the development of a proper trail station, a public market, and further development of land for the NDI capital building. Buckeye’s visitor count skyrocketed as workers, traders, and buyers started to visit Buckeye as a hub for NDI trade.


Buckeye had two forms of government. The default was an absolute monarchy, led by Yackabu. Although currently under an absolute monarchy, yackabu consults the citizens of Buckeye on many decisions.

In their founding document, Buckeye transitions to a Constitutional Monarchy once the nation gains enough active citizens.


Buckeye was separated into two districts. Both districts are made up of one settlement that makes up the namesake of the district.

District Provincial Leader Settlements Location Notes
Central Buckeye Yackabu Brutus Serves as Capital district
Union Lemmings Union Cactus farm
McCorkle Aquatic Center Swim


Buckeye had 1 rail system to connect the districts of Buckeye. This rail was set up with the /dest command, with routes between Brutus, Union, and Swim.

The 2 easiest ways to get to Buckeye is either via the KANI or via the SUSsy line. The SUSsy line, which serves to connect the nations of the NDI alliance via a closed rail system. Access to the line is available in any nation in the alliance. The KANI connects into nearby Sussex at Antietam, known as “Ch1pr Empire” station. From there, players can take the ground level line north to Nightwatch, then walking briefly west to get to Brutus.