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Maritime Republic of Capeland
The second flag of the Maritime Republic
Location3800, 630
Capital cityCape Cocoa
GovernmentParliamentary Republic
Governing documentConstitution
• Prime Minister
• Senior Grand Justice
klabss (IGN Krazvalt)
Foundation documentReddit Post
DiscordDiscord Link

The Maritime Republic of Capeland, or simply Capeland, was a Parliamentary Republic in the shallow Southeast of CivClassics on what was formerly Lenin Isle and Carpathian territory. It was founded by AK (IGN operationguyMCS) and Eloc (IGN Eloctrasyd) in early March of 2021. The country was previously known as Cape Cocoa, prior to May 2021. Capeland has since then established itself as a peaceful building nation, and has experienced rapid growth in population and infrastructure. After the closure of CivClassic 2.0, Capeland merged into Lambat as the Province of Capeland, later renamed Chungia.[1]



AK had joined CivClassic in mid 2019 in the hopes of finding a build server with an emphasis on nations and civility. He was initially a resident of Aurum (which later became a province of Varkonia), who helped SirFriendzone build some infrastructure. After building an Abbey in South Aurum, AK set off to explore the world, until he fell in a decrepit elevator on his way to Hvalsey, Yoahtl.

Since then, AK took a break from CivClassic, but having been so inspired by its workings, started his own Civ server with a community based in Scratch called ScratchCiv. The server inevitably shut down after nearly a year of activity due to the security of the young server population being threatened by a doxxer. Talks of reviving ScratchCiv are in place, but action to do so likely won't happen until 1.17 releases.

After the decline of ScratchCiv, AK eventually came back to CivClassic with the hopes of starting his own build nation. He invited the mod team to come join him in the search for land to settle, and in early March of 2021, AK and Eloc decided to reside in the wooded cliffs of what was formerly Lenin Isle territory.

First land claims of Cape Cocoa

Founding and Building of Cape Cocoa

A townhouse built during the early stages of Cape Cocoa's construction.

A reddit post was made to formalize the land claims of Cape Cocoa, and was added to the map promptly after its submission into the Unified Map Project.

The first dwellings were built on the side of the cliff face, with the Cliffside Boardwalk being the only path that connected the cliffside dwellings to the surface of the cliff. AK's cliffside dwelling later expanded upward and became the Traveller's Inn, while the room carved into the cliff was later developed into a tunnel that started the creation of Cape Cocoa's Underground.

Floating sea farms were built on the shallow waters at the base of the cliff, and the building of the first Coast Cabins were overseen by both AK and Northstar (IGN Northstar404).

The claiming of more land west and north of the original claim led to the establishment of four precincts, along with a unique layered-sector system. The building of housing was promptly prioritized as more and more people from ScratchCiv came to join Cape Cocoa and ultimately CivClassic. Later on as the population grew more and more, communal storage and factories got moved to an industrial quarter in Southmarket as a step toward zoning and organizing the town's infrastructure and resources.

Around Mid-April, the construction of the Town Hall was completed, and along with it came an official Constitution document and a flag change. The Constitution established Cape Cocoa as the Maritime State, and its contents were drafted by AK and Block (IGN RarelyUseful).

Cape Cocoa Proper, circa April 2021

Shortly after the signage of the Constitution, on April 18th general elections were held to determine new leadership positions in the young state. This resulted in the appointment of AK as Cape Cocoa's first Prime Minister. Eloc and Northstar became the first representatives of Parliament, representing Elonorth and Southmarket respectively. Finally, klabss (IGN Krazvalt) was made the first Grand Justice of Cape Cocoa, which also makes him the first Senior Justice.

The passage of the Citizenship Act (aka the Citizenship Codes or the Bill of Rights) opened up the state to newcomers in a more formalized manner, and since then the growth of Cape Cocoa took off after more and more people started to join. Most residents of Cape Cocoa at the time were newfriends, with the notable exception being SirTwiggles, who applied for Cocoian citizenship despite being a citizen of Imperial Truidence and potentially Icenia.


The Charter of New Midway and the Renaming of the Maritime State

On May 5th, 2021, AK announced the claiming of territory that included land south of the wooded cliffs of Cape Cocoa, the rest of Elonorth island territory, and the Southern area of what was formerly Carpathia. Due to the fact that the land no longer covered the Cape, the name "Cape Cocoa" was dropped, and in its stead came Capeland.

The eastern territory was to be named "New Midway," in reference to a major island municipality owned by Chungia on ScratchCiv known as "Midway." The territory was chosen due to the fact that the spruce woods resembled the terrain in Chungia - specifically Wabbittown (ScratchCiv).

The colonial officer put in charge to oversee infrastructural operations on New Midway was Orhint. He was an avid player of ScratchCiv and built the original Midway there. Accompanied with him was Magnileve, the leader of Chungia in ScratchCiv. As news of the colony spread, an influx of newfriend citizens (brought over by DapperBug25) joined and headed to New Midway to help build the new city of Wabbittown (Non-ScratchCiv).

Five days later the Provincial act was passed, formalizing the establishment of New Midway as a province of Capeland (alongside Cape Cocoa).

The Landa Crisis

Derv being caught on snitches, May 11th, 2021

On May 7th, 2021, keuradeurva (infamous for his contribution to the shutdown of ScratchCiv) replied to AK's reddit post regarding the new claims of New Midway. At first Derv wanted to join the nation as a citizen, but due to the fact that many citizens (including former doxxing victims) did not feel comfortable with his presence, he was rejected citizenship and asked to settle elsewhere. Since then Derv has settled land north of Lambat and west of Potistan in the hopes of starting the nation of Landa. He has given Capeland the derogatory term of "Copeland" since then to spite its inhabitants, among attempts to incite grief on the discord server and persistent inquiries of Cocoian affairs.

On May 10th, 2021, Derv pinged @everyone on the discord server, causing widespread chaos and led to his banning on the server. Later a suspected alt would attempt to re-enter the server but the alt was recognized promptly.

On May 11th, 2021, Derv griefed Cape Cocoa by destroying reinforced blocks and containters, slaughtering livestock, and stealing items. The most widespread form of damage was the breakage of doors; likely in an attempt to rob its residents of any valuables they may possess. A "kill on sight" order was issued by Prime Minister AK to the public and to the people of Capeland, stating that "keuradeurva is NOT welcome back in Capeland" and that a POS will be issued if malignancy is kept up. Soon after that announcement, Derv attempted to travel by rail to raid Cape Cocoa. Luckily, his travels brought to the attention of the President of Lambat, Kaprediem, and the residents at Cape Cocoa were notified of his arrival.

When Derv arrived at Cape Cocoa's makeshift railstation, a skirmish occurred between defenders AK & Eloc and belligerent keuradeurva. AK was slain first due to a malfunctioning mouse, however Eloc ended up killing Derv and confiscated his items for citizen usage. A POS order was shortly issued afterward.

Soon afterward, Derv got pearled by k0mmi, according to Yodabird19, and his pearl was promptly transferred to Columbia. Though derv continues to play on the server, and despite the continued insults toward Capeland, a temporary end was put to the terrorist acts of keuradeurva.

Since the derv incident, Cape Cocoa has taken up more efforts in defending its nation, including the replacement of snitches, as well as the setup of a city bastion.

Also since the derv incident, his friend OMADude (who was the other person involved in doxxing ScratchCiv) had joined the server in an attempt to inflict more damage. He joined Icenia and after gaining citizenship, attempted to ip-grab using a link sent in the Icenia Discord. This, unsurprisingly, led to his pearling and ultimately his server ban. OMA had tried to send a monetized bounty on significant Icenian and Cocoian figures via reddit, but said post was taken down.

Co-operation with Lambat and the CES

Following the Landa Crisis, AK reached out to Lambatan president Kaprediem appealing for a friendship treaty of sorts. While Kaprediem expressed reluctance to engage in a military pact, he did agree on a formal non-military friendship with Capeland, and proposed a Treaty of Mutual Cooperation between Lambat and Capeland. The document was signed by all involved members on May 20th, 2021.

The new treaty allowed for greater interaction between Lambatans and Cocoians. In particular, Commrade Potatoe of Lambat had finished the construction of the LBCL that included a connection to Cape Cocoa.

Such interaction created a wave of cultural exchange, as such Cocoian culture (i.e. ae) was exchanged with Lambatan culture (i.e. bawal umihi dito) over discord.

Some time after the treaty was signed, Cape Cocoa was invited to discussions relating to the creation of a new 1st & 4th-quadrant alliance. This would ultimately result in the creation of the Confrence of Eastern States, or CES for short. This effectively allied Capeland with many eastern neighbors: Krowatia, Amyr, Blackwell, Monterrey, Cortesia Del Mar, and Caledonia, in addition to Lambat who also joined the alliance.

Drhorroshow's damage on Wabbittown caught on snitches.

Nearing the end of May and during the beginning of June, there was a period of server inactivity for AK which led to lessened activity within the Maritime Republic. This ultimately led to an increased frequency of security issues.

At the border between The Proper and Southmarket, there appears to have been a floating cobblestone "bridge" that extends comically far out into the ocean. At it's farthest point it had nearly reached Kalayaan. The strip had been dismantled once by _DrMusic_, however since then the bridge has been rebuilt. It is highly suspected that CrowzenR the Stone Man had built the bridge, but evidence is lacking.

The creation of this bridge has singlehandedly led to talks pushing for a bill that makes physics-defying structures illegal. However, such talks of a bill have since lost traction.

Player SlowlyFunny2 had went into the public warehouse at Cape Cocoa and broke the reinforcements off all the chests inside, whilst taking valuable materials (notably stacks of iron, gold, and player essence). A POS was issued against them but they have not been seen on the server since. It is without doubt that they are an alt account, but there is no evidence leading to who's alt it may be.

Flooding in Southmarket Valley

Player Drhorrorshow had went to Wabbittown Town Hall and broke in to steal and grief the place. A POS was issued against them but they have not been seen on the server since. IT senator Stardust of Benevolence had encountered Drhorrorshow tripping several IT snitches. Stardust had asked him why he pinged so many snitches, Horrorshow allegedly claimed to be "exploring this dead world," and that they haven't played since 2018. When inquired by Stardust as to why they were moving so quickly, Horrorshow immediately logged out. It is without a doubt that they are an alt account, and the evidence suggests that said alt has connections to OMADude or keuradeurva.

Around June 9th, 2021, a great flood had occurred in Southmarket precinct. Among the affected structures includes the building at the Valley, a tower at Southmarket Bridge, and many parts of the Heights as well. Most notably, the site at which the Lambat Embassy was located has become a "swimming pool" according to fellow citizen Lunarien_.

According to snitch information, CrowzenR the Stone Man had came through the area and flooded Southmarket with buckets of water. It is widely believed that the Stone Man got angry at the Cocoians for not taking care of their lands, and thus doused the heights and valley with his wrathful power.

Since the flood, every 10th day of a month is declared "Flooding Day," where Witnesses of the Stone Man make an offering to CrowzenR by throwing it into the ocean and letting the items despawn.



Capeland is a Parliamentary Republic, meaning that representatives of Parliament are elected by the public to perform legislative and executive action. Representatives of Parliament can propose bills and hold votes to pass bills, after which they are sent to the Grand Court to be reviewed, signed, and officially passed as law.

The leader of Parliament, the Prime Minister, also serves as the head of foreign matters, and is the sitting officer of the capital city.

A general election is held every month for Representatives of Parliament (Prime Ministers are voted every two months). Only one Representative may be elected per precinct of any province (Formerly up to three may be represented per precinct), and two Representatives may be elected per colony (if any) of Cape Cocoa. A Representative of one precinct may not Represent multiple precincts, but can represent multiple layers within their own precinct.

Up to three Justices may be appointed in the Grand Court. If any spots are vacant, Justices may be elected in a general election. A sitting Justice who serves the longest consecutive term is called the Senior Justice, and signs documents on behalf of the entire court.

Officers are appointed to colonial holdings and other territories like Provinces of Capeland. Officers are elected in the same cycles as Parliament Representatives and also gain a seat in Parliament. Only one officer may be assigned to a territory at a time.

Current Leaders

Prime Ministers of Capeland
Name Election Start End
Maritime State (Mar. 1 - May. 5)
AK (operationguyMCS) N/A Mar. 1, 2021 April 21, 2021
AK (operationguyMCS) 1st April 21, 2021 June 23, 2021
Maritime Republic (May. 5 - Present)
AK (operationguyMCS) 2nd June 23, 2021 Current
Parliament Representatives of Capeland
Name Province Precinct Election Start End
Maritime State (Mar. 1 - May. 5)
Northstar (Northstar404) Cape Cocoa Proper N/A Mar. 3, 2021 April 21, 2021
Eloc (Eloctrasyd) Cape Cocoa Elonorth 1st April 21, 2021 May 21, 2021
Northstar (Northstar404) Cape Cocoa Southmarket 1st April 21, 2021 May 21, 2021
Maritime Republic (May. 5 - Present)
Block (RarelyUseful) Cape Cocoa The Proper 2nd May 21, 2021 June 23, 2021
Northstar (Northstar404) Cape Cocoa Southmarket 2nd May 21, 2021 June 23, 2021
Mike (Kaleneji007) Cape Cocoa Southmarket 2nd May 21, 2021 June 23, 2021
Alex (Alex967CW) Cape Cocoa Crownest 2nd May 21, 2021 June 23, 2021
Eloc (Eloctrasyd) Cape Cocoa Elonorth 2nd May 21, 2021 June 23, 2021
Crowley (SirCrowley) New Midway Wabbittown 2nd May 21, 2021 June 23, 2021
Block (RarelyUseful) Cape Cocoa The Proper 3rd June 23, 2021 Current
Northstar (Northstar404) Cape Cocoa Southmarket 3rd June 23, 2021 Current
Mike (Kaleneji007) Cape Cocoa June Harbor 3rd June 23, 2021 Current
Alex (Alex967CW) Cape Cocoa Crownest 3rd June 23, 2021 Current
Eloc (Eloctrasyd) Cape Cocoa Elonorth 3rd June 23, 2021 Current
Justices of Capeland
Name Election Start End Seniority
klabss (Krazvalt) 1st April 21, 2021 Current April 21, 2021
Officers of Capeland
Name Colony/Territory/Province Election Start End
Orhint New Midway N/A May. 5, 2021 May 21, 2021
Orhint New Midway 2nd May 21, 2021 June 23, 2021
Orhint New Midway 3rd June 23, 2021 Current
Southmarket Bridge, April 9th, 2021
Cape Cocoa local map and infographic, circa April 2021


Cape Cocoa

Cape Cocoa is the capital city of Capeland. It is located in and on a wooded cliff in the shallow Southeast of the map (+, +). It encompasses territory formerly owned by Lenin Isle, as well as a mesa island north of the mainland and the desert south. The infrastructure of Cape Cocoa does extend beyond solid ground; as some buildings are also built on the side of the cliff as well as on the shallow shores.


As of May 21st 2021, there are five precincts within Cape Cocoa's borders.

  • The Proper, or Cape Cocoa Proper, is the main part of Cape Cocoa and is the most densely populated precinct. It is named due to it being the centralized area, as well as being the site of its first buildings. The building style here is more town-like, and consists of many wooden structures built out of oak, dark oak, and stone brick.
  • Southmarket, aptly named, covers the region south of The Proper, and is planned to be a more urbanized area of Cape Cocoa. A large arch bridge extends out to the east of Southmarket, splitting itself in half to allow passage into the precinct before further extending into eastern Crownest. Southmarket is informally split into two sections encompassing the Bridge area and the clifftop area, respectively known as Southmarket Valley and Southmarket Heights.
  • Crownest is the largest precinct of Cape Cocoa, and is mostly made up of wilderness Plans of establishing parks and conservation areas are being made in an effort to preserve the roofed woods that grew naturally here. The first sightings of Crowzen the Stone Man were made here, though most of his sightings are in The Proper or Southmarket. Since the ratification of the Second Constitutional Amendment, Crownest has expanded in size to touch the borders of Oblast Leninya. It is mainly used to farm crops, notably beets, carrots, and acacia.
  • Elonorth, named after Eloc and Northstar, is a mesa island that is located on an island north of mainland Cape Cocoa. It was chartered by Northstar with the prospects of setting up a mob farm; in particular a blaze and skeleton farm due to spawners being found in the region. Elonorth is also Cape Cocoa's main source of terracotta. Prior to May 19th, 2021, Elonorth was only a small chunk of the island.
  • Grand Playa is a southern precinct of Cape Cocoa. Its territory was acquired on May 11th, 2021, however it was not made its own precinct until May 19th, 2021. It encompasses the low desert beneath Southmarket, and is currently being used to farm cactus.
  • June Harbor is an area built on the cliffside shores of Cape Cocoa, notably featuring structures with dark prismarine and red brick. Before the ratification of the Second Constitutional Amendment, June Harbor was coastal territory split between The Proper, Southmarket, and Elonorth.

The following information has been deemed invalid since the passage of the Second Constitutional Amendment on June 8th, 2021.

The territory owned by Cape Cocoa is additionally split into three layers. This unique sectorization policy is a result of the terrain of Cape Cocoa, and the objective of maximizing the efficiency of the land.

  • The Upstairs layer encompasses the top overground layer on cliffside land. Most tourist attractions are usually located Upstairs.
  • The Underground layer takes up the space between the Upstairs and Downstairs layers. Due to its size, the Underground is split into two sublayers:
    • The Trenches are the upper-tier, and consist mainly of lower-classmen residences and industrial areas.
    • The Strongholds are the lower-tier, and are planned to have Downstairs residences and transportation tunnels.
  • The Downstairs layer entails land and shallow waters at the base of cliffside land. Typically docks and floating farms are built here.

New Midway (Chungia)

New Midway (or locally known as Chungia) is located on a landmass east from Cape Cocoa. It covers territory formerly owned by Carpathia, as well as a desert island west of the mainland that may be coveted by a semi/inactive player. The province is bordered by the Prospectors' Guild to the east, Vesteria to the north, and Carson/Caledonia territory to the south.


As of June 24th 2021, there are two precincts in New Midway.

  • Wabbittown claims the general metropolitan area of the city of Wabbittown, but excludes the old Carpathian cities of Bizerte and Carpathipolis.
  • Unorganized Chungian Territory claims the rest of the entirety of Chungia

Formerly, New Midway was divided into four arbitrary regions:

  • Wabbittown claims the central region in New Midway, and only extends out to the borders of the city. It encompasses the whole taiga, and within its borders includes the archaic ruined town of Bizerte.
  • Medina encompasses the desert island west of New Midway. It was originally inhabited by a OMN named Medina, presumed to be inactive due to its absence in the UMP-established map.
  • West Carpathia is a thin strip running along the coast of former Carpathain territory. Additionally, it encompasses SirCrowley's massive farm to the south on the border of Wabbittown precinct.
  • Demeton is a claim that covers the entire arid region north of West Carpathia. Its charter, along with that of West Carpatia, were established during a land border treaty between Capeland and the Prospectors' Guild. The sole inactive Carpatian settlement of Demeton sits in the center of the precinct and is the only infrastructure in the area.

Wabbittown does not use a Layer system, due to its lack of cliffs and a general non-requirement for such a system.


The population of Cape Cocoa as of May 1st, 2021 was at least 12 people. At least 91% of the population consists of brand new players to CivClassics. 50% of Cape Cocoa's population migrated from ScratchCiv, whereas 75% of Cape Cocoa's population came from Scratch in general.

According to a check-up on May 9th, 2021, the population of Cape Cocoa has risen to at least 19 citizens. ~42.10% of citizens came from ScratchCiv, while ~63.16% of the population came from Scratch in general.

According to a check-up on May 21st, 2021, the population of Cape Cocoa has risen to at least 27 citizens.

According to a check-up on June 16th, 2021, the population of Cape Cocoa has risen to around 36 citizens.

Cape Cocoa Resident Directory (Updated: 5/17/2021)
Name IGN Citizen since Connections Residence Active?
AK operationguyMCS Mar 1, 2021 Scratch, ScratchCiv Cape Cocoa Y
Eloc Eloctrasyd Mar 1, 2021 Scratch, ScratchCiv Cape Cocoa Y
Northstar Northstar404 Mar 3, 2021 Scratch, ScratchCiv Cape Cocoa Y
Tazzl TazzlXT Mar 3, 2021 Scratch, ScratchCiv Cape Cocoa Inactive
klabss Krazvalt Mar 3, 2021 Scratch Cape Cocoa Semi
P1stachio sco566 Mar 10, 2021 IRL Cape Cocoa Inactive
Block RarelyUseful Mar 10, 2021 Scratch, ScratchCiv Cape Cocoa Y
Dapper DapperBug25 Apr 21, 2021 Scratch Cape Cocoa/New Midway Inactive
Xenom Xenomine Apr 22, 2021 Scratch, ScratchCiv Cape Cocoa Inactive
Alex Alex967CW Apr 22, 2021 IRL Cape Cocoa Semi
Levy Levyo Apr 24, 2021 Scratch Cape Cocoa Inactive
Ducky Apr 24, 2021 Xenom Cape Cocoa Unknown
Bean purplebeanie May 03, 2021 Scratch Cape Cocoa Inactive
SirTwiggles SirTwiggles May 04, 2021 Resident of IT Anburon (IT) Y
Carlos carlos_the_fish May 04, 2021 Dapper New Midway Semi
Gart GartosFartos May 05, 2021 Dapper New Midway Inactive
Ori Orhint May 05, 2021 Scratch, ScratchCiv New Midway Y
Magnileve Magnileve May 05, 2021 Scratch, ScratchCiv New Midway Y
Alex High_lizard01 May 05, 2021 Dapper New Midway Inactive
KaiserKyre KaiserKyre May 10, 2021 N/A Cape Cocoa On Hiatus
SirCrowley SirCrowley May 11, 2021 N/A New Midway Y
Mike Kaleneji007 May 14, 2021 N/A Cape Cocoa Y
DrMusic _DrMusic_ May 16, 2021 N/A Cape Cocoa Y
Guster gustercamelwill May 18, 2021 Scratch, ScratchCiv Cape Cocoa Inactive
Mantequilla mante_quilla525 May 20, 2021 N/A New Midway Emmigrated
Red Redimated May 20, 2021 Scratch, ScratchCiv New Midway Semi
BeastyTheQuester BeastyTheQuester May 20, 2021 N/A Cape Cocoa Unknown
Burrsh Burrsh May 20, 2021 N/A Cape Cocoa Unknown
Carteus Carteus May 21, 2021 N/A Cape Cocoa Unknown
RatMoleFace RatMoleFace May 23, 2021 Scratch, ScratchCiv Cape Cocoa Semi
banyough banyough May 25, 2021 Resident of Lambat Lambat City (Lambat) Y
WhyHelloThere232 WhyHelloThere232 May 26, 2021 N/A Cape Cocoa Semi
Pizza_Cornbread Pizza_Cornbread May 30, 2021 SirCrowley New Midway Y
Keness Keness Jun 1, 2021 ScratchCiv New Midway Y
maty7267 Lunarien_ Jun 6, 2021 Kalineji007 Cape Cocoa Y
Swift Baes200, SwiftFizz Jun 11, 2021 N/A Cape Cocoa Y
CommradePotatoe CommradePotatoe Jun 15, 2021 Resident of Lambat/Pacem Lambat City (Lambat) Y
BurrZurrCarr BurrZurrCarr Jun 26, 2021 ScratchCiv, Magnileve New Midway Y
Arcanyst Arcanyst Jun 29, 2021 ScratchCiv, Magnileve New Midway Y

In addition to known in-game members, many people in the Discord Server are known as observers. They were told about Capeland (and CivClassic in general) by citizens, but choose not to formally join until later.

There is one known non-citizen of Cape Cocoa residing within its borders, that being CrowzenR the mystical Stone Man.

Folklore and Religion

Capeland's constitution mandates the freedom and tolerance of religion. Several religions can and have been practiced and introduced in Capeland.

Religions Practiced
Name Origin
Beretism Beretia
Bezism Imperial Truidence
Witnesses of the Stone Man Capeland
Chungism Capeland

CrowzenR the Stone Man

CrowzenR, the stone man, is a shadowy mysterious figure whomst we know nothing about other than his stone skin. With this stone skin, he creeps around stone areas trying to remain hidden, yet can commonly be seen peeking around corners. Nothing is known about this character, yet he has been spotted around cape cocoa many times. Because of this, Northstar created a statue T-posing over the waters to appease our shadowy friend and to intimidate those who might cross us. If any information is known about this indivicual, we would really like to know.

Since the Flooding of Southmarket, every 10th day of each month is observed as Flooding Day by Cocoians following the Stone Man. The practice is as follows:

  1. Prepare an offering to be sacrificed to the Stone Man. This is typically in the form of crops or minerals.
  2. Head to the Stone Man Statue at June Harbor at any time of day (as long as it's still the 10th in your time zone)
  3. Throw your offerings into the sea.
  4. Type in chat "hear our offering, oh great Stone Man" (global, group, or local chat does not matter, it is up to you whether you would like the rest of the server to hear our traditions or not)
  5. Let the items despawn. You may leave after throwing your offerings.

It is believed that if sufficient offerings are given, Crowzen the Stone Man will be appeased and spare the Cocoians his dreadful wrath.

Foreign Relations


Capeland is a member nation of the Confrence of Eastern States, or CES for short. As such, Capeland is allied with all its member states, though here are a few particular examples:


During the Landa Crisis, Lambat provided aid to Capeland by detecting keuradeurva's whereabouts via rail snitches. A non-military friendship treaty was drafted by Kaprediem on May 16th, 2021, and its terms were approved by Parliament on the same day. A plot of land in Southmarket Heights is reserved for the construction of a Lambatan Embassy, whilst Block (IGN RarelyUseful) is in charge of building an embassy in Lambat City.

Lambat was the first friendship of Capeland.


The building of a Capeland Embassy in Corinth, Caledonia is currently being planned out by AK.


Aside from some purchases made in the city, a rail connection to 0,0 was made by Archie, which helped to connect the two nations as well as set up Cape Cocoa's connections to the rest of the world. Additionally, Icenian resident Oniii_Chan provided Capeland with a stack each of free ice and packed ice, so Cocoian perception of Icenia is generally positive.

Imperial Truidence

Despite ObtainableSpat's initial impressions of Cape Cocoa as an ill-fated OMN, there has been an agreement between Truidencian resident SirTwiggles and Prime Minister AK to build a Bezian temple in Cape Cocoa. Currently the construction is in its planning phase.


Relationships between Capeland and Gabon are on good terms, and the building of a Gabon Embassy in The Proper is planned.

Provincia (CCCP)

The building of a Provincia Embassy is currently planned in Southmarket.

Tourist Attractions

Cape Cocoa

The Traveller's Inn

The Traveller's Inn is a dark oak structure located near the cliffisde of The Proper. It is the first building built in Cape Cocoa, and serves as a resting point for travellers as well as temporary lodging for new arrivals.

The Candlesmith Café

The Candlesmith Café is a cafe built by klabss on the top of a flattened hill in The Proper. Though currently under construction, it is notable because it references a Scratch project of the same name. The café also doubles as klabss' house.

Town Hall

The Town Hall is located at the base of the heights in the western part of The Proper. It is the building in which the Constitution of Cape Cocoa was drafted in, as well as where most government activities take place.

Southmarket Bridge

Southmarket Bridge is a bridge that connects The Proper, Southmarket, and Crownest together. There was an incident where the bridge was unintentionally extended by an unknown individual, resulting in an overhang and the destruction of a hill. Prime Minister AK ordered the destruction and/or rebuilding of the end, and on June 15th, the overhang was removed and replaced with a pretentious elevator building.

The Southmarket Bridge and Underpass is the heart of the soon-to-be established "Southmarket University at Cape Cocoa" (or SUCC for short).

Southmarket Heights

Featuring a stunning view of the sea below and some amenities such as an XP factory, Southmarket Heights is also the planned site of foreign embassies and as such is a center of cultural blending in Cape Cocoa.

Cape Cocoa Radio Tower

A granite and tempered stone radio tower was built on the edge of Crownest precinct. It is currently the tallest structure and point in Cape Cocoa, as well as in any Cocoian territory.

The Light House

his very cool and amazing build, built by Eloctrasyd, is a beacon of hope to oncoming sea travelers. It is located on the coast around the lower district.