Knights Templar

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Knights Templar
Location8458 3961
Activity levelDefunct
Capital cityConstantinople
SettlementsNew Venice
TerritoriesNorthern Cortesia Del Mar
Succeeded byCortesia Del Mar
Foundation dateUnofficially August of 2018, Officially January 13th, 2019
Preceded byVitelia

The Knights Templar was a nation in the +,+ that was started sometime in August of 2018 by u/Commander_Luke, and then introduced on Reddit on January 13th, 2019.[1]

Introduction to the server

u/Commander_Luke started their nation with the intention of trading, and providing a sanctuary against raiders. However multiple nations were attempting to claim over their land including Vitelia and some of it's pretender/successor states. Due to these claims they decided to reveal their nation on January 13th, 2019 with the intention of gaining recognition from other nations.[2] They gained recognition from Vinland, and from u/shadedoom, but on the condition that they not claim anymore land in former Vitelia.[3][4][5] In February of 2019 they submitted new claims to Falvyu's political map for themselves and Georgia, after Pruthenia-Risk was finally dissolved.[6]


The City of New Venice

u/Commander_Luke had been living in the region since around August of 2018, and they built the city of New Venice, and the old walls that can be found around what is now northern Cortesia Del Mar. Another notable thing built by the Knights Templar was the road from their capital, Constantinople to Georgia through Risk. [7]

Theory about Constantinople

It is thought that the site where Maxpowerboy intended to build Krome, the new capital for Vitelia, was going to be where Constantinople is. This is based on two factors, the first being the mention of 'former architects' in the following quote. "I also aided in the construction of the flat land area at Constantinople, and built my home next to it in hopes of it one day becoming a great city that I could trade with. As construction has been halted by its former architects, I plan to make that dream a reality." The second factor is an old screenshot that showed a user named 'Okx' talking to someone, probably u/Commander_Luke about a site he had flattened out near 8300, 4300, and mentioning that he had worked on it before Vitelia fell.[8]

End of the Knights Templar

They became inactive around February of 2020, during that time they bordered Asiro, Entrana and Provincia. Their land is in what is now the northern regions of Cortesia Del Mar.