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Kingdom of Kaltsburg
Royal flag of Kaltsburg
Royal Coat of Arms
Location-4517,r{{{3}}} 382, -4517
Capital cityDie Hauptstadt
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• King
Foundation date18 August 2018
Succeeded by Kaltsburg
The Old Kingdom of Kaltsburg (or simply Old Kaltsburg) was a Constitutional Monarchy located around 0, -4000, bordering Bloom to the West and Gensokyo to the South-East. The Kingdom's architecture is inspired by Central and French architecture from the 19th Century and its naming system is in German. It was a member of the United Northern Congress. On the 21st of November it was officially disbanded by the King as player activity plummeted. It was later re-established in December as a Principality.


The new capital Die Hauptstadt at night


Kaltsburg was founded by deyan on the 18th of August 2018, shortly after his arrival on the server. He first settled in what is now known as Kaltstadt. A bit later on the first Prime Minister nokiababy joined. They first cultivated the lands right outside the capital and started constructing the road. On the next day Edelburg was built as a seat of the Royalty. Later on 3 more members joined whilst the first 2 were starting to remove the Hafen Mountain. It was a project that aimed at flatting out the highest mountain in the country with the intention of creating more land for farms and a town (Hafenstadt).

The King's personal castle Edelschloss

The First Days and the Hafen Project

Started on the 19th of August 2018 it took the Kaltsburgers 4 days to entirely remove the last rocks of the Hafen Mountain. Most of the digging was done with stone shovels and iron pickaxes as mining out the mountain was the biggest priority of the country and nobody went to mine for diamonds. Kaltsburgers take pride in the project as it proved their productivity and dedication. When the mountain was halfway gone Hafenstadt was established and housed many of the new members. The Romans came on the 22nd of August and helped build many factories in the factory building of Hafenstadt.


After completely removing the Hafen mountain, the principality focused more on developing the land all around. Every settlement was connected by road by now and light up with torches. Building was booming and the grass was greener than ever for the Kaltsburgers. By the King's initiative, the Kaltsburg Games were planned to be held on the 27th of August in a settlement especially designed for the games Spielen. Many nations had agreed to participate but the games were kept secret. The King also enjoyed spending hours in the Brewery in Hafenstadt, in which he would produce many tasty drinks. The first railway was established from Kaltstadt to Hafenstadt, which helped cutting the travel time between the political capital and the economic one. A colony was established a few thousand blocks away from the mainland, with the purpose of acquiring new land for farming wood, apples and wheat. Parliament was formally established and the first elections were to be held on the 31st of August between the Kaltsburg Freedom Party and the Royalist Kaltsburg Party.

The Great Terror

On the 28th and the 29th of August Kaltsburg suffered multiple terrorist attacks in which reinforced obsidian was placed in many places around the country. The devastation was too much to be cleaned up so Kaltsburgers decided it was best to move to its former colony Neue-Kaltsburg. They kept the same government and constitution as before and most citizens moved to the new capital Die Hauptstadt.


Neue-Kaltsburg was established as a small colony at the end of August and after the great griefing of Old Kaltsburg, Kaltsburgers moved there. After moving there many more members were recruited, excited about the fresh new Principality. On the 31st hours after the First National Elections of Kaltsburg the Principality was elevated to a Kingdom following a ceremony with the new Prime-Minister K_WilhelmII the former PM nokiababy and the now King deyan.

A few weeks after the election the King formally abolished the institution of Parliament in favor of the Royal Council in which only nobles (or people chosen by the King) are allowed to participate.

The Kingdom has now connected multiple towns by either rail or road. Architecture and building are booming once again. Kaltsburg has also been improving its relations with its neighbors, mostly with Bloom with which a Friendship Treaty is in the works, many bridges are planned to be build along the Donau (the border river between the two nations) and a rail connecting their two capitals.

In the middle of October, the owner of the Province of Aureus (now Aureuss) willingly joined the Kingdom, expanding its territory for the first time since the migration.



Kaltsburg is a Constitutional Monarchy ruled by King deyan. The second and current (and first elected) Prime-Minister is K_WilhelmII

The Government is concentrated in the capital of Die Hauptstadt.


Flag Name Code Capital Pop.
Bonn BN Bonn 6
Die Hauptstadt DH - 4
Königsland KL Königssstadt 1
Niederburg NB Niederburg 2


These are administrative areas of the Kingdom that hold no permanent population.

Flag Name Code
Coburg CB
Donau-Kassel DK
Donau-Wolden DW
Mittelland ML
Norden NR
Ost-Rheinland OR
Süd-Rheinland SR

West-Rheinland WR

Waldgebiet WB

Line of succession

Domestic political entities of the Kingdom.

If it happens so the King abdicates the people to inherit the Kingdom are in like like this:

deyan (The King) -> K_WilhelmII (current Crown Prince) -> Bahhamut (Prince)

Royal Council

The Royal Council consists of nobles (usually the head of one of the states) appointed by the King. It votes on laws and decisions that are not in the King's de facto legal reach of authority. The King may also grant the title of Berater to trusted citizens (who are not nobles), which in turn can also participate in the council.

Current Royal Council

Name State Title
deyan KB König
K_WilhelmII DH Kronprinz
nokiababy DH Berater
HobbelJesse NB Graf
Bahhamut BN Herzog



The Principality's main production was wheat from the many farms in the country. The production became so much the Prince started looking to give away the lands of the farms to new members so they can more efficiently collect the yield.

The Kingdom will soon finish its production line for XP, which the country plans to export.


The Kingdom is home to the following Companies:

  • Royal Hafen Brewery (est. August 2018)

Named after the first brewery of Kaltsburg, which was in the Old town of Hafenstadt. There are plans to re-establish the company in Königsstadt.

  • Kaltsburg Royal Mapping Company (est. September 2018)
Logo of the Kaltsburg Trading Company

Responsible for domestic political, terrain and infrastructure maps of the Kingdom.

  • Royal Kaltsburg Rail Company (est. October 2018)

Responsible for all of the rail connections of the Kingdom.

  • Kaltsburg Trading Company

A proposed company that is not yet in business. Its point will be to establish small trading posts/ports in neighboring (and beyond) countries with the point of selling the Kingdom's produce.


Location and Climate

Located around 0, -4000, the Kingdom's core is a forest biome, whilst a Savannah and Extreme Hills exist in the North-East and North-West respectively. It is bordered by the Bloom to the West, Tvtopia to the South-West and Gensokyo in the South. The Kingdom's relatively isolated location has been both a blessing and a curse for the populace. Used to having a direct railway to Mount Augusta, now Kaltsburgers find trade and transport way harder, but feel rather safe, especially with its friendly neighbors.
The Old Government building in Kaltstadt