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Republic of Luxem
Flag of Luxem "The Maltese Cross"
Part ofFederal Socialist Republics
Population~6 at one point
RegionNortheast quadrant
GovernmentProletarian Dictatorship
Foundation DateMarch 2015
Annexation and ReestablishmentOctober 2015

Luxem was a republic of the Federal Socialist Republics in the Northeast Quadrant (+,-) on Civcraft 2.0. Luxem City lies near to the FSR-HKE border, upon an isthmus between the rivers Lux and Tenebris, approximately 1.5km ENE of Sunder and 6km ESE of New Leningrad.

Luxem was founded in March 2015 under then-Foreign Minister PestilentEdge. Following inactivity throughout the summer of 2015, Luxem was revived and reformed under their new constitution in October 2015. Now a full member of the Federal Socialist Republics, Luxem enjoys peace and solitude while continuing to contribute to the livelihood of the FSR and her allies.


Under construction


Luxem shares an international border with both the HKE (Grundeswald) and Sunder along the River Tenebris, and shares FSR internal borders with the districts of Pantograd and Proxima. The entirety of the Luxem SSR territory consists of broad plains and river biomes, though foresting efforts have begun around the Blackwald Logging Camp in the region's east.

Luxem City

Provincial Luxem

The plains surrounding Luxem are home to a number of primary industry facilities supporting the continued development of the Luxem SSR.

Echo Ravine Mines

The Echo Ravine Mining Camp is located along the west branch of the FSR highway approximately 800m west of Luxem City's North Gate. The mines produce iron, diamond and gold ores as well as bulk stone to fill the republic's coffers. The mining tunnels stretch for kilometres underneath Luxem's plains and are serviced by both a highway connection and a direct rail link to Luxem's storage facilities. The mining camp is one of the first stops for new residents of Luxem seeking to prove their worth to the state.

Blackwald Forest

The Blackwald Forest has recently bloomed into life in the eastern reaches of the Luxem Highlands. At the centre lies the Blackwald Logging Camp, constantly producing oak logs, planks and wood products for the state. The logging camp is serviced by a direct road from Luxem's East Gate and a direct freight rail link to Luxem's storage facilities. Along with the Ironscar mines, Blackwald Logging Camp is one of the first stops for new residents of Luxem seeking to prove their worth. The forest itself is also the main source of mushroom cultivation for the Luxem SSR and the East FSR as a whole.

Lux River Plantations

The Lux River Plantations are situated along the South Bank of the Lux River just east of Luxem City. The plantations provide Luxem with a local source of cane sugar for food and reed paper for the creation of glorious FSR propaganda. The plantations are serviced by a direct road from Luxem's East Gate as well as a direct freight rail link into Luxem's storage facilities.


Under construction


Under construction


Luxem is connected to the Federal Socialist Republic Overland Highway Network, directly linking to Pantograd and the Eastern Farms. FSR Infrastructure workers are currently planning an extension of the FSR rail lines to incorporate Luxem with the Rail network. The closest nether factory to Luxem is located in nearby Sunder, and Luxem's membership of the FSR allows citizens access to the normally private city.



All three branches of Luxem government are led by the Governor, who is appointed by the Central Committee of the Worker's Party of the FSR. The Governor serves as speaker and chairman of the Luxem Soviet (legislative and judiciary) as well as the leader of the People's Council (executive). The Luxem Soviet has the right to make a recommendation to the Central Committee, but they are not required to follow it. The Governor has no limit to the length of their term, and may only by removed from office by resignation or being recalled and replaced by the Central Committee.

Luxem Soviet

The Luxem Soviet is the legislative and judiciary body

People's Council