Revolutionary Confederation

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Revolutionary Confederation
Revolutionaire Confederatie
Capital cityAmsterdam
• Leader
Foundation dateJune 2018?
Succeeded byWallachia
  • English
  • Dutch
IdeologyCommunism (unsure)

The Revolutionary Confederation, or RevCon, was a small and short-lived nation which existed in the -,- region in mid-2018. The nation was led by Vajra and the capital city was Amsterdam (also known as Mokum, a Yiddish name for the real-life city of Amsterdam).

Little is publicly known about the nation save for a single online poll where, in June 2018, the Revolutionary Confederacy ranked 96th out of 151 settlements for notability - placing higher than Pacem at the time. CCMap also attests to the existence of the Revolutionary Confederacy. Other information comes from the recollection of Lusitan citizens, Discord conversations between Vajra and Metriximor, and the study of the ruins the nation left behind.

Amsterdam in the RevCon period, June 2018.

Since private chests from this period were labelled in Dutch, we can deduce that citizens of the Revolutionary Confederation spoke Dutch amongst themselves. Considering the name of the nation, the names of settlements such as Chomsky Island, and signs left behind by RevCon members, we can also surmise that the Revolutionary Confederacy adhered to a communist or radical socialist ideology. Life in the Revolutionary Confederacy appears to have been quite simple. Most stored items were harvested locally for the construction or decoration of Amsterdam, with Vajra stating that he hoped to 'realistically develop land in an artistic manner'. The nation's flag has yet to be discovered.

The nation was inactive by September 2018, when its territory was claimed by the Principality of Wallachia.

A sign from Chomsky Island. Translated, it reads 'This island is territory of New Revolution City.'