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Beretia is a nation located in the -,+ quadrant. It is a theocracy who's current leader is Elioto8, who is also the leader of Beretism


Beretia was started on the 10th of October, 2020 in the cavern below Airhaven. After sufficiently lighting up the area where the main town was planned to be and nearly setting the place on fire due to a blaze spawner, Elioto8 began construction on a church. The church was constructed similarly to St. Patrick's church in New York City in homage to a scene from Beneath the Planet of the Apes.

On the 10th of November, 2020 Beretia claimed the town of Airhaven and the area around it.[1] This was granted by the owner of Airhaven with the promise that no buildings in the town would be disturbed.

On The 16th of December, 2020 Elioto8 noticed that the town of Agir was in Yoahtlan territory. Not wanting conflict in the future, he looked for someone to contact in Resimere. Once contact was made with the baron, they decided that the city of Agir would be moved directly under the city of Airhaven, and that the Resimerians would help with the move.

Beretism (or the Church of Beret)


Redberet is a youtuber from Latvia who has a small, but dedicated, amount of followers.[2] Similar to other monotheistic religions, Beretism holds the belief that the creator of the world is one god, Redberet.


Similar to Christianity, the Church of Beret creates missions across the world in the goal of spreading the religion.

The first mission was made in Icenia on the November 18th, 2020. It was dubbed "Misson de los Arcos" due to it's many arches.

Vaqueros and Vaquero Supremes

Much like cowboys, the people in charge of the missions guide people towards following Beretism. Elioto8 saw this, and dubbed them "Vaqueros". While Vaqueros are in charge of missions, each mission is constructed in the name of a "Vaquero Supreme". Vaquero Supremes function similar to saints in Catholicism. They were chosen by Redberet and each is the patron of something. Each one has a block that represents them.

Current list of Vaquero Supremes:

  • SomethingAbout, patron of rejects. Block is gravel. Their mission is yet to be built.
  • Azura, patron of hugs. Block is purple wool. Their mission is yet to be built.
  • Bread, patron of farming. Block is hay. Their mission is yet to be built.
  • Retrolous, patron of nature. Block is grass block. Their mission is yet to be built.
  • Zumokachiz, patron of archipelagos. Block is prismarine block. Their mission is yet to be built.

Book of Beret

The Book of Beret are the religious books of Beretism. They are written by Elioto8 as a message to the Beretians of Redberet's rules and of guidance. There are currently 3 Books of Beret and there are several copies in circulation throughout the world.

Religious Rules

While few, the rules of Beretism are strict. Those who practice Beretism are required to wear red leather hats when not in combat. If red hats are not available, they must be top priority to obtain. They are also required to kill bats on sight and to feed foxes.

Foreign Relations

To be filled in