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Batavia (formaly known as Koninkrijk der Bataven) is a small kingdom in +,+ quadrant. Led by king Fire1Eater.
Koninkrijk der Bataven
Location2366, 3920
Activity levelMedium
Capital cityBatavia
• King
• War king
• High priest
Foundation dateseptember the 1st 2018
LanguageDutch, English


The beginnings

The Batavian Mountains still untouched

On augustus the 30th 2018 high priest Potelos was first to stumble upon the land and declared it holy land for the citizens. A day later king Fire1Eater and war king Thorgon were crowned and the nation ‘Koninkrijk der Bataven’ was officially founded. The crowning was not recognized by the high priest. Because it was not preformed in a church. But he did recognize the leadership of the kings. In the following weeks a tunnel was dug from the bay in the north to a mining site deep underground. On top of the mountains a Farm, a cobble stonewall allong the mountains ridges and a small house were built. The bay was expanded to make room for housing and a harbor. For some time The king considered building the city in the large excavated mining site. But in a debate with high priest Potelos and war king Thorgon it was decided that the city was going to be build on top of the snowy mountains. The high priest was very fond with this outcome. ‘So the citzens will be closer to god.’ are the first words he said after the debate.

Odresh annexation

After some time abroad and low activity. High priest Potelos and King Fire1Eater discovered a castle on the mountains. Taking a large portion of the small kingdoms land. The king discovered that Batavia was annexed by Odresh and that they build the castle. For a short period of time there were rumors of a war between Odresh and Batavia. But after some silence from the king he told the citizens that it was his own fault that Batavia was annexed because he missed a message from the leader of odresh crusher6581 asking to buy land. Because the king never responded Odresh assumed Batavia was inactive. To resolve the issue a treaty was signed between Batavia and Odresh. Making Batavia a self governing state within Odresh. Under the conditions that the citizens of Batavia obey Odresh law but Batavia can make its own laws, Odresh citizens can use the farms and that Odresh keeps the castle. Many citizens were not happy about this which resulted into minor treaty infringements by some of the citizens. To evade Odresh law 2 citizens left Batavia to start a Batavian colony.

Further city expansion and Yoahtl

Batavia as seen from the jesus statue 22-12-2020
A map of Batavia 19-12-2020

The farms were expanded when the king and high priest returned. And a wind windmill to pump water out of the mine. Also housing for the high priest and war king were built. The long awaited church was built after destroying a house that was built by an unknown person in a mountain and digging away the mountain as well. The church was built to officially crown the two kings. But the high priest only wanted the crown the kings if Batavia would be independent. Odresh informed Batavia that they will join Yoahtl and become a province of Yoahtl. Batavia choose not to join Yoahtl because the citzens were afraid that chance to become independent one day would be even slimmer then before.


On 16th of december 2020 Crusher6581 asked king Fire1Eater if Batavia wanted independence. Which the king immediately accepted. In celebration a statue of jesus was built that was finished on 19th of december 2020.


They have created Batavia (CivUniverse).