Free City of Arlington

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This article is about the CivClassics nation. For other nations named Arlington, see Arlington (disambiguation).

Free City of Arlington (English) / Liberurbo de Arlintono (Esperanto)
Activity levelDefunct
Capital cityN/A
TerritoriesThe island at 900,800
Succeeded byAstonia
LanguageEnglish, Esperanto

Arlington was an Island in the northern +,+ of CivClassics that also played host to a one day long claim by Astonia, and a short-lived one-man nation run by SinjoroJoCrafter during the year 2019.

Early History of the Island

The island was called Arlington as early as July 23rd, 2019 when SinjoroJoCrafter posted on the subreddit that they were claiming the island. The post garnered some angry comments about alleged land theft from Adina.[1] The next day Astonia made a post announcing that they were unclaiming the island, with said post receiving mildly negative reactions.[2]

History of Arlington

Arlington was a small one-man nation in the northern +,+ founded by SinjoroJoCrafter on November 3rd, 2019.[3] It was met with mixed reactions on the subreddit.[4] They claimed the island at 900, 800, west of where the First State of Astonia was based.[5] Based on CCMap data nothing major seems to have been built there. It was dissolved on November 22nd, 2019, only 19 days after being founded making it one of the shortest lived states in Civclassics history.[6] It's dissolution was also met with mixed reactions on the subreddit.[7] It appears on the November and December 2019 claim maps.