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AllianceAugustan Federation (CivClassic 2.0)
Capital cityIria City
Foundation dateEarly 2013 (11 years ago)
Motto"Right Conquers Might"

Iria is a nation in the Civcraft series of servers. In its current iteration, Iria is a CivMC nation located in the Northeast (+,-). Iria's history dates back from 2013, making it one of the longest-surviving nations in the genre.



"A friendly and peaceful town with unique natural surroundings. Iria is often recognized for their hospitality and regard for their natural environment."[1] — ofUnknown

Founding and the Corum Years (Early 2013)

Lottosprayer and HorizonLeap founded Iria in 2.0 and were soon joined by Wolf. Iria grew quickly and greatly benefited from trade. However the release of greifers from the Valkyria vault led to the decline of the Corum region Iria was situated in. Though Iria's allies may have fallen Iria kept growing. Soon the nearby Kilfordshire was annexed.

The Post-Corum Years (Mid 2013)

A map of Iria from Civcraft 2.0.

In mid 2013 this growth came to an end. Lottosprayer, the designer of Iria's -and one of the servers-largest structures, a giant cathedral, quit. This symbolic failure corresponded with an ineffective council and eventually Iria saw its darkest hours. INF raiders occupied the town, pearled citizens and destroyed most wealth.

The Revival Years (Early 2014)

After stagnation and inactivity in Late 2013 an "Iria Restoration Committee" was created. Iria grew less isolated as nearby towns were revived or created. Even the cathedral was torn down by owner and rebuilt. Iria continued to trade, helping supply the (doomed) HCF assualt on River's End.

The Renaissance Years (Mid 2014)

Irians gather on the steps

The NEA is created, uniting Iria with Fellowship, Garundistan, Bryn and others.

Iria Will Burn: The BMB War (mid-late 2014)

In mid-2014, Iria had a modestly large population, and a strong local economy. Then, a raiding gang who called themselves "The BMB" entered the picture. While poorly armed, they had large numbers. Their tactic of lighting everything in sight on fire was also devastating for Iria, which extensively used flammable wood materials in house construction. The recently completed Providence district of Iria mostly burned to the ground. Many Irians fled, with prominent Irian citizens Tamblers, Fraelyn and Michael leaving to start a new town under Iria that would become known as Sunder. Those who remained were determined, and one Irian, CD, famously put a sign outside house house that read “BMB proof”. The BMB continued to strike Iria, and left signs of their own, placing many signs threatening Iria with messages such as “Iria will burn.” Eventually the BMB were defeated and their base, Stormgarde, was destroyed. The Irians who remained came together to rebuild form the ashes. Many moons later, travelers would still report finding the odd “Iria will burn” sign in the forests and mountains around Iria.

The Eagle Crew War (late 2014)

Sometime after the BMB War, Iria had recovered, and Sunder had become a successful town in its own right. Iria had made friends with an industrious new town in the east, Hjaltland and a new PVPer had moved to Iria named deadkind, who had brought a small band of mercenaries with him, and started an army within Iria. The mercenaries resided in Greenville, a new district of Iria south of the Iria City that had been designed by OfUnknown. A new raider threat emerged, lead by two raiders named Eagle_Girl and Lysika_Lantariel, they began attacking Iria on a nightly basis, and our ally to the south, Fellowship. Unfortunately deadkind was nowhere to be found. But new fighters within Iria and Fellowship such as Jumpysnake and BlackXnt helped protect the town, reducing losses. As Eagle and Lysika enlarged their posse and began hitting new towns and even vaults, Irians remained active in guerrilla attacks against the raiders, particularly a new Irian, TangentialThreat. There were battles in many places, including the snow plains east of Weldon, and Lindor Island, a trading partner of Iria's, located next to Hjaltland. As Eagle Crew increased their power they set up a vault, which Iria snitched. Tangent, Jumpysnake, Tamblers, Fraelyn and the leader of Hjaltland, BlueSylvaer, launched a guerrilla attack against Eagle_Girl and an accomplice, trapping her in a fall trap. While her accomplice was killed, Eagle escaped using ingenious tactics. There was also a diplomatic crisis in this period, when Sintralin - the leader of Fellowship and Chair of the NEA was suspected of being complicit in the Eagle crew attacks. Eventually Marfinator, a member of Eagle Crew was pearled. The attacks on Iria and Fellowship stopped. Later that week Eagle_Crew were seen heading to Aran to meet up with ex ReCharge members - the following month the America HCF invasion began, left by Eagle Girl and Lysika Lantariel. Sometime through the invasion it was revealed that Lysika_Lantariel was in fact Deadkind.

A map of Iria in Devoted 3.0.

The Next Generation

Iria was among the states who migrated from Devoted, with the large majority of Devoted Irians joining Iria on CivClassics. Migrants included Bella, Anon, LadyKat, Retyu, 7Tys7, ElementKZ, PopKoren (aka x3pnZ). Some went to other states, including John3112. Some, including Wolfeyes, were lost in the shuffle, and disappeared. PopKoren, a former Almuj refugee, was the only one left who had been a member of Iria during Civcraft 2.0. A new generation was now leading Iria, but they very much retained the spirit and values of their forefathers.

Exodus From Normandy

They would also face similar challenges. Initially, Iria set up in a redwood forest in the shallow plus minus. The Irians named this settlement Normandy. However land was tightly contested in this area, and not all neighbors were particularly neighborly. Normandy was raided. In a difficult discussion, the Irians decided they should flee their fleeting homeland for greener pastures. The scouting process began, and eventually a location in the deep plus minus was selected. The new home of the Irians was a chain of small and diverse islands, which would be hospitable for XP production. It was also nearby the town in which friend of Iria John3112 had settled, Anguish. The outlying jungle of Aynor was settled by ElementKZ.

A Productive Isolation

New XP farms were created and the old expanded as daily life became a rush to find the next limiting factor. The domestic rail station was constructed and the rail network expanded. The new generation of Irians built infrastructure that Civ 2.0 Irians could have only dreamed of. Yet, all was not well in Iria. The town lusted for an identity, yet found none. Irian flags were not adorned on houses. There was virtually no trade, no diplomacy. Iria had no formal relations with any state, including their neighbor Anguish. The core group of Irians remained strong, but Iria did not attract newfriends. The lone newfriend who Iria did attract was pearled by Anguish when they unwittingly entered Anguish territory during the Somber War.

Nationalism Lifts Iria

In late December, a new breed of Nationalism swept Iria as returning Devoted Irian Squareblob began posting Irian memes. Squareblob inspired wolfeyes to return in a limited capacity, and other Civcraft Irians (Gobblin, Greenble, PointyBagels) also returned. Iria also managed to recruit a few newfriends, including one who would turn out to be particularly productive. XP production accelerated, as did construction of buildings, aided by Gobblin's architectural skills. Iria also emerged from isolated, conducting trade with Mount Augusta, and establishing formal diplomatic relations with their old ally and once again neighbor Garundistan. The Irian flag was proudly raised over many buildings, including a new town hall constructed by Gobblin.

Contemporary Iria

Iria as of June 2019

Iria's main island is a collection of 3 mesa plateua biomes and a sunflower plains that acts as a valley dividing 2 of the plateaus.

The Housing District

Iria's main island is divided into 2 districts, each with it's distinct path colour. The most southern district is most commonly known as the housing district, this is Iria's most orderly district with the most notable builds being: Retyu's house, The Irian history museum and an Order of Saint Marcus lodge.

The Defem monument and the text with it.

The Market District

Originally this part of the island was supposed to contain shops. But instead it was used to give new players more freedom by allowing them to build their own houses. notably the only shop in the market district is still as of july 2019 the terracotta store. other notable builds include: The national railstation, Wolfsteels's house, Ofunkown's temple and a monument to the civcraft 3.0 state of Defem and it's judicious leader, Cheesebubbles.

Iria's Internation Rail Station

Irian international rail before roof construction

Inside an ice cavern under new Iria lays the International rail station, also known as the servers biggest rail station. It was designed by Retyu, Iria's main builder at the time. Construction of the rail station proved difficult, undertaking such a large project was no easy task and several spikes of inactivity caused the project to be delayed even more. However, after a lot of hard work, the Rail station is now mostly complete with only a few construction task remaining.