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The Province of Hallow
The greater coat of arms of the Free Democratic People's Republic of Hallow.

Motto: "The people's voice is the voice of God"

National Anthem "Eli is a Nazi"
Capital CityHallow
Government Former Direct democracy (Eligible voters: HanTzu)
Re-OrganizedNovember 5th, 2020

Hallow was a nation on CivClassic, founded approximately around the month of August, 2018 by HanTzu. Hallows historical roots stem from Civcraft 2.0, with a mix of players from both Titan and Chanada.

In the aftermath of the NATO-Mir war, Hallow would be dissolved, and then occupied by Columbia.

Due to the reputation of HanTzu from the Titan war, many players became suspicious of the nation in its youth as a front for another world war and/or HCF invasion, as alts had scouted the area and found evidence of a vault under construction. Frequently assumed alt accounts scouting, raiding, and imminent threats from other nations would push Hallow to reach out to other nations in the general area to assure its survival.

Hallow was a founding, and influential member of both the FRIENDS and NATO alliances.

Original, and core players

  •     BrunoTheMiner
  •     Cloud
  •     Centipede777
  •     Camokool
  •     Daddo69
  •     Dook
  •     Eli
  • Flushy
  •     Greenkitten
  •     HanTzu
  •     Kaboose
  •     Maxmaxm
  •     Neko
  •     Prioma
  •     Rene
  •     Reiko
  •     Rakkwal
  •     Sgt_Munter
  •     TB
  •     Woj