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For the same nation during the period of the Kro'ev Exile, read The Kingdom of Kaga

the Realm of Krohil
Activity levelN/A
Capital city
  • Kryushro/Kro'ushro (CivClassic)
  • Kaga (during the exile on CivClassic)
  • Ila'Kryushro (CivMC)
GovernmentSocialist Republic
• Zhreg
Preceded byThe Kingdom of Kaga
Succeeded byThe Kingdom of Kaga
LanguageKro'ev, English
IdeologyKro'ev National Communism
National anthemThe Red March

Krohil, officially referred to as the Krohil Vromejoghu (Realm of Krohil) or the Empire of Krohil was a nation founded in late May 2020 by Khardbass. Initially part of Caesar's Legion, under the name of Ila'Korhil Aroyetre Krea'se Vromejoghu ( the Ever-Expanding State of the New Krohil ), also refered to as the State of Kro'meagh, it went on to become the brief hegemon of Nro'meagh after the Kro'ev War against hostile Jevoghnya. Soon after the war, the crimes committed in the name of the Kro'ev revival led to their exile, away from their ancestral lands, in what is dubbed the Long March. After first settling in Hvalsey, Vinland, they would go on to re-populate Kaga, near Adina. The nation of Kro'meagh is one of the most controversial chapters of Nro'meagh'ev history. Their methods, actions and behaviour has been seen as disruptive towards the community, including the obby-bombing of the town of Boria, which had close ties to Jevoghnya, along with their ultra-nationalistic and revisionist view against Jevoghnya led to wide-spread contempt against the rogue state.

It is important to note that there are two nations that have used the name of Krohil during their existence. The first one, referred on this page as the Old Krohil, was the common ancestor nation of the present-day Krohil and the city of Jevoghnya. The second one is the present-day Krohil, that for the sake of simplicity shall be referred to as such.




The Tuva Plains and the Kro river have been great lands for settlements since the ancient times. Mysterious people lived in its northern parts, but their name is unknown. After they faded away, the ones who would form Krohil came to be, settling around the town of Kro'ushro. They were led by the Zhreg, a hereditary monarch, and they expanded across the Kro, which they regarded sacred. They formed the empire of Krohil. During these times, a dynastic crisis would make the twin brother of the Zhreg at that time go down the river and found Kriavnya. They kept amicable relations. Krohil would fall after several internal conflicts with causes only remembered by the wise men of Jevoghnya, the other great town that was part of Krohil.

They would go down on separate ways, and the fall of Krohil would prompt the twin cities to unite under the Confederation of Kro'ushro, also known as the Kro'ev Confederation. Crisis would strike it as well as Kro'ushro sought to gain control of Kriavnya, but failed. The towns would part ways. Settlers from Kro'ushro founded the town of Kroyhra, later called Flagstaff during this time, becoming known for its great farms. Kriavnya would establish to lands far away such as Adina. Kroyhra and Kro'ushro fought a deadly war for the former's independence, after which Kro'ushro fell into decline. The once great city was no more than a market town on the road from Kroyhra to Kriavnya and down to Jevoghnya. There, the Zhreg of Kro'ushro would welcome the Jevo'yev as their overlords, who would become the new hegemons of the Tuva Plains. The memory of the ancestral times was not lost as those who sought to see Krohil rise again gathered in Kroyhra, joining with the one called as Caesar and his Legion. A pact was signed between those two.

Kro'ushro would become no more than a village and a colony for Jevoghnya during this time, as they based a part of their agricultural production here. By now it would become known as Kryuhsro, regarded by the Kro'ev romanticists as a sign of the dark ages they were living in.

The Legion War

The Legion gained control of Kroyhra, re-named to Flagstaff to mark the dawn of their rule. Soon, Kryushro fell as well, while Kriavnya turned to them for protection, becoming part of them as well. While not a Kro'ev movement itself, it quickly became popular within them, especially after Caesar claimed successorship from the Old Krohil. Vujanya and Jevoghnya soon followed, and eventually the desert tribes to the West were subdued. Within the Legion's ranks, the one referred to as Kyarvas came to wage war against Threlkeld and Boria against the old fortress of the Kro'ev, Arrakeen, in the Sunset Desert. The dispute was settled with him receiving rule of Kyavul. Later, he would return to his lands and take hold of the old Kro'ev towns, basing from Flagstaff, which was expanded. The town of Kryushro, now its capital, was planned to become a marvelous city and a formidable fortress.

Rise and Fall

During its heyday, the IAKV would scout the +,+ for expansion, settling in Dith, Kaga and present-day Daedalus. Remains from those days include the reconstruced fort from Dithsmarschen, the rail from Terestai to Kaga, factories in towns like Dithsmarschen, Terestai and Kaga, and several buildings from Kaga. Native aggression would end the Dith colony, while Kaga would become the new Kro'ev home after the Exile, when a larger conspiracy aimed to lead to the secession of the IAKV from the Legion for Pacem protection was revealed. The affair would lead to an all-out attack on the Kro'ev state, that most of them chose to leave in the face of danger. The Exile would lead them across the Vinland Sea, to Hvalsey and then to Kaga .

The Exile

During this period, the IAKV formed the The Kingdom of Kaga. With the IAKV still at the lead, it refurbished the town, expanded its farms and planned a revamped rail station. Unrest grew as the IAKV led the Kro'ev into what proved to be their darkest age. A new communist movement came to existence, the People's Front of Krohil. It soon took over most of Krohil and eventually took power. Soon, they made peace with Nro'meagh and returned home.

A new Krohil

The new state was recalled into simply the Realm of Krohil, with the position of Zhreg being kept but under a reformed role as the new Workers' Party of Krohil came to power. The title went to Tukidoki, and he would lead Krohil into reunification with Jevoghnya, ending the divide since the days of Old Krohil. This was also possible due to the commonalities in their ideology. Eventually, Zhreg Tukidoki would step down and soon after CivClassics would come to an end.


The Ever-Expanding Realm of Ila'Krohil

Ila'Krohil Aroyetre Krea'se Vromejoghu
  • EERI (Eng)
  • IAKV (Kro'ev)
FoundedMay 2020
Membership5 ( in June 2020 )
  • Kro'ev Revivalism
  • Ultranationalism
  • State Capitalism
Political positionFourth Political Theory
SloganFor Zhreg and Krohil !
AnthemKrohil Stands Above the World
Party flag

During the early days of the Legion, more and more Kro'ev would gather as they longed for a return of their glory days. Formed under Legion member Khardbass, the IAKV was following Kro'ev Revivalism, an ultranationalist, corporatist, revanchist movement that wanted a return of the old Krohil. It would succeed into its goals, but it would come under attack for its actions and a proposal for it to become a protectorate of Panem in exchange for separation from Nro'meagh. It would lead the Kro'ev Exile, settling in Kaga. There, it was overthrown after a while by the Exiles, who would reconcile with Nro'meagh and return home. Its legacy remains controversial, as its massive industrial programs and the restoration of Krohil are remembered by many.

Their ideology promoted an imperialist worldview, with their ambition being a colonial empire that would include former Vinland, all of Dithsmarschen, Kaga, Ossenkirch and extert influence over Ashelor and Adina. They funded large industrialization programs, such as the Kroyhra farms and roads and rails to connect the emerging empire. They accomplished a part of their goals, however. They established ties with the new nation of Krondonia, settle in Hvalsey, Dithsmarschen and Kaga. They would begin settling in Dithsmarschen, now called Didjyetre, planning farms and bunkers. A rail was built from Terestai to the city of Kaga, which was going to be the capital of the new empire. They would also expand towards the islands Vinland held in ancient Vitelia. However, Adina would receive it negatively, leading to a conflict that led to Kro'ev withdrawal from Didjyetre. The empire would be killed in its infancy as the Kro'ev Exile began, with Kaga remaining as the new capital of the Kro'ev, but not of an empire, but rather of a rump state.

The IAKV developed extensive plans of colonization. Krivanya was to become a massive industrial center and the new economical capital. Kryushro was to be rebuilt with massive walls surrounding it, where a government center would be built, along with commercial districts and a great rail station. The Tuva plains were to become XP farming fields, managed from Kroyhra. Vinland and Didjyetre were to become XP farming areas as well, while Kaga and the town of Didjyetre were to become new towns. Kaga was to be entrenched, host an XP exchange and a massive shop, akin to CivCorp. An extensive railway network was to connect all these. However, it is to be noted such plans were unfeasable due to the lack of Kro'ev manpower and the hostility of other nations towards such aggressive expansion.


Workers' Party of Krohil

AbbreviationWPK (Eng)
FoundedMarch 2022
IdeologyNational Communism
Political positionFar-left
SloganWorkers of all countries, unite !
AnthemThe Internationale

In the last days of the First Age, as the world was tearing itself apart, the forgotten widsom of the Kro'ev was looked upon once again. Government teams brought to the Anti-Tower the dying mages from their huts high up in the hills next to Kryushro. Ancient spells were spoken after centuries, as the people of the Kro gathered as one, united in faith. At last, the portal emerged. A ray emerged from the Anti-Tower, up in the skies. As the fabric of the world was tearing itself apart, scouts were sent to report on the other side. A new world was there. Green pastures, clear skies, and no one to stand against them. And so forth they walked through the portal to the new world, marking the dawn of the Second Age and the end of the First. - The Chronicle of the First Age

As the Kro'ev settled into the new world of CivMC, they made peace with the other nations of Old Nro'meagh, forming the nation of Ila'Kyavul. The new nation is a highly autonomous nation, following the ideology of Kro'ev National Communism.