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For the same nation during the period of the Kro'ev Exile, read Kaga

the Realm of Krohil
Flag of Krohil
Capital CityKyushro ( May 2020 - June 2020, April 2021 - present )
Kaga ( June 2020 - April 2021 )
GovernmentAutocracy ( de facto )
ZhregKiWi ( acting )
Khardbass ( officially )
FoundedMay 2020 (Kro'meagh)

July 2020 ( Holy Kingdom of Kaga )

April 2021 (Empire of Krohil)
IdeologyCouncil Communism with Kro'ev characteristics
Locationsouthern Nro'meagh

Krohil, officially referred to as the Krohil Vromejoghu (Realm of Krohil) or the Empire of Krohil is a nation founded in late May 2020 by Khardbass. Initially part of Caesar's Legion, under the name of Ila'Korhil Aroyetre Krea'se Vromejoghu ( the Ever-Expanding State of the New Krohil ), also refered to as the State of Kro'meagh, it went on to become the brief hegemon of Nro'meagh after the Kro'ev War against hostile Jevoghnya. Soon after the war, the crimes committed in the name of the Kro'ev revival led to their exile, away from their ancestral lands, in what is dubbed the Long March. After first settling in Hvalsey, Vinland, they would go on to re-populate Kaga, near Adina. The nation of Kro'meagh is one of the most controversial chapters of Nro'meagh'ev history. Their methods, actions and behaviour has been seen as disruptive towards the community, including the obby-bombing of the town of Boria, which had close ties to Jevoghnya, along with their ultra-nationalistic and revisionist view against Jevoghnya led to wide-spread contempt against the rogue state.

It is important to note that there are two nations that have used the name of Krohil during their existence. The first one, referred on this page as the Old Krohil, was the common ancestor nation of the present-day Krohil and the city of Jevoghnya. The second one is the present-day Krohil, that for the sake of simplicity shall be referred to as such.



The lands of the Kro'ev have never been united under a sole ruler. During ancestral times, the river was ruled by the Old Krohil. After its fall, their southern descendants took the name of Kro'ev. Their first recorded settlement, which stands to this day, is Kryushro, known then as Kro'ushro. Their Zhreg (Rulers) would found the towns of Kriavnya and Kroyhra ( known today as Flagstaff ). Their rule was weak and the peasants of Kro'ushro and Kroyhra rebelled, forming the Kro'ev Confederation. The merchant town of Kriavnya remains led by the descendants of the old Zhreg to this day. The Confederation would go on to become unstable as well, and decades prior to the rise of the IAKV, would welcome the town of Jevoghnya as their overlords. The lands of Kroyhra remained independent, leading to the rise of the movement known as Durajaregh or the Legion, led by the figure known as Caesar. Kro'ushro would become a shade of its former glory, only an agricultural outpost for their Jevokro'ev overlords. By the time the Legion conquest had begun, the town was a mere village surrounded by several farms, out-shined by the port of Kriavnya, which stood independent.

The Legion War

The Legion gained control of Kroyhra, re-named to Flagstaff to mark the dawn of their rule. Soon, Kro'ushro fell as well, while Kriavnya turned to them for protection, becoming part of them as well. While not a Kro'ev movement itself, it quickly became popular within them, especially after Caesar claimed successorship from the Old Krohil. Vujanya and Jevoghnya soon followed, and eventually the desert tribes to the West were subdued. Within the Legion's ranks, the one referred to as Kyarvas came to wage war against Threlkeld and Boria against the old fortress of the Kro'ev, Arrakeen, in the Sunset Desert. The dispute was settled with him receiving rule of Kyavul. Later, he would return to his lands and take hold of the old Kro'ev towns, basing from Flagstaff, which was expanded.


During its heyday, the IAKV would scout the +,+ for expansion, settling in Dith, Kaga and present-day Daedalus. Remains from those days include the reconstruced fort from Dithsmarschen, the rail from Terestai to Kaga, factories in towns like Dithsmarschen, Terestai and Kaga, and several buildings from Kaga. Native aggression would end the Dith colony, while Kaga would become the new Kro'ev home after the Exile, when a larger conspiracy aimed to lead to the secession of the IAKV from the Legion for Pacem protection was revealed. The affair would lead to an all-out attack on the Kro'ev state, that most of them chose to leave in the face of danger. The Exile would lead them across the Vinland Sea, to Hvalsey and then to Kaga .

Present Day

After the Kro'ev exile to Kaga, the Kro'ev swore once again loyalty to Caesar. Having reformed, the IAKV was replaced with the People's Republic of Ila'Krohil, electing Tukidoki as their new Zhreg. They would later declare independence during the downfall of the Legion, reforming the Empire of Krohil under Zhreg KiWi, that now ruled both Old Kro'meagh and Jevoghnya as one state.

The Union would not solidify, and soon enough, the Kro'ev High Council would elect Topher3001 as Zhreg, efectively ending the Union, bringing the Tuva plains under one ruler for the first time since the Zhreganate of Kro'ushro.

Some time later, he would be ousted and KiWi would return to power, now holding over both Krohil and Tophanya, thus ending the ambitions from the days of Zhreg Khardbass.