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Republic of Tungsten
Former flag of the republic of Tungsten
Location-6408, -3176
Capital cityCity of Tungsten
GovernmentCounty of Lusitania (Former Republic)
Governing documentConstitution
• Lord
managed by the monarch of Lusitania
Foundation date3 August 2018[1]
Succeeded by Lusitania
  • English

The county of Tungsten is a part of Lusitania, currently it is managed by the king Metriximor until a suitable lord is selected by the Lusitan Senate and approved by the monarch. Tungsten is mostly uninhabited except for the large oval building comprising the capital of Tungsten and a few farms on the western portions of it, who are shared with Atlantis.

The territory of Tungsten is bordered by Atlantis and the Medi Sea to the south, Leuven to the east and Lusitania proper to the west.



The Republic of Tungsten was inactive as of January 2020. Tungsten was a socialist republic lead by Puhrple[1].


On 14 March 2020[2] Lusitan and Tungsten officials agreed to have Lusitania annex the Tungsten territory so that Lusitania could protect and maintain Tungstenese historical buildings and patrol it's borders from random obby bombers who may cause further damage to the area.

The terms outlined in the treaty[2] were, summarised:

  • The Tungsten territories will become part of Lusitania
  • Lusitania has to take care of existing structures
  • Lusitan authorities must not partake of existing Tungstenese wealth
  • Lusitania must respect the Tungsten cultural identity
  • Tungsten may revoke this treaty after a prior notice

After it became a part of Lusitania, a large overland rail that connected to Portucale and the rest of Lusitania's counties was built across it.


Tungsten is mainly made up of large, flat plains, it sits on the northern shores of the Medi Sea and south of Impasse's Swamp.


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