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Location6605, 5410
Activity levelDefunct
Capital cityDaedalus
SettlementsDaedalus at 6605, 5410; and ? (nether island) at 6300, 6200
Foundation dateThe start of the server
Preceded byNo one
Succeeded byThalassocracy/Vitelia, Vinland and Ossenkirch, Imperial Truidence, Amyr

Daedalus was a nation that was founded near the start of CivClassic 2.0, but publicly announced on August 5th, 2017 by u/Runfatboyrunn due to some raids in the weeks preceding said announcement.[1] They claimed the Isles of Daedalus, and the nether island south of them.[2] It was controlled by the Thalassocracy by August of 2018, and later Vitelia. After the Vitelia-SATO/Mir War the northern part was taken by Vinland and the southern nether islands by Ossenkirch. By at least 2020 the land was held by Imperial Truidence, who didn't do anything of note with it. The land was sold to Amyr on October 20th of 2021.[3]