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Nro'Meagh May 2021.

Nro'meagh is a clan based society, with all clans being fully independent of one another. Clans are permitted to have independent diplomacy with each other and foreign nations, and periodically war with each other. Nro'meagh is a civilization, not a nation.

Guide to Newfriends

Join an existing clan- Current ones that are good for starting are Jevoghnya, Thoria, Hiyomek, Ghodyetre.


Within Nro'meagh, each clan or tribe has their own internal claims and laws. If you want citizenship within one or several, if they even recognize the difference between citizenship, then you must follow that clan's laws. Unclaimed land is also available for anyone to settle, be it for an existing clan, or for a new one. The clans have many conflicts and relations, and it is important to understand them. For example, Legion is very imperialistic and is feared by their neighbors, and Alexandria and Threlkeld had a very love/hate relationship


There are seven clans that make up the area of Nro'meagh, each holding their own territory and distinct infrastructure and culture.


A large and active clan located in the Northeast of Nro'meagh, Alexandria was founded in October 2019. Alexandria focuses primarily on building, trade, and shitposting. It's main economic activities are mining, sugarecane, wood, sand, and vines production. Alexandria is also known as the "City of Vice", with 2 drug companies that are in vigorous competition, and Alexandria exports vast amounts of drugs and alcohol for illicit consumption all over the world. In addition, Alexandria has a "Gentleman's Club", where ladies get to put on "shows" (calling it a strip club is possibly the only crime that might here you pearled in Alexandria). In addition, Alexandria is famed for it's large and prospering market of slaves, and it is the regional center for slaving ever since Pacem banned slavery within it's borders. Alexandria primarily imports xp. Alexandria also has a very controversial build style, with no official build style, so the city looks a bit chaotic, but with some very nice builds. East Alexandria features all the shops in Alexandria, including a bank and two drug shops, with more shops and buildings on the way. The pace of building in Alexandria is extremely rapid, with new buildings going up all the time. Government is an Oligarchic Republic, where a group of very active citizens known as "Electors" act as the legislative branch and elect all the government positions, with elections monthly. Current President is Unsuperior, although that changes every month. Population is about 14, with about 8 being active (As of March 2020). Has alliances with every clan in Nro'meagh except Threlkeld, and also with Adina. After Jevoghnya was conquered by Legion, Alexandria became the oldest independent clan in Nro´meagh. Located at 500x, 8200z

Thoria (D'Jaromu)

Thoria was founded when Threlkeld and Boria united to create one clan and later Forta'are also joined. Thoria primarily focuses on building, trade, xp production and diamond mining. It is currently one of the most active clans and has the biggest military and defensive infrastructure out of the other clans. Thoria is based around Ancient Persia and ruled by the Shahanshah MrCoCo_Cola.


The oldest surviving clan in Nro'meagh, with it's creation from the ashes of the Krohil, and active rejection of their records of their precursors. Recovering far faster than the other Krohil fragments, it had managed to obtain the power of Nro'meagh's cultural capital, and is the political center of the region of Central Nro'meagh.

Though previously under control of Durajáregh, Jevoghnya retained it's government structure, being simply a Post-Krohil Dictatorship, being a method of ruling where the leader can be challenged to a duel at any time, during which each opponent will make their case to a crowd whilst fighting each other, with the mentality being that whoever can keep a cool head and stick to their stances in extremely stressful situations is the best to lead. A few more qualities found in this political system is the extremely high percentage of eunichs who are in leadership positions in Jevoghnya, stemming from an old culture even the Krohil had, though the purpose and reasons have evolved from simply Krohil fear of monarchies.

Jevoghnyev politics is dominated by the Jyelov'Avghodev, a group so influential that it remained nearly untouched by the anti-Krohil reformations, being amongst the very few core aspects that connect Jevoghnya to the Krohil before it.

Jevoghnya is known for it's beautiful cultural buildings, extensive history, and heavy focus on lore. Jevoghnya is also the production site of the world-famous Krohil Brew. A little known fact about Jevoghnya is that the vast majority of it's citizens live underground, and there are vast tunnels of residences and storage space in the mesa on which the town is built. Jevoghnya is a commune, one of the last active communist cities on the server. It is legal to break privately reinforced chests and move the items to communal storage with all resources. Here, the conlang Nro'meagh and much of its culture was formed. Population is five, with active population being four. Avo and Trevor currently lead the Jyelov'Avghodev, and are the front runners in the transition from the old leadership to a proletariat democracy. Its date of founding has been lost to the mists of time. Located at -650x, 7800z.

Legion | Aeviternae Imperium | Durajaregh

A newcomer to the Steppe, already, the Legion owns nearly have of Nro'meagh. That's right, this is none other than Caesar's Legion, led by none other than Caesar himself. Crushing all who come before them, Caesar's Legion believes in Pax per Bellum - Peace through War. They have one goal: The unification and empowerment of Nro'meagh as a whole. With their extensive and profitable diamond mines located near their capital of Flagstaff, they single handedly bought out NYC's entire prot stock to fund their vast army of conquered people's. Already they have forced or bribed into submission the clans of Jevoghnya, Vujanya, Kren'nra Krevul, Nyavinland, Kro'ushro, and Kriav'nya. Caesar's Legion is an authoritarian state run as a dictatorship by Caesar, however, conquered tribes are granted considerable local autonomy. Those leaders who submit are allowed to retain the title of "Proconsul", and life continues as it was before, barring occasional tribute requirements in diamonds and slaves. Those who resist are crushed by the Legion's considerable military might. In addition, the Legion bans drugs and alcohol, possession of which is punishable by crucifixion. Population: about 16, with 14 being active(including the occupied clans)(As of March 2020) Location(Flagstaff): -900x, 8800z.


Led by Topher3001, this tiny clan is one of the few non-legion territories in western Nro'meagh. Other notable residents include thraldrek, ChocChips, Dr Oracle, and ComradeRick. It is allied with Alexandria.

Member of the TIT (Trio of Independent Tribes) including Topha'nya, Threlkeld and Forta'are.


The shitposting capital of Nro'meagh, Vujanya is home to a creature know to some as "DeeDee". Also known as Moderaattori, DeeDee is a terrifying monster indeed. Many a newfriend have gone into Vujanya, only to never return. It is theorized that DeeDee locked them in an underground cavern, and spam pinged them with images of gay sex and big anime titties until they slowly went mad. If you stay a safe distance away (about 1000 blocks) and listen on a dark summer night, you may hear DeeDee screaming "Retard!" followed by "Mad?" into the night. More recently, the Beast of Vujanya has been tempted into joining Legion with promises of diamonds and anime slaves. The Vujanyan army is well renowned, with DeeDee reported to have successfully fought off 5 Tulpa'ev at the same time on one occation. In the rare instances when DeeDee leaves Vujanya, usually in order to go shitpost on the Columbian discord, parties have been formed to inspect Vujanya. To their everlasting suprise, the search party discovered a nice, normal looking town built next to a hill. It looked uncannily normal, with no trace damage from excessive shitposting. However, DeeDee has not left Vujanya in months, primarily due to being banned from Columbia discord. To see more Vujanyan "Culture", please check out the subreddit r/BestofModeraattori


Also known as the IAKV or Kro'meagh in its early days, Ila'Krohil stands as the succesor of the old Krohil. More information here : Krohil

Culture (To Be Completed)


Founding (Beginning of the First Age)

At the close of the Second Okashiman-Ancap War, the Ancaps and Ancap sympathizers were given individual trials. While some were let off, most were imprisoned for a month- it was during this time the Ancaps founded Endaria. After the month imprisonment, they were all sent south to live in the Vinlandic Penal Colony, known as Kabul, where an Ancap who was sypathetic to Okashima ran the colony. Sir Avocado, an ancap sympathizer who cooperated with the Ancaps, quickly fled to found Krohilnra across the river, and declared rivalry against Kabul. This was the pivotal moment for the establishment of the semi-anarchic-clan system, the core ideal of Nro'meagh.


As time passed with little conflict between the clans, Krohilnra would go on to expand the Krohil Clan along the river greatly, developing the towns of Kahrokro, Kro'ushro and Lriln'Kriavnra; all the while, Kabul and Kairo faded, passing the mantle of Hegemony upon Krohil, who attempted their very best to uphold the responsibilities they felt it carried.

Upon feeling confident in the clan's safety from others, Krohil sent their Shilofeev'Avghod, their scholars, to study foreign administrative systems to improve Krohil, and Nro'meagh as a whole. While they did not find much that wasn't already theoretically discussed at home, a small group studying in Annwyn experienced the Annwyn-Nyasaland separation.

With the experiences of the Shilofeev'Avghod returning home with them, Krohil internally debated about whether unification with Vinland should be on the table, as they shared very similar goals and ideals. Ultimately, they unified with Kairo before signing the treaty of unification between Vinland and Krohil-Kairo.

>The unification of Krohil and Vinland allowed for Krohil to continue it's own growth uninhibited, both internally and externally. But this unification is better known as "Vinland Annexes Nro'meagh" which Krohil leadership was initially concerned about, but ultimately decided it didn't matter how anyone saw it, Krohil entered the union with their independence clear in the terms.

As the attitudes of annexation continued, the majority of clans consisting of the now fractured Krohil decided that they were getting annoyed with Vinlandic leadership attempting to reform governance, and left the Union officially. Clans still within the Union by technicality include Kahrokro, Il'olmhil, and Kabul.

Annwyn-Nyasaland Reunification

The Shilofeev'Avghod watched the situation unfold, trying to find a plan to reunite the Neko Queendoms, as Annwyn was quickly pulled into the Mir-NATO war. Fleeing to Nyasaland, they found their way to reunite the divided Queendom, via the Queen of Nyasaland opening up government to allow for more democratic action. With support from the Queen herself, and a very publicized running, the Shilofeev'Avghod managed to secure a position on the council.

> (however it is suspected from speculative hindsight that they had most likely managed to win by the queen herself manipulating votes in some regard)

Over time, they had pressed for reunification on both sides, within Annwyn and Nyasaland, but they would not budge. All the while, the Shilofeev'Avghod from outside watched the situation unfold.

It wasn't until the people of Nyasaland revolted against the Queen and her sympathizers, toppling the monarchy and replacing it with a communist dual-dictatorship. Public opinion in Annwyn and Nyasaland were overwhelmingly in favor of unification, and the tyrannical queen was toppled, that unification talks were seriously discussed. Annwyn surrendered to Mir, and accepted a position as a territory within Nyasaland, where they peacefully cooperate to this day.

During this time, the Shilofeev'Avghod returned to Krohil, greater experience in diplomatic unification, and pondered on their situation.

Kren'nra Krevul Founded (to be completed)

Alexandria Founded (Beginning of the Second Age, the current one)

In the extreme east of Alexandria, there lies very thick, hilly, mountainous forest, impassible for all but the most dedicated and experienced travelers. In these forests were a group of primitive clansmen who survived primarily by hunting wild animals. These primitives built several temporary settlements deep in the forest, the locations of which have been unfortunately been lost to history. One day, a clansman by the name of gordona22 was traveling along the coast when he met prominent Jevoghnyan Monerd22, who introduced him to civilization and factories, and gave him building materials. With this newfound knowledge, gordona22 proceeded to found a town on one of the rare flat places in the forest, on a peninsula next to the coast. He invited his friends Memeneme, Unsuperior, and BurstingGoose to leave the forest and help him build a town known as Alexandria. Many of gordona22's early buildings, including the first structure in Alexandria, where destroyed by the townsmen due to "excessive ugliness". This group was later joined by TheGamingGuy2, who later became an Elector as well. The group mostly lived communally. However, as Alexandria developed, personal residences sprung up, and people began keeping personal belongings. After a brief period of anarchy where many people's chests were being broken into, gordona22 was elected Despot of Alexandria with a promise to restore order to Alexandria, and the Electorate was formed, consisting of gordona22, Memeneme, and Unsuperior. During the period of the Despotate, Alexandria expanded greatly both in territory, numbers, and power. Kairo was annexed, many factories were built, many new citizens came to Alexandria, an Alliance was signed with Adina, and it was during this period that the section of Alexandria known as "Old Alexandria" was built, where the residences of the founders are located to this present day.

Hiyo'mek comes to East Nro'meagh

Just to the south of Alexandria, a clan affiliated with the LSIF known as Hiyo'mek was founded in a valley between the mountains of the forest and the red mesa. They were a culture obsessed with Hexagons, and all people of Hiyo'mek lived communally. Many nice buildings were built in Hiyo'mek during this period. However, from the start, they were at odds with the Alexandrians to the north, due to their different economic systems (capitalism and communism), as well as their extreme proximity. A border dispute was resolved in Alexandria's favor, but this permanently put a dent in the relations of each side.

Threlkeld Founding (to be completed)

Further to the south, around the same time Hiyo'mek was being founded, a wandering traveler known as SocialistRuler founded a town that he called Threlkeld.

Legion Founding (to be completed)

DankMemesTopKek, also known as Caesar, a player from Pacem, went a sudden revelation and started pursuing a conquest of Nro'meagh in February 2020. Amongst other players that joined him, we can note Khardbass, who was then completely new to the server, and later Kappu97.

Alexandria-Threlkeld Skirmish (to be completed)

Forta´are Founding (to be completed)

Unification of Nro'meagh by the Legion

In mid-April 2020, Alexandria and Threlkeld started playing on the CivRealms server. Threlkeld and Boria were the last clans left to accept Legion rule and they did in exchange for prot sets on 20nd April 2020, unifying Nro'meagh under one ruler for the first time.

The Kro'ev War

After unification, Khardbass started accumulating his own wealth and building his own farms. Adopting the Kro'ev legacy of the past, he declared himself Zhreg and set on a conquest of the towns of Flagstaff, Kryushro and Kriavnya. The town of Kryushro was ruled by Jevoghnya at time and due to Khard's nature, he declared war on them. Along with help from mercenaries from Pacem, they defeated Jevoghnya, briefly becoming the dominant clan in Nro'meagh under Legion until the others decided to exile him due to him killing random people before the foundation of Kro'meagh. His farms and possesions were given to the Pacem mercenaries.