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The Northeast or +,- is the north-eastern quadrant of the CivClassic 2.0 map. Most players commonly refer to quadrants by their coordinate values instead of directly saying the intercardinal directions (north-east, south-east, etc.).

Sometimes dubbed as a "meme quadrant" and historically known for its low activity compared to the western quadrants, the Northeast has seen a resurgence in the mid-2021's due to the establishment of several newfriend nations (e.g. Acadia, Lambat) and the quiet revival of older nations such as Iria.


The western landmasses of +,- feature a mixture thick forests and snow-capped mountains. A large desert is present in the former Chanseatic State. The landmass formerly occupied by Appomattox has a majority of temperate plains and hills, flanked by lush mountains to the west and savanna plateaus to the east.

The Northeast may be divided into distinct geopolitical regions that commonly interact:

  • The Shallow Northeast consists of nations including Capeland, Iria, Lambat, and Sussex.
  • The Deep Northeast consists of Acadia, Mythril, Eon (part of Imperial Truidence), East Columbia (a subdivision of Columbia).


Early history

In the first months of CivClassics, the Northeast was home to culturally Channer or Channer-adjacent states.

List of Nations and Dependent Territories

Active Nations
Name of nation/territory Other names Capital Form of Government Head of State Head of Government Alliance
Acadia Federal Republic of Acadia New Turing Centralized Federal Constitutional Republic Owain_X UDF, UNC
Äggland Ägglands tvåkungadöme av Agania Sankt-Ägg Monarchy IceBoy_Board NDI
Biscuit Bay Quivico None
Buckeye Brutus Monarchy Yackabu NDI
Caledonia1 Aberdeen Oligarchy CES
England City of England City of England Gatorglitch/Blob NWO
Eon Empire Brewer's Republic Eon Federal Monarchy FE_Flags UNC, BI
Gensokyo Taozi City Monarchy Regency Council Entente
Hia Mek Laidakuḍ Hia Mek Hia Mek Loboxy NWO
Imperial Truidence2 Truidence, IT Anburon Absolute Monarchy/Parliamentary Democracy ObtainableSpatula UDF, BI
Iria Iria City AF
Islamic Caliphate Islamic Theocracy Farifala None
Jomsviking Confederation Jomsborg Viking Clan Democracy Cat_Alunya None
Kingdom of Fish Fish Cora Monarchy Seekinq UNC
Lambat Republic of Lambat Lambat City Presidential Republic with hybrid representative and direct democratic characteristics Kaprediem AF, DEAL
Mauritanië Kingdom of Mauritanië ? Monarchy 4pocalypse4risen Maurits2010 NWO
Mir The Twenty Third Mirian Star Empire Charon S4nta None
Montestela Duchy of Montestela Montestela Democratic Functionalism? Omuck3 None
Montpier The People's Islamic Republic of Montpier Islamic Republic 0samaBidLaden69 None
Mythril Kingdom of Mythril Mytharium Constitutional Monarchy VogueBadger Xraptor3344 None
New Sovia Ceylon None
Nightwatch De Jure Chiefdom gruebleen None
Nipplerock Republic of New Nipplerock Nipplerock Terrorism Gantoe None
Nyasaland The Socialist Federal Republic of Nyasaland Palgrave Federal Socialist Direct Democratic Benevolent Dictatorship BennyZ Entente
Pinegarden Commonwealth Pinegarden Pinegarden Commonwealth with Parliamentary Democracy MemeMan0 NWO
Plagadonia1 Vuoto Varen Monarchy VoidCipher NDI
Pogland PacGaming None
Shrimptopia Anarchy WimpyShrimp NWO
Sussex Constitutional Empire of Ch1pR Antietam Custodial Constitutional Empire Ch1pR PMC
Veldt Technocracy Camokool None

1Partially located in the Northeast. Majority of its territory is in the Southeast.

2Partially located in the Northeast. Majority of its territory is in the Northwest.

Former and Inactive Nations

Name of nation Other names Capital Form of Government
Appomattox Free States of Appomattox, Yonder-Dixie Antietam Constitutional Monarchy
Brotherhood of Steel
Cascadia CAS-III EXP COMPLEX Oligarchy
Chanseatic State Chanada, Channer State Palmyra Isolationist Dictatorship
Eddie Murphy EM Arsenio Anarcho-Mutualist Confederation
Gondolin Gondolin Ascendency
Magna Soria Magnasoria Magna Soria Federal Representative Democracy
Potistan Free Territory of Potistan Anarcho-Communist Commune
Prospectors' Guild PG
Tivian Socialist Democracy Socialist Democracy
Vestilege Stallman Corporate Territory