Communist Republic of Rostov

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ATTENTION: The Communist Republic of Rostov is currently undergoing a constitutional convention. Information found about the government of the CRoR may be inaccurate following the amending of the Конституция коммунистической республики ростов.

National Colors of the State

Коммунистическая Республика Ростов [The Communist Republic of Rostov] is a relatively medium sized city-state located in the +, - quadrant. It is known for its complex form of government, isolated nature, and industry focused economy. While it is a relatively new nation, it is growing at a fast rate, with many new members gaining citizenship through the approval of the Department of Domestic State.

The name of the State is from its slavic nature and location in the north east. This is also reflected in that the official language of the Communist Republic of Rostov is Russian.

The State Government of Коммунистическая Республика Ростов found most great and glorious inspiration in the governing form of Союз Советских Социалистических Республик [The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.] It is composed of three major bodies: the Executive, Legislature, and Judiciary, all of which are obligated to govern according to Конституция коммунистической республики ростов [The Constitution.]

Geography of the CRoR

Territorial Map of the State

The CRoR is located in the north east quadrant [~X 2928, ~Z -8329.] The continuous territory of the CRoR consists of three main land masses including: Столичный остров [The Capital Island] Великая Родина [The Grand Motherland] and Народный остров [The People's Island.] The main political operations of the state including the Executive, Legislature, and Judiciary, are located on Столичный остров. All industrial operations and commercial zoning are mostly located on Великая Родина, this territory is as well, home to much of the citizens' housing.

Народный остров is the main nexus to the outside world. Offices of both the Department of Domestic State and Department of Foreign Affairs are located here. This is where new members gain citizenship, voter registration, and passport privileges. This is as well, where foreign nations interact with the State and where many of the embassies are located. Furthermore Ростовское транзитное управление [The Rostov Transit Authority] houses the hub for the main rail line for international arrivals on this island.

The Role of Communism in the CRoR

The Communist Republic of Rostov is not merely a communist dictatorship with complete and unquestionable power in the government. The Communist Republic of Rostov is truly that... a republic. The role of Communism is solely to keep the government and state true to its purpose, to serve the people. A government built for the people by the people is serving its purpose... a government with faith in money and greed is one of power and corruption.

The founding of the Communist Republic of Rostov followed a visit to the nation of Mount Augusta. The founders of the State admired the freedoms and prosperous city that was present there. However the founders wanted the government to be more present in the lives of its people. In order to form a government in which the State has faith and reliance on its people, Communism became the one party system present in the Republic.

Government of the CRoR

The Executive Branch

The Great Seal of The Executive Branch

The Executive Branch of Коммунистическая Республика Ростов is the central body of the State. It is responsible for general oversight over the State through its departments, of which each have their own purpose and role. The head of the Executive body is the Head of State which is currently SpookySandstone, a founding member of the Communist Republic. The entirety of the Executive body, including the Head of State and the Secretaries, operates in the Executive building on Столичный остров. The only exception to this are the Department of Domestic State and Department of Foreign Affairs of which operate off of Народный остров.

The Head of State

Head of State: SpookySandstone

The Head of State is the chief executive figurehead in the government. Their role is to oversee the departments of the Executive Branch and as well, has the power to veto or approve bills passed by the Legislature. This position is not elected, as it is also the head of the Communist Party of the Republic. The Head of State is appointed by the Secretaries of the Executive branch, and may not be removed from office, unless the Secretary of Justice files charges against the Head of State, and they're proven guilty in the Judiciary.

The Head of State is the only person in the government that has the power to declare war on another nation, however to do so the approval of all four Executive Departments, specifically their prospective Secretaries, is required for the action to be carried out.

The Department of Domestic State

Secretary of Domestic State: Prisma15

The Department of Domestic State is responsible for all domestic affairs. This includes but is not limited to approval or denial of citizenship, approval or denial of voter registration, and approval or denial of passport privileges. The Secretary of Domestic State is also first in line in the event that a Head of State is no longer able to perform their duties.

The Department of Foreign Affairs

Secretary of Foreign Affairs: LilToadie

The Department of foreign affairs is responsible for all aspects of the government pertaining to interaction with foreign nations. This includes but is not limited to distribution of visas to other nations, interaction with foreign diplomats, and diplomatic visits to other nations. The Secretary of Foreign Affairs is the liaison between the Communist Republic of Rostov and the world.

The Department of Justice

Secretary of Justice: beemuncher

The Department of Justice is responsible for all legal and judiciary matters involving the State or the Executive Branch. The Secretary of Justice acts as a liaison between the Judiciary and the Executive Branch, and brings forth charges against those who committed crimes, both civil and criminal, against the State to the Judiciary. The Secretary of Justice is the only secretary who can bring charges of impeachment against the Head of State, due to crimes committed against the State.

The Department of State Development

Secretary of State Development: MyToad77
The Department of State Development was created to ensure that the Communist Republic of Rostov advances in the world. Specifically the Secretary of State Development is responsible for all affairs concerning factories, mining, and industry throughout the entirety of the State. The Department of State Development furthermore works with the Department of Domestic State to create housing and zoning laws for the State. To ensure that all citizens have homes and their prospective communities both departments work together to create streets, bridges, and more forms of civil engineering.

The Legislature

The Great Seal of The Legislature

The Legislature of the Communist Republic of Rostov consists of 10 members: Six from Великая Родина, two from Столичный остров, and two from Народный остров. The goal of the Legislature is to be true to that of the Republic, represent the people of which elected them into office. The meeting place of the Legislature is the Legislative Plaza located on Столичный остров.

Elected officials, known as Representatives, are responsible for creating bills and laws that reflect the wills of the people of the state. These officials are elected in by popular vote of the people of the Communist Republic of Rostov. Those elected to serve hold office for a term of three weeks, and then may run for reelection. There's no limit on the amount of terms that a representative may serve, and therefore any seat maybe held by any person within the Communist Republic of Rostov.

The Representatives play a key role in what makes the State a true Republic. They serve the people of the Communist Republic of Rostov and ensure that the wishes and beliefs of their constituents are being heard in the government. They ensure that the people of the Republic have a voice wherever they came from regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic status etc. Without the presence of the Legislature, Executive over reach is a large possibility and prominent possibility.

With regard to the constituents, citizens are automatically registered to vote once citizenship has been approved by the Department of Domestic State. These constituents are only allowed one vote, and may only vote in the Representative district that their home is located within.

Representative Districts and their prospective Representatives
R. District One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten
Serving Representative

The Judiciary

The Great Seal of The Judiciary

The Judiciary is the central judicial body of the State. It Is responsible for conducting court cases both criminal and civil without loyalty to the State. This means the decisions made in the Court are not to be influenced by the will of the state, but the will of justice. This is the one government building where loyalty to the Communist State is not permitted.

The offices available are that of the Chief Justice and two Associate Justices. These are selected by that of the Head of State and approved by two thirds vote of the legislature. These Justices are required to have no allegiance to the state and must make decisions that enforce equal justice under law. The term of the Justices is one month, however again similar to the Legislature, a Justice may serve an unlimited amount of terms. One qualification to this, is that a Chief Justice must have served at least one term as an Associate Justice.

In order to pass in the Legislature, candidates must have never served in either the Executive Branch or the Legislature. This is done to ensure that all citizens have due process under law and are treated equally, as the motto of the Judiciary is Равное правосудие по закону [Equal Justice Under Law.]

The Great Seal of The Judiciary is a representation of the unbiased and just opinions of it thereof. It has no allegiance to the Communist Republic, as no symbolism of it is present. As well, the famous motto of Равное правосудие по закону [Equal Justice Under Law] presides over lady justice ensuring due process for it citizens. Furthermore no citizen will be treated differently under the Judiciary as justice should be and is blind in the Communist Republic of Rostov.

The meeting place of the Judiciary is the Judicial Palace located on Столичный остров. This is where all legal matters in the Communist Republic of Rostov take place. As of now there're no other courts of law in this state, however this could change depending on the presence of population. This is the only one of the three government buildings where public access is not allowed. In order to ensure that Justices make unbiased decision they're cut off from the outside world during deliberation.

Justices of the Judiciary
Chief Justice Associate Justice Associate Justice

History of the CRoR

The Founding
The Great Trek [Mt. A - CRoR

On April 23, 2019 SpookySandstone and Prisma15 left the nation of Mount Augusta in search of new land to found their Communist Republic. This was forever know as the long trek, as it took them nearly 4 days to find a suitable location for the foundation. At last they came about, what is now known as the Capital Island. There, the two of them came about two other travelers with similar ideas, they were known as MyToad77 and Shadow_Catcher_. The four of them settled in what is now known as the "Founders' Tree" and furthered the development of the State. In that moment the Communist Republic of Rostov was born, while just a small light in the North East at first, new travelers soon found their way out of the darkness into that light. Soon the small gathering of people turned into a community of over 20 citizens.