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The Republic of Camiseo (Camiseo for short) was small nation located on an island south of SPQR and north of the Best Western Vault. The republic was founded on 23rd of March in 2021 by users Troll_Bebek and KGBAgent99.

Republic of Camiseo
The flag of the Republic of Camiseo
Location-11170, 127
Activity levelHigh as of 28 March, 2021
Capital cityCamiseo
• President
• Vice President
Foundation date23rd of March, 2021


Sometime in 2020, users KGBAgent99, Troll_Bebek, and AwesomeGuy348 first logged onto CivClassic. Though not establishing themselves them and eventually quitting, Bebek would come back early in march of 2021 and become an active member in Icenia. Later in March, AwesomeGuy and KGBAgent rejoined Bebek and began their trek to the now-abandoned city of Kaliningrad. During the arduous railroad ride to the area, an intense game of Uno was played between the three settlers. After arriving to Kaliningrad, the three settlers began their journey to a nearby savanna discovered by Bebek while examining a map. Upon finding their desired area of settlement, the Republic of Camiseo was declared.

On March 23rd, 2021, Bebek officially announced the declaration, appointing himself as president and KGBAgent as his vice president. Shortly after its declaration, friend of the three settlers, jellybran, joined them. The now 4 of them began clearing out land for the construction of the city, first planning out where a central river and lake were to be placed. The first building was also built during this time, on the 25th of March, that building being the home of jellybran. Progress on the river and lake continued, with the central lake being completed a 2 days after the first building.

The first territorial expansion of Camiseo came on the 27th of March, with the acquisition of the islands of Helanita as part of the Grand Mushroom Initiative after the discovery of a Mooshroom Island formerly owned by Mount Augusta by President Bebek. Also a part of Helanita included a nether island, of which a use for is yet to be determined. The next day, more territory came under the Camiseon banner as half of the island it is located on was annexed by President Bebek.

Building History

Building history in the Republic of Camiseo began with the construction of house along with a river beginning on March 25th of 2021. After this, the first area constructed in became designated as a farming area as the edge of the river near its waterfall. In order, over the next (to be completed) days, a llama, sheep, cow, and chicken was constructed along with pathing connecting and organizing the areas into plots.

Merger with Kallos

The Republic of Camiseo merged with Kallos in the summer of 2021.[1]