Kingdom of the Acadian Lewis Islands

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The Kingdom of the Acadian Lewis Islands. also known as KALI, was a OMN in the Lewis Archipelago founded by Pandastical. The Republic of Acadia recognizes KALI's independence, however officially recognizes them as the Kingdom of the Lewis Islands. The dispute over the name led to the 40 Minute War. All citizens of the KALI were Personae Non Gratae in Acadia, and all citizens of Acadia had been banned from the KALI.
Kingdom of the Acadian Lewis Islands
Location4515, -9555
Activity levelat it's height, 1
Area0.041 km²
• King
Succeeded by
Foundation dateMay 30th, 2021
Foundation documentVote in Acadian Discord
Preceded byAcadia

The Acadian Lewis Islands were originally an organized territory within the Second Acadian Republic. However, due to a series of bills he drafted that passed in the National Assembly but were vetoed by the Senate, he seceded his lands on May 30th, 2021. Almost immediately, however, hostilities would become apparent between KALI and the Second Acadian Republic. This stemmed from a map posted on the Acadian Discord, which labeled KALI as the ‘Kingdom of East Acadia’ instead of the ‘Kingdom of the Acadian Lewis Islands’. When Pandastical asked why this was so, he was given an official response that since he was no longer Acadian, he should not have Acadian in his country’s name, as it makes his country sound as though it was still a part of the republic. The Acadian Republic would back up this when the Senate issued the press release; “ON THE STATUS OF THE LEWIS ISLANDS”, where they disavow the Lewis Islands’ usage of the term Acadian, and no longer recognize the Acadian Lewis Islands, instead recognizing it as the Lewis Islands.

This led to a further breakdown of relations. KALI announced that no Acadian citizens were allowed to step on KALI territory. In response, the Senate issued “ON THE ESCALATION FROM THE KINGDOM OF THE LEWIS ISLANDS” on June 2nd. They declared an embargo on the state of KALI, and labeled Pandastical as ‘Persona Non Gratae’, which had to be understood since no one wants to learn a dead language.

This placed a warrant on Pandastical to be exile pearled, and said that the measures would be revoked if the following (quote) ‘demands are met:’. KALI had to change its name to remove the term Acadia, remove the ban of Acadians on it’s soil, and a reparation of 16 diamonds or 256 iron be paid. Pandastical had never seen a diamond on the server and had a total wealth of 2 iron stacks, some redstone, and 8 debris. Pandastical would incorrectly see this as a declaration of the 40 Minute War. During this time, Pandastical was 12000 kilometers away on a diplomatic voyage.

This would be peacefully resolved, however. A trial would be held, where Aelfred was deemed guilty and The_Druid innocent. All damages and stolen materials would be returned as well. The only thing gained was the knowledge that, using a Efficiency diamond pickaxe, Pandastical’s bunker could be broken into in a maximum of twenty-five minutes.

The next conflict would revolve around the Windsor Peninsula on the mainland continent where Acadia sat. Pandastical claimed that his secession bill-which was legally voted into effect-gave him the territory. Scammer_Stevee (governor of Kanava) claimed that it was Kanavan land, which was supported by the fact that a previous claim had claimed it. The situation would turn into an official demand by the Senate on June 3rd, for the territory to be given up within 24 hours. Pandastical refused.

The Windsor Peninsula Conflict would be resolved when someone simply took a look at the bill in question, and noticed that there was no picture attached. The reddit post posted also didn't have the Windsor Peninsula claimed. And so, the WPC ended peacefully, with Pandastical giving up the land in question. The most recent conflict as an issue over a drafted KALI flag which had an Acadian flag in it, something that would soon be removed when Acadian Prime Minister Cortwade got angry.

On June 10th, the Acadian Senate made the 'ANNEXATION OF THE LEWIS ISLANDS DECREE'. This decree labeled KALI a menace to Acadia and therefore annexed it, putting player Flags as governor of the territory and sending an occupation force, consisting of Druid and SpacemanSpleef. Pandastical, after hearing about this, would log onto the server. The Battle of the Acadian Lewis Islands would then happen, with Druid and Pandastical 1v1ing, resulting in Pandastical being pearled. The battle can be seen in this award winning video here. Pandastical is exile pearled and therefore the kingdom stopped existing on June 10th, a total of 12 days of existence. This would kick off the Acadian Island War.

On June 10th, a trial started. Pandastical was accused of attempted murder against Druid. JuniorTide was the prosecutor, with Bloof being the judge, and Owain representing Pandastical. Pandastical was accused of attempted murder.

However, the outcome is not important. Because on June 11th, 2021; Pandastical publicly announced that he was taking a break from Civ. All KALI land was officially given to Druid, and KALI finally ended.

KALI at it's height