Unitas (Civcraft 3.0)

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Part ofLibra
Server IterationCivcraft 3.0
Coordinatesnear 0,0 of the Drakontas shard
GovernmentFull democracy

Unitas was a communist commune located in Libra, the city at 0;0 in the Drakontas Shard. The commune itself can be found at -90;-137, so the northern area of libra.


Unitas had no static government, all decisions are currently made non-hierarchical and democratically, however in case you needed to contact someone, you could have contacted leontrix and RavenMC_, they had no real higher position, however they did do most of the organization, therefore contacting them made the most sense.


The idea of a communist commune in libra was founded by Xavter, originally inspired by the LSIF, he planned some stuff and involved a few persons, including RavenMC_ and leontrix. But before that commune could have become reality, Xavter took a break from civcraft. Because of that RavenMC_ and leontrix continued the plans, using original ideas like the name, but making it independent from LSIF, creating a flag and deciding the area, where the commune was finally built.