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The Workers' Republic of Petrichor
Flag of Petrichor
Location-5900 -2100
Capital cityNo Official Name Yet
GovernmentLimited Socialist Democracy
Governing documentArticles of The Revolution
• General Secretary
• Ministers of The Revolution
Foundation date18th December 2021 (EOTW CivClassic 2.0)
Preceded by
LanguageEnglish, Tahar
ReligionReligion? Xaxaxa
Motto"Food pls?"
National anthem"The Revolution Shall Prevail"

The Workers' Republic of Petrichor is a sovereign nation in the -,- quadrant of the server CivMC. It is largely a union of the Third Empire of Columbia and the Republic of Acadia, both formerly nations on the now-defunct server CivClassic 2.0. Petrichor is a primarily build-focused civilization, aiming to be a pleasant community for socially progressive and left-wing (or at least not really right-wing) players. The government of Petrichor is a somewhat limited democracy, with several elected and unelected offices alike, and a representatively-elected General Secretary as the Head of State.


CivClassic 2.0 & Prior

For the more reality-based history of the two nations which largely formed Petrichor, please check out the pages for Columbia and Acadia.

CivClassic 2.0 (Lore Version)

Following the events of Pearled Harbor near the end of CivClassic 2.0, the crippled authoritarian regime of the decaying Third Empire of Columbia was desperate to stabilize the nation and regain some of its lost strength after the disintegration of its sister nation, Kallos (together comprising the Kallumbian Imperium). As a result, Columbia directly annexed its ally and satellite state, the Republic of Acadia, in order to bring peace, freedom, justice, and security to their new empire.

Following the annexation of Acadia, Emperor shadedoom abdicated the Columbian throne, and passed the title to their heir apparent, lemuractionnews. lemuractionnews was thus crowned Emperor of Columbia, and shortly after declared the Fourth Empire of Columbia, with his government seated in its new capital city of Apoland. From the fully trenched, snitched, and vault bastioned fortress-city, Emperor lemuractionnews attempted to bring many reforms to the country, including abolishing the Church of the Sister Falls and the ancient, heathen art of g-posting.

The Fourth Empire of Columbia lasted for 250 years exactly, when the Law of Imperial Decay claimed it as its next victim. The new Columbian regime was quickly overwhelmed by internal strife and civil war, during which much of its cities and natural landscapes were reduced to unrecognizable piles of rubble. The end of the war ultimately saw the emergence of the popular left-wing Workers' Party rise to political dominance in the country.

The new revolutionary government, comprised of both Columbians and Acadians alike, rapidly demilitarized the country and began to dismantle many of the lingering Imperial institutions from the days of Kallumbia. This even included the name of the country, which was changed to the Workers' Republic of Petrichor, or Petrichor for short. This change was meant to symbolize the new era of pleasant feelings following the cultural drought that was the Columbian/Kallumbian period.

Now, many decades later, the hard-laboring workers of Petrichor have truly begun to rebuild their homeland, with a new city rising from the rubble of the old capital, Apoland. Mr. General Secretary, will you lead the Revolution of your people to victory? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?


Livin' it right now, bud.