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Republic of Provincia
Flag of the United Provinces of Plus Plus
DemonymThreeper; U3Per; Provincian
Capital cityThreepton
GovernmentLibertarian Socialist
Foundation dateJuly 7, 2017
Preceded byEndeavor
Succeeded byThe New Federal Republic of Pripyat
LanguageEnglish, Dutch

The region known as Provincia among english speakers of the server is located in the subtropical region of the +,+. A mild climate of low forests and high plains dominate the twin islands which make the primary settlement of the Threepers.

The independent Republic of Provincia was the last sovereign state of the ancient U3P which had persisted across Civ servers since early 2.0. With over a dozen separate countries, a score of cities, and many many friendships built over an 9 year period.

Though relinquishing independence upon joining the New Federal Republic of Pripyat officially in November of 2018, the Threepers have remained active to the modern day with the old city of Threepton serving as the regional capital of Oblast Dvoynya in the old CCCP. Following the annexation of the old-CCCP by the CSA the territories formerly controlled by the Republic of Provincia have now been incorporated into the Grotere West Bosje Sovjet in the new-CCCP.

For inquiries regarding the historical state of Provincia, or the historical U3P contact the discords of Pythius#8659 or Lowtuff#7501. For inquiries about the modern state of Grotere West Bosje Sovjet please contact the discord of Pythius#8659.

U3P in CivClassic

Summer Settling

Map of Downtown Threepton circa August 2017
Map of Downtown Threepton circa August 2017

Famous for a tradition of hockey the good natured citizens of the U3P has built towns together since 3.0 after forming in the Plus Plus of 2.0 with clans among the threepers tracing their orgins to 1.0. Provincia was founded after a period of server wandering lasting a few months following Civcraft 3.0. CivClassic would become the most recent, and currently primary, settlement of the group which had come together some 7 years ago.

The primary settlement was begun sometime before July 2017 on Provincia Isle with the site of Threepton continuously occupied since, The Civcraft Heritage Society had began construction near the testiflicate village of Swineport at roughly the same time.. The bustle of new builds and new possibilities made early Threepton a very dynamic town, breaking ground on many of its most well known projects: Tex Bridge, the Civic Complex, and Wander Grotto.

Early period Provincia was governed in that long established tradition of the Old Danzilonan Model. Domestically, great works of culture and leisure were constructed. Active measures were taken in turning the Wildlands region into a protected parkland and a national taboo was placed upon the desecration of massive spawn trees in the western region. Infrastructural developments, including roads and rails, were hotly debated subjects. On more than one occasion these escalated to violent spats among factions within the nation, as is wont among threeper societies.

Contemporaneously to the early stages of the Provincian Republic, some other members of the U3P founded the short lived Queendom of Thaegon, which flourished for a time.

Map of The United Provinces, Provincia Isle and its neighboring islands
Map of The United Provinces

Internationally, the early Diplomats pursued cordial relations with all neighbors. Asserting claims on a number of territories surrounding the Danzilona Sea. Friendly relationships were especially sought with leftist cities and nations. Local boosters at one point even sought a unity state with Lenin Isle, but when the plan found little support in either settlement the idea was abandoned.

Threepton Abandons Communism

The titular United Provinces of the Plus Plus had reached a stable position within regional politics. At the same time, domestic affairs became more heated. The topic of key infrastructural developments especially proved a point of contention. This combination lead to a breakdown in the government. After a flurry of self imposed exiles, a stasis developed among the citizenry and with no outside pressures, politics regressed.

Threepton Central Rail Station; photograph by Aerothers shortly after initial construction circa March 2018
Threepton Central Rail Station

Instead, the population poured their energies into the construction of great works. In this time a great number of the regions most famous builds were made by the nation of committed buildfriends. A grand Hockey Arena was built in the Olympic Sports Park to the west of Threepton. Rail connections eased travel domestically and abroad as the port of Westgrove became a hub alongside Threepton Central Station on the Big Eastern North-South Rail (BENSR). A number of establishments for the purpose of common fellowship opened along Phoenix Way, including the Horses Head Pub, Club Uperium, the Latvian Hostel, and the Threepton Inn & Pub.

In Westgrove a new building style was explored and a number of very nice residences and public builds surrounded tremendous spawned trees in a central park. The lavish Westgrove Internation Friendship Bridge was constructed to link the threepers with Pripyat. On Easter Island the expansive Romec's Ranch was constructed at the south end of Crescent Valley, an Overland rail from Threepton connected the settlement of Swineport where anthropologists from the Endeavor Institute lived among the ruins of testiflicate society attempting to understand their culture through its remains.

But the stability this society eventually achieved was not to last. A conspiracy developed among some prominent members of Provincia to formally abolish the old ways and install a monarchy with the long time threeper ninjackh12 at its head. This was not the first period of monarchy in the threeper's history and so with relative ease the Danzilonan Model was swept aside along with its communist economic principles.

In short order the new regime began a new wave of international contacts and state building projects. A full marking of the Provincian King's claim was made upon the land consisting of signs littering the coasts and boundaries. More aggresive negotiations were conducted with the people of Pripyat. Only weeks before comrades the leadership of the new monarchy treated their diplomats with contempt and ignorance.

Hockey in the Threepton Hockey Arena: Shown Here: AshleyIsGay; Petlahk (at that time Diplomat of Provincia); Oinksterina (at that time diplomat for Pipyat) Taken following early negotiations for the formation of the SESU taken by Pythius_Df
Hockey in the Threepton Arena

However, not all among the threepers were supportive of this turn in local politics. The long thought defunct organization known as the Baltic Bambinos at this time resurfaced in the form of signs and graffiti around town. Gradually more citizens pressured the King to abdicate, ending the young monarchy voluntarily.

New elections were organized shortly after and a new slate of diplomats renewed friendly negotiations with Pripyat as well as with Ossenkirch, Maltovia, Leninskya, and several other +,+ nations. Engaging especially on the topic of some sort of formalized mutual understanding in the region.

The Ruin Event

The weekend of July 4th 2018 would go down as the worst attack on threeper civilization since ReCharge attacked New Danzilona. It would become known as the "Ruin Event" or by some the "Nazi Bombing of Threepton" and no other attack on the U3P had ever so devastated the resilient population.

Middle Threepton April 2021
Threepton in Spring '21

At least 2 accounts attacked the Provincian capital destroying the governments national storeroom letting the contents of over 160 doublechests despawn. DRO swastikas and other less focused reinforced grief coated the settlement. Special attention was devoted to the cities cemetary where tombstones were torn up, crypts were looted, and a large swastika was constructed in DRO atop a memorial to fallen threeptonians.

International aid quickly was dispatched to assist in the clearing of debris and the rebuilding of destroyed pieces. Special thanks are found in the hearts of all Provincians former and past to the citizens of Pripyat, Lenin Isle, Maltovia, Rowa, Mount Augusta, Hjaltland, and more who participated in the reconstruction efforts. The tragedy in Threepton would become one of the driving causes for the creation of the SESU and its successors which exist to this modern day. Unfortunately the destruction of the Ruin Event and the extent of its griefing was so severe that the population of Provincia abandoned the city for a time. Some moved to Pripyat and Mount Augusta, some in the isolated hinterlands of rural Provincia, but most abandoned the server entirely.

A Legacy of Vibes

Shrine Island with bridge to Swineport and Crescent Valley seen beyond
The Idol with Swineport

Following the devastation of the Ruin Event and the collapse of the SESU the remaining population in Provincia held a referendum which passed unanimously to join the New Republic of Pripyat. This unity state would go on to accomplish many great works and builds but the Provincians always remained the all but abandoned junior partner.

However, once the New Republic merged with People's Federal Republic of Maltovia a renaissance for the Threepers would eventually develop, leading to many new projects in the former territory of the Provincian Republic as well as to the CCCP Civil War in 2021.

During the late summer and fall of 2021 the town of Westgrove on Provincia Isle would become the center of activity in the territory, and in an effort to turn a new leaf the inhabitants would begin strongly emphasizing the legacy of Dutchfriends in Provincia. A local workers council known as the Grotere West Bosje Sovjet would take shape and participate in the October Revolution of the new Confederation of Cities Communes and Protectorates


Threepton Sports Park
Threepton Sports Park

Provincia can be reached by rail from Pripyat, Caledonia, and the Entran Republic among others. A great number of docks along the waters surrounding the archipelago are available, and a north-south canal runs below Threepton through Provincia Isle. In 2021 an east-west canal was completed linking the so called "Pirate Port" to Westgrove. Horse tunnel connections to Pripyat and other locations exist as well.

Scenic Lake Sochi
Scenic Lake Sochi
District map of Oblast Provincia
Only map permitted by the current government in Provincia

With a number of local dining, and lodging establishments Oblast Provincia is a great place for tours or simply entertainment. Hockey and Indoor Water sports can be easily accommodated at the Sports Park; and longer more difficult boat races or competitions can be held on Lake Sochi. Stay at the ThreeptInn or the Latvian Youth Hostel or invest in a timeshare by contacting one of Provincias tourism representatives. Take in the rich history and learn at the Civcraft Heritage Society and the Endeavor Institute or enjoy the nightlife along scenic Phoenix Way. Make a pilgrimage to the Grand Idol or see the mysterious Duck Plaza. Get lost in the historic Undercity and see if you can solve old king Ninjajack's mystery and find his treasure. Take in the scenic parks of the Wildlands or Grizzly Point then enjoy the marvelous Botanical Gardens of the Dutchfriends in downtown Threepton. There is always something to do or see in this little pocket of magic in the exotic Plus Plus.


Civcraft 2.0

Origins and early history

U3P at Maximum Size in 2.0

The Plus Plus of 2.0 had long been host to a number of small and medium sized settlements which could provide varying levels of security to their citizens. Though others in the past had tried and failed the King of Pella was fixated on the idea to unite the region and in doing so become the Emperor of a grand and powerful polity. His attempts to create an empire failed but in the face of growing raid threats from marauding HCF clans a loose understanding eventually grew until the signing of the Clocktower Accords and the establishing of the United Provinces of the Plus Plus (or U3P).

The initial membership consisted of the Pellan Kingdom, the Republic of Churchill, the Kingdom of Blackcrown, the Kingdom of Eclipse, the Wander Association, and the Danzilonan Federation. At its greatest extent membership consisted of 13 Plus Plus nations with over 40! total citizens, a robust understanding of mutual economic and security partnerships lead by a Secretary General and a Secretary of Defense.

The group became well known primarily through its friendly inhabitants and the exciting hockey league it played host to. But not all good things last, internal differences lead to some nations leaving the organization to chart new paths. Other nations lapsed into inactivity for months at a time.

Civcraft 3.0

Districts of the Khingus
Map of the Volans, the Districts of the Khingus Dhingus

The Volans

After mostly playing other games during the time of CivTemp many of the longest lasting members of the U3P wanted to try once more in 3.0

A large group struck out together with the launching of the map and within 12 hours of launch had begun to settle the town of First Hearth on the shard of the Volans. From this start the towns of Nova Danzilona, Endeavor, and Whisper were all founded.

The lands of the Volans were harsh but its people survived and began to rely on the void which defined this floating mountainous shard. With their common heritage the now Volantians were ruled over by the old King of Blackcrown, known as Khingus Dhingus. Only the Tunnel Snakes settled the Volans from outside the historical U3P and agents of the Khingus were dispatched in secret to destroy their base and drive the Snakes from the shard.

The Volantians developed the strange islands of the shard adding the settlements of Cascadia, Girane, and Glenroe as well as a small outpost on the swamp shard of Drankontis.

The Volantian Threepers would eventually overthrow the Khingus in a violent revolution and install socialist governments across the shard. These new governments would seek comrades in the Drakontis and Abydos shards. Together with the socialist Parties of Mount Augusta and Volterra an International Workers of Civcraft was created. This grand alliance of many socialist nations and parties was a high point in socialist power in Civcraft history.

Endeavor Image

First Hearth was the initial settlement site of the Volans and all Volantian settlements on 3.0 trace their roots from the Grand Warren at First Hearth. When various peoples moved from First Hearth it remained inhabited by a committed few who in fact built the bulk of the roads around the islands of the Volans.

Cascadia was a small settlement perched high on mountain in the far north of the Volans. Here a raging waterfall thundered and the airdocks hosted zeppelins.

The capitol city and once seat of the Volantian Khingus was called Endeavor. Occupying a northern valley on the main island of the Volans Endeavor was settled by citizens of diverse small nations from 2.0, the different groups settled in different parts of the valley giving the alpine town different feelings around a similar theme. In the center of town was the White Cross building which was connected to the Khingus' castle the castle was built at the bottom of the valley and connected the town market to the towns undercity which was extensive and threatened sudden drops to the void below. On the West side of town settled the former citizens of Churchill, Blackcrown, and Pella as well as some new friends calling themselves the Knights of ??(i forget)??. In the East settled the former inhabitants of Little Latvia, Thaegon, and (still can't remember Pro & Quez' nation on 2.0)

Nova Danzilona was built along the portal to Rokko Steppe where several warlike factions had established themselves early. One of these factions, known as Croc Island would cross into the Volans and establish a tree farm over the void. Not only did this violate the sovereignty of the Volantians but it was an affront to the Goddess of the Void, Vo, whom the locals respected and feared. Political negotiations began between the Volantians and the Islanders.

It was about this time that Lord_Pericorp split the southern neighborhood of Endeavor from the rest of the city to avoid the politics of the neighborhood feuds (he claimed).

Negotiations with the Crocs broke down following their decision to violate the terms which had tentatively been agreed upon and built a pylon in the mountains near Cascade. A council of the Volantian cities was called and by collective decision secret operatives were tasked with destroying the foreign infrastructure.

In response the Crocs sent a punitive expidition to Nova Danzilona, terrorizing the inhabitants and attempting to pearl anyone caught outside. As a representative of Endeavor, Pythius_ (then known by an older account name), negotiated an end to the raid with the Croc leader in the NDZ Hotel.

Only a few days later it was discovered that Glenroe had used the chaos as an opening to sell out the rest of the Volantians to another faction from the Rokko Steppe. When this was discovered a mob assembled in downtown Endeavor, leaders of the neighborhood gangs reached an agreement known as the White Cross Accords. The mob meanwhile descended upon Glenroe tearing up the farm and houses of Lord_Pericorp and his brother. As the riot continued wiping all evidence of the would be town from the map warriors from Rokko Steppe entered Endeavor, and intimidated the crowd into dispersal.

Due to these incursions by imperial powers, a new organization took shape. Uniting the anarchist commune of Girane with the Baltic Bambinos and a faction of Danzilonan socialist, the Volantian Liberation Front was dedicated to physically confronting those that would try to make the Volans a colonized shard. Their message was simple, keep the Volans for Volantians; their methods were even simpler as they would go on to manually dig through the reinforced tree farm of the Croc Islanders.

Before this escalation could be responded to however, ttk2 decided to pull the plug on 3.0 One day the server was running and active, the next gone forever.

The U3P would drift once more before settling on Provincia Isle in civclassics, but never again would the group reach its former heights.