Jomsviking Confederation

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Jomsviking Confederation
ᛃᚩᛗᛋᚡᛁᚴᛁᚾᚷ ᚠᛟᚱᛒᚢᚾᛞ
Location-1850, 1850
Capital cityJomsborg
Area4.91 km² (as of November 24, 2021)
GovernmentViking Clan Democracy
• Warmother
• Grand Seeress
• Grand Imperial King of Djimbouti
• Grand Cipher of Olympus Mons
Foundation dateAugust, 2021
Preceded byNyasaland
Succeeded byYngland
LanguageEnglish, Norse, Toki Pona
ReligionVanatrú (Vanir Worship), Hellenic Syncretism
MottoNo Cross, No Crowns. ᛖᚾᚷᛁᚾᚾ ᚴᚱᚩᛋᛋ, ᛖᚾᚷᚨᚱ ᚴᚱᚩᚾᚢᚱ.
National anthem"My Mother told me."

Þat Mælti Mín Móðir

ᚦᚨᛏ ᛗᚨᛖᛚᛏᛁ ᛗᛁᚾ ᛗᚩᛞᛁᚱ


The Jomsviking Confederation is a nation located in the Northeast (+,-). It is based on Norse/Viking culture and it's capital city of Jomsborg follows a viking theme. It describes itself as an independent and free democratic nation. There are no elected leaders in the nation's government and titles don't give any special privileges.

Some of the notable members are: cat_alunya, Tatdat, Jamison_Adams, and CrazyWazy55.

Jomsviking Code

1) Each Jomsviking is bound to defend ones siblings, as well as to avenge their deaths if necessary.

2) Each Jomsviking is forbidden to speak ill of ones fellows or to quarrel with them.

3) Blood feuds between members are to be mediated by volvas.

4) Jomsvikings are forbidden to show fear or to flee in the face of an enemy of equal or inferior strength.

5) All spoils of battle are to be equally distributed among the entire Confederation.

Civclassic History

Town of Jomsborg

Jomsborg was a Viking themed town at the base of Yggdrasil, with a few temples and small buildings. It had a small international rail station connecting to the KANI Network. it is the heart of the Jomsviking Holy Order, which is lead by Warmother cat_alunya. the famous Jomsborg Honey Egg was a favored tourist destination.

on oct 28 2021 seeress Tatdat announced an upcoming project to make a Jomsborg Zoo, for reintroduction of endangered animals.

Map Of the Jomsviking Confederation

Town of Olympus Mons

A small farming town to the north of Djimbouti. CrazyWazy55 was the only citizen living in it.

Grand Imperial Monarcho-Commune of Djimbouti

Djimbouti was located in the north of the central Jomsviking territory. It was a formerly war torn land marked by an abandoned vault located near the coast, it had several farms and is connected to the town of Jomsborg by rail. Jamison_Adams was the Grand Imperial King of the Monarcho-Commune of Djimbouti.

Military Alliances

Formerly a member of the Plus-Minus Concordat until its dissolution on November 22, 2021, following the events of the Jórvík crisis.

On November 23, 2021 the Jomvikings took part in the founding of the AMIGOS Alliance.

International Incidents of Note

Jórvík crisis November 18-20, 2021.