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Latvian Soccer Dogs
Latvian soccer dogs.png
Banner of the LSD
Former Member NationsNew Sovia, Adina, Sassari and Unitas
FoundedAugust-September 2019
Location-,+ and +,+

The Latvian Soccer Dogs were an alliance originally formed to help protect nations and individuals from larger countries and alliances that LSD rhetoric claimed to be satellites of the predatory World Police who sought to control them. Originally created between the nations of Sassari and New Sovia, it later included other nations such as Adina and Unitas - before all nations but Unitas left resulting in a situation where functionally only individuals remained. The official goal of LSD was to provide like-minded individuals a place where they would no longer have to be part of nations whom they felt were dedicated to repressing their freedom, and to provide new economic and defensive opportunities for its members. The alliance was open to any individual or nation who wished to join, and they planned to increase trade links and infrastructure between the nations.

Assault against LSD

On the 7th of September 2019, the Entente and SATO launched a joint operation[1][2] to disable LSD's only vault, Hotel California, and declared multiple members of LSD as pearl on sight, after leaks by the UDF occurred which accidentally doxxed and revealed real-life photos of LSD members. The leaks were used to accuse LSD of plotting to destroy Icenia in a civil war[3].

War in Laconia

The remnants of the Latvian Soccer Dogs after the Entente's attack fled to Laconia's capital city, Mt. Doom. In gratitude, ashnwill gave Laconian oligarch FRESH_candy bypass permissions to the reinforcements that the late LSD vault was constructed with. After several weeks, Laconia felt that things had calmed enough to make a dash for these resources. They also reasoned that the World Police would only be happy to see the allegedly hostile vault pyramid removed. This gamble proved wrong when they were ambushed on the way back home by World Police forces. After a short period of quiet, Mt. Doom was attacked by the World Police, starting the Entente-Laconia War.

By the time Laconia was defeated, almost every soccer dog who had fled to Mt. Doom had been pearled in the fierce fighting, effectively and finally ending the organization.


  1. Entente statement:
  2. LSD response:
  3. Icenia leaking LSD chats and doxxing LSD members: (original, deleted)
    Transcript: Hello folks,
    Yesterday there seemed to be a bit of confusion as to why the LSD vault was disabled, and a lot of trash talk being thrown around as to the validity of the screenshots, as well as claims that they were "Cherry Picked" from the LSD trusted chat.
    To clear the air a bit, the UDF would like to release their own logs of the chat, obtained independently of the Entente / SATO leaks. So if you have some time to read, enjoy the entire chat history of the relevant LSD channels:
    Thank you, and Barkey.
    SoundTech - Icenian Minister of Defense & Strategic Commander of the UDF