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His Empire Drakonia
The nation of Drakonia
Black flag consisting of a blue chevron pointing east, with a stylized black dragon symbol within the blue chevron. A blue line goes from the bottom left to bottom center, then travels north east at a 45 degree angle to the middle of the map, then continues straight east.
Drakonian Flag
LocationBordering the Medi Sea Click to View on Map
Capital cityHis Empire's Estate
National Colors
GovernmentOligarchy With Democratic Features
• Empire
• Empires Hand
Foundation date10/15/2021
Succeeded by Kaltsburg
LanguageEnglish, German
ReligionWill of Empire
MascotA Cyan Parakeet

Drakonia was a short-lived nation in the -,-. Drakonia was founded on October 15th, 2021, By Empire, Vatuu, and Empire's Hand, AvianAeternum. Drakonia was founded out of a desire to bring in a somewhat large friend group with their own unique build style, which didn't align with the Kingdom of Lusitania's architectural style, of which Empire was born. It was located in the Medi Sea region. Drakonia was subdivided into multiple parts: the administrative northern island, and residential/commercial southern islands. The administrative island contains His Empires Estate, including its vast gardens, and beautiful builds, as well as Drakonia's defensive infrastructure. The residential/commercial island contains citizen housing, mines, shops, and centers for trade and commerce with other nations, including the Port of Flight.


Early History

Drakonia's Earliest history was sporadic, and not well organized. Forming amidst a toxic political climate, Drakonia's founding members sought to gain resources as fast as possible to defend themselves and defend their claim. Pictured to the left is an early map of Drakonia. It predates the Great Structuring, as well as the building of the River of Tears. Shown on the southern isle is The Homestead.

The Homestead

The homestead was an abandoned building located in the middle of what became the city of Tarascon. The homestead was often rebuilt and expanded upon into what is now the City Hall. Originally housing the 20+ citizens and the resources used to terraform most of the island during the Great Structuring. The Homestead predates Drakonia's unique Stone brick and Dark Oak in Neo Gothic style.

The Great Structuring

The Great structuring was the initial period of Drakonia's history. This period was marked by rapid structural growth. Many civilians were brought in for the sole purpose of terraforming the land, and constructing His Empire's Estate.

The Building of the Spires

During the Great Structuring, Empire felt it necessary to physically declare his possession of the islands he inhabited. Two great spires were constructed to watch over the seas, The Spire of the Scorned to the south west, and The Spire of the Winged to the northeast. These great structures acted as physical reminders to all of the residence of Empire.


Drakonia's players decided to quit on October 19th, 2021, partially as the result of a land dispute with Kaltsburg, who had overclaimed the entirety of Drakonia. They intended to cede their territory to New Thoria, but their land ultimately was colonized by Kaltsburg undisputed.