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Kingdom of Mythril
Royaume de Mythril
Coat of Arms
Location5305, -5023
CurrencyMythrilian Pound
Government TypeUnitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
• Prime Minister
• Grand Marshal
LegislatureHouse of Parliament
Formation Date25 December 2018
Founding DocumentConstitution
LanguagesEnglish, French
ReligionChurch of Mythril

Mythril, officially the Kingdom of Mythril, is a country located in the Northeast (+,-) region of CivClassic. Founded on the 25th of December, 2018,[1] Mythril was proclaimed a Kingdom under Queen VogueBadger I. Though economically underdeveloped, the nation has seen a resurgence in activity and is emerging as a self-sustaining power with rich culture and lore.


Establishment of the Kingdom

The founding of Mythril came about through the union of two opposing nations, the names of which were lost to time. The great war ended through the immaculate birth of the Queen that would unite the warring tribes. Risen from a bed of lilacs, the Queen knew no earthly parent, a true child of Mythril. Her rise to power saw the end of the bloodshed that had marked the centuries prior.  In homage to her, the former King Xraptor3344 forged a crown of lilac and swore his fealty to her majesty. His former general, pr13rp, offered his sword to her as well and devoted himself to the Queen with religious zeal.

This unlikely union would lead Mythril down the path to the nation it is today. Xraptor3344 was appointed to oversee her majesty's government and bring about the prosperity of Mythril and its people. With his extensive combat experience and military expertise, pr13rp would set about the formation of the Church of Mythril and the Mythrilian military. This body would act as both the militant and religious wing of the burgeoning nation.

Inactivity and Protectorate

The disappearance of the Queen led to the dark ages of Mythril. Without the Lilac Queen, her nation grew despondent and withdrew into seclusion. During this time they came under the protection of the Commonwealth of Nyasaland. With the violent reorganization of the Commonwealth into the revolutionary, Socialist Federal Republic of Nyasaland, tensions were stirred between Mythril and its overlord. After two years as a protectorate, the dawn of restrictions on the worship of their now divine Queen, the Mythrilians were filled with new zeal and a fervor for independence. Fearing the oppression and persecution of his people, and whispers of an inquisition, the Prime Minister Xraptor3344 stirred to protect the nation he so loved. The Prime Minister decided that it was in the best interest of his people to issue a declaration of independence,[2] and so, the light once again shone on the Mythrilian Kingdom.

Rebirth, Independence, and Expansion

Following the Mythrilian independence movement, the nation was reorganized both internally and externally. Withdrawing from their long isolation, Mythrilia now once again welcomed its borders to all who shared the same Mythic fire within them. With the Queen drawn home to the land of the gods, Xraptor3344 was left to govern the nation in her stead. Raptor, as he is now commonly referred to, sought to develop the capital city of Mytharium as well as reform the political and economic systems of the nation to usher in a new era of activity. Acting in persona regina, or in place of the Queen, Raptor granted many landed nobility titles to new citizens, including Pandastical, who became Duke of Aussieland, Mythril’s first duchy.[3] In a similar manner, the Prime Minister would also grant the already militant Church of Mythril full control over the nation's defenses. The newly anointed Grand Marshal pr13rp would set about the reorganization of the Church into a true military force. Now, the Kingdom of Mythril embarks on its journey to develop, evangelize, and dignify the world.



The Kingdom of Mythril is a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy in which the head of state is the Monarch, Queen VogueBadger I, and the head of government is the Prime Minister, currently Xraptor3344. The Monarch acts as a guiding political figure, unifying representative, and supreme authority, appointing a member of the House of Parliament, the nation's legislature, who commands a majority as the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is tasked with appointing a cabinet and running the affairs of the state. Additionally, the Monarch has the power to grant noble titles with or without special privileges, such as Duke/Duchess, Count/Countess, and Baron/Baroness. This class of nobility plays a significant role in the governance of the Kingdom, as their respective titles may permit a degree of autonomy and/or jurisdictional powers. Consequently, the political system of Mythril is a unique fusion of feudalism and parliamentary democracy.


Church of Mythril

"Through the grace of the Queen, by the will of our people, the fire of Mythrilia will never die."

The Church of Mythril is a religious and militant body led by the Grand Marshal pr13rp. It is split into two orders. The first order; The Order Raptorius, is focused on the protection of Mythril and its interests and acts as the honor guard to the Prime Minister. The second order; The Order Lilacus focuses on the Church's internal affairs and the evangelization of the faith.  

Order Raptorius

"I am a Mythrilian, I know not fear. Let my fire consume all who would oppose this land."

The Order Raptorius was formed to preserve the dignity of the Queen and Mythril, and to protect her interests both domestically and abroad. This order is composed of those who aren't afraid to bloody their hands for their faith.  Let the people of the world damn them, they know salvation lies at the feet of the Queen.

Order Lilacus

"Let all those who believe be welcomed by my side. Let the fire inside me set your hearts ablaze."

The Order Lilacus was formed to preserve the canon of the Church and to keep the nation in line with the ideals of the Queen.  Charged with the preservation of the Church, this order oversees the inner workings of the religious body as well as the goings on between the church and the state. They are known to act as advisors to the Dukes and nobles of Mythril. If their brothers in Raptorius are the sword of the Queen, the Lilacus are the crown upon her helt.