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Champtown refers to a series of nations led by ChampionEmperor. The names of the successive towns are know as Champion Empire, Ancapistan, Champtown, New Champtown.


Ancapistan was first settled in February 2018 in the southern part of the map, on the 0,0 line, in the south of Okashima and Vinland. [1] [2] [3] [4]

Later that month, Ancapistan entered a state a war with Okashima after the assassination of Logan_The_Hermit, the then leader of Okashima. Okashima received help from its close allies including Vinland and other neighboring nations. The Champions were then pearled and sent to the end. The land was split between Vinland and Okashima

During their stay in the end, the Champions started the town of Endaria [5]

Following their liberation, some members created the town of Kabul in the south of Vinland. Some others joined Okashima and worked on the settlement of Champtown, then renamed Yujo. Avocado also created Nro'meagh in May 2018 and was joined by several former members of Ancapistan. ChampionEmperor later came back and made a new Ancapistan on an island in the north east of Okashima. [6] The main settlement was named New Vegas. [7]

In October 2018, New Champtown was founded in the north west of the map. The land had been bought from Coventhia. [8] There were still territorial disputes in the New Vegas settlement as F1sh98, who was then one the leader of Okashima, wanted to annex the island. [9] This claim was vehemently contested by the Ancaps [10] and Okashima retracted their claims. [11]

In January 2018, the nation of Polska came back on CivClassic after over a year of inactivity. As Polska was located at the position of New Champtown, a conflict was immediately initiated as the Champions contested the claims. [12] This escalated into a war and the Champions were pearled and exiled.

They eventually negotiated a deal with Prioma in which they gave up on the now Polskan land in exchange for the claims of Carpathia [13]