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Flag of the Entente

The Entente is a military, economical, and communal alliance, founded July 12, 2019 by Varkonia, Hjaltland, Nyasaland, and Gensokyo. [1]

All founders except Hjaltland had been UNC members before.

The proclaimed mission is "to create and maintain:

  • Peace and stability for our nations and our people;
  • A united diplomatic front to better achieve our interests;
  • Greater economic prosperity, especially alliance-wide commerce and infrastructure projects;
  • A cultural exchange in the spheres of art and architecture;
  • A pleasurable community for our people."

The leadership of the Entente is split in two: a day-to-day leadership called the Presidium and a military leadership called the Defense Council. The latter is appointed by the Presidium as deemed necessary. Foreign diplomatic contact happens through the General Secretary.