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Pythius's skin
Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Known For
  • Being a leading figure in the U3P community
  • Terraforming and promoting in game parks
Main Residence Djani'hweh
Former citizenships
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivcraft 1.0
Iterations played on

Pythius, also known as Pythius_, Pythius_Df, or previously Darkflame[826], is a Civ player, oldfriend, anarchist, and Mery person currently found on CivMC after having previously played CivClassics 2.0 and the Civcraft line of servers. Beginning his Civ career with a brief stint on CivCraft 1.0, Pythius really found his calling for politics after joining CivCraft 2.0 soon after its launch and founding the small town of Little Latvia. Serious in its statecraft but with a playful culture and community, Little Latvia would be twice annexed during some of Pythius's frequent bouts of inactivity throughout 2013 and early 2014, first by the Civcraft Socialist Coalition and then by Churchill. Pythius returned to Civcraft for good in the spring of 2014 and declared Little Latvia independent once again. For the rest of 2.0, Pythius would play only very rarely and did so mostly casually when he did. Before his inactivity, Pythius ensured Little Latvia joined the United Provinces of the Plus Plus alliance-of which Churchill and many other of Pythius's neighbours were a part- as an independent state.

When 2.0 ended and Civcraft 3.0 was announced in January 2016, Pythius became active again and took a much more active role in the U3P community than he had in 2.0 as well as helped thoroughly plan its successor nation, Endeavour. It was there in Endeavour where Pythius completed his ideological journey from right to left libertarian and sought to make his ideas a reality in his home nation. Pythius's attempts to apply his ideals within his community would constantly pit him against his ideological rivals, continuing from Endeavour on 3.0 to Provincia on CivClassic in the summer of 2017. Pythius won out there, but it was a Pyrrhic victory, as most of the Threepers had gone inactive along the way. Nevertheless, Pythius continued to develop the capital city, its politics, and his nation's connections with neighbouring ideological allies, most notably Pripyat. After the Nazi Bombing of Threepton in mid 2018, Provincia went essentially entirely inactive, leaving only Pythius and his friend and ideological counterpart Ninjajackh12 to keep the lights on.

With Pripyat, the duo helped found the SESU alliance to keep them safe from future griefings, and once the rest of that alliance's members also went inactive, they were annexed by Pripyat to form the Old CCCP in late 2019. Activity began to tentatively return to Provincia in early 2021, and over the course of the year, Pythius engaged in negotiations with other leftists across the server, as well as battles with ninjajack, to eventually get the Old CCCP annexed by the Confederation of Socialist Augusta to form the New CCCP in October 2021. Within the CCCP, Pythius made many new anarchist friends and allies, many of whom yearned for a new political order after many years of rule by The Workers' Party. They got their chance for this fresh start with the end of CivClassic 2.0 in December 2021. They went on to establish the Mery, a roleplay ethnoreligious community with anarchist politics that has since spanned across many Civ servers, starting with the Mery Horde on CivRev to the Djani'hweh on CivMC, where Pythius resides at the time of this writing. All throughout, he has maintained a presence within the U3P community and its de facto current successor state, Danzilona.


Civcraft 1.0

Pythius played 1.0 only very briefly, logging in just twice in the server's existence. The first time, Pythius set up a basic hobbit hole for survival, and the second time Pythius was chased in the nether, presumably by HCF during the Great HCF War.[1] Pythius did not log in again until Civcraft 2.0 launched.

Civcraft 2.0

Rise and Fall of Little Latvia

Pythius joined 2.0 sometime around the very beginning of the server, making his first post on r/Civcraft within the first week of the server's launch.[2] It was within these first weeks in the spring and early summer of 2013 that Pythius founded a farming community in the deep +,+. Pythius worked on this settlement with two IRL friends for a while until being joined by Ave3ng3d7X, better known as Bane, a player from 1.0 who was looking around for a new home at the time. The pair decided to seriously develop their small settlement and found the Republic of Little Latvia around it, based off a popular meme at the time.[3] Pythius and Bane acted as de facto diarchs of the new republic and continued its statecraft, forming friendly relations with the newly founded town of Churchill a mere 300 blocks away from LL. Bane also helped put LL on the map with his popular radio show that presented the news from across Civcraft every week.[4] Little Latvia thrived through the early to mid summer, becoming a cute little town and popular destination between the Civcraft Socialist Coalition and the nearby town of Overwatch.

This bliss would not last long, however, as Bane wanted to take his newfound fame to the road and left LL sometime in the summer of 2013.[5] With few if any other citizens left around, Pythius would also go inactive from Civcraft for many months. In his absence, Little Latvia would be annexed by the CSC until Bane returned in November 2013 and re-declared its independence.[6] However, LL was still very inactive, so to bolster its activity, defences, and diplomatic security, Bane united the town with Churchill just a few weeks later.[7] Now known as The Twin Cities, the two humble communities peacefully chugged along together. In December 2013, the Twin Cities became a founding member of the United Provinces of the Plus Plus.[8]

Return to Civcraft and Staking it Out

Pythius became active on Civcraft again in March 2014 and immediately reassumed his position as a leader of Little Latvia.[9] Upon his return, Pythius took the initiative in helping get the recently-formed New Danzilona Hockey League off the ground by enrolling a team for Little Latvia in it.[10] The team would be named the Little Latvia Grizzlies and went on to compete in the first season of the NDZHL throughout the spring of 2014.

In April 2014, Pythius held a referendum in Little Latvia where citizens voted on a number of issues regarding their government type, their status within Churchill, and their future overall. The results came out in favour of a more democratic government-ousting Pythius from his role in ruling unilaterally- and in favour of independence from Churchill.[11] The new constitution of an independent Little Latvia came into effecton April 15th.[12] Legally, Pythius was now just another citizen of LL.

Provincial Internationalist Arc

Pythius wrote up the official charter of the U3P on April 13, 2014.[13] The charter outlined the government of the alliance as well as the process for initiating new member states. The charter was named the Clocktower Accords as it was signed in Churchill's clocktower.

Just a few days later, Pythius was pearled by ReCharge in the midst of the Recharge War.[14] He would be held by them for 5 days until they were defeated on April 22, 2014.

Pythius continued to have a quite busy spring and summer, building up[15] and administrating[16] Little Latvia as well as coaching their hockey team.[17] At the end of July 2014, however, Pythius became much more busy IRL, at first committing to playing at a reduced schedule before having to drop Civ entirely.[18] He would not return for the rest of Civcraft 2.0.

Civcraft 3.0

In May 2016, almost 2 years after his departure from Civcraft, Pythius returned and took part in planning for Civcraft 3.0.[19]


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