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Official Flag of Lyra
Map of Lyra
Capital CityVega
Head of StateCallMeBur
FoundedEarly June, 2018
Motto"The shining star of the southeast"
Location5000, 4300 [1]

Lyra was a nation located in the Southeast (+,+) region of CivClassics. Its central hub was situated in mountainous terrain, making for difficult navigation. It was west of Ossenkirch, southwest of Pripyat, and directly east of Dithmarschen.


Lyra was founded by CallMeBur, along with multiple individuals from his previous nation, Resimare, from Devoted and CivClassics.


CallMeBur joined Devoted in the early months of 2017 where he quickly joined the nation of Little Richards, who was lead by suthrnpride44. After a falling out with suthrn, Bur moved a majority of the people from Little Richards to a new mass of land that would be known as Resimare. This area did not last long, though, as raiders hired by suthrn quickly found the new nation and destroyed most of it, prompting another move to a far away land that would end up close to cwage's nation, Essina. New Resimare was a small village that was meant to serve as a hiding location in case of another attack. When things slowed in the village, the remaining members of New Resimare moved to New Veritas, where they would spend most of their time. After the Delta Alliance attacked Veritas' vault, and the subsequent pearling of Bur, there was low activity in Resimare. Devoted soon after closed down, and the few residents of Resimare moved over to CivClassics.


Resimare was then founded on CivClassics after a citizen of Vale gave Bur a small piece of land north of Vale, west of Hjaltland, and south of Yoahtl. After many attempts to develop the nation, the lack of interest killed any chance of prosperity. This prompted the deal with Yoahtl to give up the land in exchange that they were not to use the name "Resimare". The land, along with a small plot of land that had belonged to Airhaven, was given to Yoahtl under the name "Resimere". Bur and two other residents of Resimare took refuge in Mir for a few weeks because of their association with Coni. Lyra was then founded in the southwest region near Dithmarschen.


Lyra was closely related to other nations in the +,+ region, such as Dithmarschen, Ossenkirch, Pripyat, and Rowa.


Lyra was situated in a very mountainous region, making travel especially difficult, and infrastructure even harder. It was located in a spruce forest, with Dithmarschen directly southwest, Ossenkirch east, Rowa southeast, and Pripyat northeast. Lyra was connected to Dithmarschen by land, and Ossenkirch and Pripyat by rail. Agriculture was very sparse in the region, making trade with other nations essential.


Name Position
CallMeBur Head of State
gavagoo Deputy Head of State
Onederful Head of Infrastructure
Red Tourmaline Resident
Pantaloonies Resident
Damocles__ Resident
BreakTheGame Active Duty Military


Discord: CallMeBur#8632