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Location7030, 3695
TerritoriesFljora, Rowa
Mottotja & tja
National anthemS4LEM - CAPULETS

Krowatia is a nation lead by LLE2, masterwinner96 and legosteenHD on CivClassics. It is a member of the CES. Krowatia has strong ties to Rowa, as Rowa was co-founded by both LLE2 and legosteenHD, among others. Given the rough past of the nation's members they generally remain reclusive, however they do have some strong ties to nations in the ++, especially Monterrey.


The name of Krowatia is derived from Krowa, the capital of Rowa.


The Krowatian government is an anarchical council, made up of the aforementioned leaders. This means there is no direct rule by an individual but the citizens share the power.


Flee from Rowa (2018-07)

The first settlement on the island of Krowatia dating back to 2018 built by the Rowans

The history of Krowatia is as previously mentioned closely tied to Rowa, which has had its fair share of conflicts and history of war throughout the times. Before the Rowans were forced to flee from the island they dug an underground passage to a seemingly unclaimed area that was gonna be used to restore the nation. However due to absence the island fell into decay. The first Rowan settlement on the current land of Krowatia still stands on this day.

Fljora (2021-05)

LLE2 founded the city of Fljora in connection with Monterrey, located above the mainland of the now known Krowatia. While having ambitions to reestablish as a nation Krowatia was founded and legosteenHD started building foundations on the initial island the Rowans fled to.

The treaty of Krowatia (2021-05)[1]

While the establishment of Krowatia had picked up speed there was still things that needed to be done in order to have claims recognized. Despite being seemingly inactive and decayed there were disputes about who the land belonged to. After ages of networking Krowatia eventually got a hold of the landowner WNS2 from Amyr who had supposedly been granted the landclaims from Adina three months prior to Krowatia reaching out to Amyr about it.

Critics call the process behind the treaty very deceptive from both parts. legosteenHD had already started building housing and infrastructure on the island, and WNS2 was trying to initially give a shady split of the area, having no awareness of the area despite being supposedly entitled to it. Eventually an agreement was made and the island was split into two parts.

As things are now the Krowatians still consider the split to be very controversial and unecessary. Some argue that the split is made in a reckless way in alignment with its terrain, among other things, splitting up an ancient settlement in half. It is also perceived by the general public that WNS2 is only interested in utilizing the farm area, which the Krowatians were perfectly fine with giving up and had already intended to seperate from the main island.

Reclaiming Rowa (2021-06)

LLE2 made an epic bargain with the Maltovians, who were in possession of the island as of 2021-06. As a result of this deal, the Rowans were able to reclaim their ancestral homeland as part of Krowatia. Although the island was now back in the hands of the Rowans, the Vitelia Vault remained in possession of Hjaltland/Mir.

Vitelia Vault agreement and restoration plans for Rowa (2021-06)[2]

The vault removal plan for Rowa

After reclaiming the island of Rowa, a mission was set by the citizens of Krowatia to restore the island. during the years of absence from Rowa a huge vault was built and the island to this day (2021-06) still looks like a huge warzone after the vault was seized by Hjaltland/Mir. The agreement gives Krowatia claims of the area with respect to the conditions made by Hjaltland/Mir in order to restore the area.

The main points of the restoration process is going to be

1) unblock the river-passage to make boat travel viable again

2) Cover up the vault, build a city ontop of it

3) Cover up other extensions and remove all vault-borders

4) Remove the skybridge that stretches around 800-blocks

Currently the plan is set in motion and the citizens are semi-actively working on removing the snitch-grid surrounding the vault.

Geography and Architecture

Krowatia consists currently of two territories that they are actively developing, Rowa and Fljora, both sharing very similar terrain, one of the primary reasons why the Rowan's fled to this particular island when they were driven away.

The heart of Fljora as of 2021-08-08


The island of establishment has similar geography to Rowa, except that there's a shitty border that doesn't allow us to expand the way we intended. Fljora is the heart of Krowatia and consists of rich and tall structures. The buildings are typically made with the finest materials available, commonly used quartz and other rich and hard to access materials. It is not uncommon to see buildings utilizing glazed terracotta which is heavily inspired from a trip the leaders did to a nearby mesa-biome.

Fljora's central buildings are typically spread out diagonally throughout the area in order to preserve as much greenspace as possible. Inspired by Krowa's older citystructure. The basilica shown on the left image is currently the largest structure in Fljora and is still in construction, it is expected to be finished before 2021.

Rowa - Krowa and restortation

Progress on covering up the vault as of 2021-08-08

Contrary to Fljora, Rowa was, and still is a relatively poor area, the Rowan's didn't have access to the same materials that we do today. Most buildings here consist of materials from it's surroundings, primarily cobblestone, wool and wood but also the ocassional brick and terracotta. Quartz was not an actively used material due to the lucrative nature of it. After Rowa initially got griefed and lost their primary resources they decided to only use quartz carefully considered, as to not show signs of wealth.

As of writing this (2021-08-08), Krowatian members have been actively working on checking off the list. A 7x7 tunnel has been digged from Fljora to Krowatia, the tunnel makes for easy transportation of materials needed for restoring the land. Approximately half of the vault has been covered up with an initial layer, and almost half of the obsidian pillars have been removed. Krowatia also decided to restore the old decayed palace that the vault was placed next to, the palace is almost finished and currently works as a head office for restroration operations.

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