Communist Cities Caretaker-Protectorate

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Communist Cities Caretaker-Protectorate
Flag of the CCCP
Capital City(s)Leninsk, Oblast Leninya (2019-2021) Westgrove, Oblast Dvoynya (2021)
GovernmentOne-party Socialist State
Leading PartyThe Workers' Party (TWP)
Founded9 October 2019
Populated ByMaltovians, Pripyatski, Threepers, and Communists
Head of StateGeneral Secretary SandFalls
Head of GovernmentGoverning Secretary Pythius_Df
Land ClaimsImgur Link
Annexed16 October 2021

The Communist Cities Caretaker-Protectorate - often called by the acronym CCCP - was the merger state between the New Republic of Pripyat and the People's Federal Republic of Maltovia. During its two years of existence the Protectorate consisted of four Oblasts with the capital first in Leninsky, Oblast Leninya before moving to the town of Westgrove, Oblast Dvoynya.

The CCCP was dissolved on the 16th of October when it was annexed into the Confederation of Socialist Augusta during an event known as the "October Revolution". The former Oblasts were subsequently reorganized in the Confederation of Cities Communes and Protectorates.

Oblast Leninya

Most northern, and western of the oblasts, consisting of the City of Lenin Isle, Leninya was the smallest in the CCCP. The formerly independent republic was subsumed by the New Republic of Pripyat, before being incorporated into the CCCP.

In 2021 much of the island known as Lenin Isle was relinquished by the Worker's Party and gifted to Cape Cocoa who have set up their capital opposite of the old city which gave its name to the island.

Oblast Dithmarschen

Consisting of the cities of Dithmarschen, Terestai, Buran Buran, and New Palusgrad, Oblast Dithmarschen extends over a chunk of territory in what was once the Provinces of the South East, until being annexed by the Peoples Federal Republic of Maltovia.

In modern times, the largely depopulated Oblast has been a crucial node for East-West rail travel in the deep south of the map.

Oblast Maltovia

Consisting of the cities of Leninsk, Krowa, and Awor, Oblast Maltovia stretches over the islands of Leninsk, the Channel Islands, and the island Rowa, excluding the former Vitelia vault. The City of Leninsk is the capital of Oblast Maltovia, as well as the official capital of the CCCP. Due to the political crisis which escalated to the ongoing CCCP Civil War the capital has temporarily moved to Westgrove in Oblast Dvoynya.

In modern times most Maltovians have emigrated to the CSA for increased economic opportunities and to avoid the sporadic violence characterizing the CCCP Civil War.

Oblast Dvoynya

The 'Twin Oblast' is known as such for the cities of Pripyat and Threepton which serve as the dual capitals of this most populous Oblast. Spread across three forested islands of the shallow plus plus the village of Swineport and the temporary capital of the CCCP, Westgrove are also in Dvoynya. Prior to achieving union with their comrades in the People's Republic of Maltovia, Dvoynya was the heartland of the New Republic of Pripyat.

In modern times this region is the center of activity in the CCCP but it is also the site of most contention in the ongoing CCCP Civil War.