Communist Cities Caretaker-Protectorate

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Communist Cities Caretaker-Protectorate
Flag of the CCCP
Capital CityLeninsk
GovernmentOne-party Socialist State
Leading PartyThe Workers' Party (TWP)
Founded9 October 2019
DemonymMaltovian, Pripyatian, Communist
Land ClaimsImgur Link

The Communist Cities Caretaker-Protectorate - often called by the acronym CCCP - is the merger state between the New Republic of Pripyat and the People's Federal Republic of Maltovia.

Oblast Pripyat

Consisting of the main island of the City of Pripyat, and two developed islands to its north, Oblast Pripyat is a mountainous, radioactive hellscape environment.

In earlier times Pripyat and Oblast Provincia were united as Oblast Dvoynya.

Oblast Maltovia

Consisting of the cities of Leninsk, Krowa, and Awor, Oblast Maltovia stretches over the islands of Leninsk, the Channel Islands, and the island Rowa, excluding the former Vitelia vault. The City of Leninsk is the capital of the CCCP, as well as the capital of Oblast Maltovia.

Oblast Dithmarschen

Consisting of the cities of Dithmarschen, Terestai, Buran Buran, and New Palusgrad, Oblast Dithmarschen extends over a chunk of territory in what was once the Provinces of the South East, until being annexed by Maltovia, and then incorporated into the CCCP.

Oblast Leninya

Consisting of the City of Lenin Isle, Oblast Leninya covers only said island, and was formerly independent, until being subsumed by the New Republic of Pripyat, and then incorporated into the CCCP.

Oblast Provincia

Consisting of Provincia Isle, its neighboring island to the east, as well as the small islands in that area. The capitol of the Oblast is in Threepton on Provincia Isle, there too is the dutch settlement of Westgrove. Across the Wander River is the village of Swineport, Idol Island and the defunct headquarters of the Civcraft Heritage Society. The Oblast was an independent state prior to achieving union with comrades in the New Republic of Pripyat shortly before the founding of the CCCP.