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United Republic
Great United Socialist Republic of the Free People’s Sovereignity of Unitas, the Democratic Federation of Northern Unitas, the Hallowed Island of the Four Crabs blessed by the Guiding Light of the One True Unicrab and the Timeless and Rational Principle laid out by the Parhelion of the Shining Sun of Nazbol and the Heavenly City of New Achroma
United Republic Flag
Flag of the United Republic
United Republic Flag
Emblem of the United Republic
DemonymUnitasi, Achroman
AllianceCommonwealth of Moloka
The Coalition
Capital cityXiangmu Xiangmu
SettlementsXiangmu, Xifang
TerritoriesFPS Unitas
Hallowed Island
GovernmentSocialist semi-direct democracy
Governing documentConstitution of Unitas[1]
• Supreme President
Foundation date19 October 2019
Preceded by Free Democratic People's Socialist Republic of Unitas
Succeeded by
ReligionCult of Unicrab
People of the Shining Crab
National anthemCrab Rave
Simple Map of Unitas
National Workers Party of Unitas
Flag of the NWP
Founded27 Oct 2019
IdeologyNational Bolshevism
 • Marxism-Leninism-Maoism
 • Raven x3 thought on Socialism with Unitasi Characteristics for a New Era
 • Revolutionary Nationalism
 • Anti World Police
 • Fully Automated Luxury Ruralism
 • Post Posadism
Political positionSyncretic
Colour  Red
SloganCrab is Peace, Capital is Slavery, Nazbol is Strength
AnthemGhost Nation
Seats in the Council of the Republic
3 / 8 (38%)
Anarchist Vanguard Party of Unitas
Flag of the AVP
Founded07 Dec 2019
IdeologyDemocratic Confederalism

 • Libertarian Municipalism
 • Anarchist Communism
 • Council Communism
 • Post-scarcity Anarchism
 • Autonomism
 • Luxembourgism

 • Collectivist Anarchism
Political positionFar left
Colour  Orange
Seats in the
Council of the Republic
1 / 8 (13%)

The United Republic of Unitas and Achroma was a socialist republic located in the north-western part of the main continent on CivRealms 2.0. It was bordered by Moloka in the north, Aurora Oasis and ICOR to the east, Oklahoma to the south and Norlund to the west.


The FDPSFR Unitas has been founded on the 19th Oct 2019.[2] 9 days later it expanded to integrate the territory formerly claimed by the Inca.

Regions and Geography

The United Republic was divided into four autonomous regions.

Free People's Sovereignty of Unitas

Democratic Federation of Northern Unitas

The DFNU was located in the northern half of Unitas. It was commonly referred to as Xifang (西方) and the home of the AVP, the anarchist faction of Unitas.

The Hallowed Island

The The Hallowed Island of the Four Crabs blessed by the Guiding Light of the One True Unicrab and the Timeless and Rational Principle laid out by the Parhelion of the Shining Sun of Nazbol (四隻螃蟹的聖島被一個真正的統一蟹的指引光祝福,納茲博爾的陽光燦爛的太陽傘下的永恆而理性的原則) also known as The Hallowed Island has been given to the FDPSFR Unitas by the Dissolving Empire of Chicago on the 22th Dec 2019. It serves as a religious site for all followers of the Cult of the Unicrab.

Heavenly City of New Achroma


Council of the Republic

The Council of the Republic (CoR) was the governing body of the United Republic.


National Workers Party

The NWP has been founded with the creation of the FDPSFR Unitas and remains most influental in its capital city. It advocates for socialism with a strong focus on the nation and continuing Unitasi traditions whilst embracing the new conditions of a new world. A central point to the NWP wasthe Raven x3 Thought on Socialism with Unitasi Characteristics for a New Age, which tries to reconcile and synergise the various aspects of the party.

Anarchist Vanguard Party

Tired of the repression they faced in Xiangmu, a group of anarchists fled the capital of Unitas to start the new commune of Xifang in the north of the country. Quickly they realized they had to form a party that could oppose the hegemony of the National Workers Party in Unitas, so the Anarchist Vanguard Party, influenced by democratic confederalism, was born.

Stalin's Last Army

Staln's Last Army wasthe political vanguard of The People of the Shining Crab. It's goal wasthe full stalinization of the entire world in order to reach Crab Communism as envisoned by the King Crab known as Shiny Crab Man. The goals of thwaspolitical party are:

  • The construction of a crab-socialist caliphate in the United Republic in which Shiny Crab Man takes the eternal position as King Crab of the Republic and it's chosen human form, the Hermit Crab of The People of the Shining Crab, acts as it's human representative and as the official head of the state.
  • Elevating the guidelines of The People of the Shining Crab above the laws of state.
  • Outlawing all religions and cults, specifically the Cult of Unicrap.
  • Relocate all labor-power and resources of the United Republic into the construction of a temple for Shiny Crab Man.
  • Creating the conditions for the Crab Communist Utopia by advancing philosophy and technology to such a high degree that we can replace our weak human bodies with a collectively-shared giant crab body in which we share one collective consciousness.
  • Crab Communism by 2049.

International Trade Union of Shepherds


Cult of Unicrab

Praise Unicrab — Unknown

People of the Shining Crab

Stalin's Last Army
Flag of the SLA
Founded10 Jan 2020
Ideology • Stalinism-Revisionism

 • Crab-socialist caliphate
 • Shiny Crab Man-Mission
 • Monotheism
 • Anti-Unicrab
 • Anti-secularism
 • One country, one crab
 • Utopianism

 • Vanguardism
Political positionAscended
Colour  Blue
Seats in the
Council of the Republic
1 / 8 (13%)

One Country, One Crab. Read the crab book.

Death to Unicrap — Shiny Crab Man

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