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- Motto: "You don't know where you're going if you don't know where you've been."
Capital CityValyrian City
GovernmentDemocracy ( based on popular vote no term limit)
Valyrian CouncilmenComhraic
FoundedDec. 18th 2018
PopulationMarch 15th: 27


Formerly a small group called Knights of the Terracotta Block that grew and shredded it's previous beliefs in the Terracotta Block. Starting firmly in the -,- and quickly coming into contact with Hallow and being moved to what is now Kaiserreich (Varkonia's Northern Protectorate). Each step of the journey Valyria made friends and finally settled in a land that they could claim their own. While a Newfriend nation of 3 months they participated in the defense of the First Siege of Sempiternal in Columbia -,-. Valyria experienced quite a few setbacks after the fall of their leader at the First Siege of Sempitemal.

Valyria ended up leaving the war between NATO and Mir going on to be independent and self reliant. [1] Despite their leader Doommad being still being exiled pearled they started getting back to a sense of normalcy after the fact. Reaching out to new nations and players and building friendships. Regrettably so one of their members that didn't see the horrors of war got bored one day and took it on themselves to raid a nation despite strict laws prohibiting raiding and griefing on the nation and that of other nations/territory. That player known as Kiwigamer when found out of their actions by the Valyrian High Council was pearled and stripped of rank and privilege in Valyria as well talks with Evo of Corvus began to return what he had taken and fix the wrongs of the alts and people he employed.

Valyria joined Columbia on November 2019. [2]