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The Libertarian Socialist International Federation (LSIF) was a Libertarian Leftist organization that has been around since ancap minecraft. It was briefly revived on civclassics but was dissolved shortly after.


Ancap Minecraft

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CivCraft 1.0

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CivCraft 2.0

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CivCraft 3.0

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Devoted 3.0

CivClassic 2.0

The LSIF was initially revived on CivClassic 2.0 by SandFalls and Renrits1 with a discord server being created on June 28th, 2019. However, a day after its revival, Renrits1 left the server altogether. An official code of conduct was eventually written by SandFalls.

Little Ukraine

Kropotkin's Head

As people started to join the LSIF, SandFalls dedicated part of the land of the future Union of Socialist Augusta to the first LSIF commune, Little Ukraine. This commune was small and only had a few residents, such as, ChocChips, Bayrd and Horus, but it was arguably the biggest commune of this iteration of the LSIF. Notable buildings include Tolstoy Tower, a huge chaotic tower, and a statue of Kropotkin's head, where one can be vored to get bread.


Around a month after the creation of Little Ukraine, ChocChips and ComradeRick traveled to Gensokyo to found the LSIF's second commune, NAPALM, also known as Little Manchuria, in land given by fellow LSIF member Topaz in Taozi City. This commune, however, didn't see a lot of activity, with only one building having been created.

Embassy Project

In an attempt to revive the LSIF, its member, Naledi, proposed an embassy project, which had the goal of creating embassies in most big cities on the server where LSIF members lived. From this project, however, only one embassy was created by ComradeRick in Columbia City.

Saigon's Pride Room


With the failure of the embassy project, SandFalls and ChocChips decided to start the LSIF's third and last commune, Saigon, in November, 2019. This commune, situated east of Pinnacle, Verda, although not big, did see some activity, having other people such as ComradeRick, Bones, Horus, Troozi3 and cat_alunya visit and build or help. This commune had both buildings on the surface as well as underground buildings, most notably, the pride room, filled with LGBTQ+ pride flags.

Drama and Ending

Eventually activity in Saigon died down, but this didn't stop drama within the LSIF, as ComradeRick was removed due to internal problems, which lead to fights and drama, which have since been resolved.

With LSIF's activity becoming almost nonexistent, the decision to end the organization was carried out around the end of 2019.

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