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Monterrey, officially The Commonwealth of Monterrey, was a constitutional monarchy settled on the former lands of Akai, Georgia, and Risk, it was the successor to the Republic of Georgia. It was bordered by Amyr to the northwest, Cortesia Del Mar to the east, The Communist Cities Caretaker-Protectorate to the North (via the Provincian Sea) and South, Krowatia to the Northwest, Lambat via the Old Georgia Colony and Monterrey's exclave Querocia shared a border with Mir to the northeast. It was known for its capital Rainier, and its many historic ruins. It was comprised of 3 Principalities, Risk, Akai. and Georgia. Monterrey was dissolved on December 8th, 2021. Immediately, King MrDoomBringer proclaimed the Kingdom of Georgia.

Commonwealth of Monterrey
Flag of Monterrey
Seal of Monterrey
LocationCentral +,+
Capital cityRainier 7777, 5100
GovernmentExecutive Constitutional Monarchy
• King
MrDoomBringer Roskolnikov
• Chancellor
Gabriel Magoo Alzubloxxer11
Foundation dateDecember 12th, 2020 (Dissolved December 8th, 2021.)

Government & Politics

The Royal Senato

The Royal Senato is the Bicameral legislature of Monterrey, it is comprised of two houses, the Upper Senato, and the Lower Senato. The Upper Senato is comprised of the three princes of Georgia, Risk, and Akai, while the Lower Senato is comprised of three Senators who are appointed by the Princes.
The King

The King is an elected position where the elector is given autocratic powers of the state. The King is not able to intervene in the Senato unless the Lower Senato approves.

The Justice Council

The Justice Council is a council that acts similar to a Jury, but it is comprised of all citizens of Monterrey in an equal forum where all are equal.

Rainier on May 24th, 2021


Devoted 3.0

On October 26th, 2016, Atosvan was founded as a Socialist Republic. As Atosvan grew it soon applied for provincial status in the United Socialist Republic (USR). After six months of being under the USR, Atosvan, which at the time was known as Qhubeka, declared independence from the USR. A month after independence, Qhubeka and Favahland had united into a new state called Omkhulu. Nearly a weak later, The Georgian Confederation was formed, in which Omkhulu was absorbed into. By the time Devoted 3.0 was shut down; the Georgian Confederation was one of the last active nations.

The Flag of Qhubeka is an old design from early 2015, the stars, which represented the two capital cities, were not added until late 2016. The Green represented the fertile plains of the old Qhubeka.

The name, "Qhubeka", comes from the Zulu word for continue.

The Domain of the United Kingdom of Monterrey.


The Second Georgian Republic

Originally, the Republic of Georgia was a Republic situated on the island of Vale, under the former administration of Brennau (Aznazia). It was active for many weeks, but after the founder had been pearled, he had left the island to stake a new claim in the Plus Plus.

The Third Georgian Republic

The Second Georgian Republic was founded on July 14th, 2018. It's administrative capital was Savannah (now Diora). A month later, The Risk Republic had formed Thalassocracy. Almost immediately, Georgia had applied for statehood in the Thalassocracy. This was the end of the Second Georgian Republic, marked by the Treaty of Savannah.

Old Flag of Georgia
Old Flag of Georgia


Whenever Thalassocracy and Pruthenia united, it formed Vítelia. However, Georgia had opted out for autonomy under Vitelia instead of it being governed by the central government. Whenever Vitelia began construction of its vault, trouble soon followed due to the militaristic leaders of the nation decided to plunge the nation into a war it did not survive. After the partition of Vitelia on January 6th, 2019, Georgia had been granted the Isle of Risk and the Island of Georgia Proper.

The Fourth Federal Republic of Georgia

On May 10th, 2019 Georgia had participated in the Third Olympics in Gensokyo.

On that same day, it had changed its name from The Fourth Georgian Federal Republic to The Republic of Asiro.


On May 17th, 2019 the purchase of the island of Vista had been approved, and on May 18th, 2019 Asiro had claimed the Island of Querocia.

During the Republic of Asiro, the new capital Arem began construction. It is the northern port in Lake Linois.

The Estiran Confederacy

On April 9th, 2020, the Estiran Confederacy reclaimed the historic Georgian land from Vilsek. During Estira, Arem served as the Capital.

Also on April 12th, 2020, the Estiran Confederacy had an article written about it in the Liberty Gazette. (Based in Pacem)

The United Kingdom of Monterrey

On December 13th, 2020, the United Kingdom of Monterrey was founded along with its capital, Rainier.

In the afternoon of February 18th, 2021, the United Kingdom of Monterrey was admitted into DUMP (The Defense Union for Mutual Prosperity)

On April 26th, 2021, the Principality of Fljora was admitted.

During the afternoon of May 21st, The Golfo Strait Bridge began construction between Cortesia Del Mar and Monterrey.

On May 28th, Yodabird20 was pearled by K0mmi, a Columbian sleeper agent. Almost resulting in a conflict, but was resolved via diplomatic compromise.

The Commonwealth of Monterrey

As of December 8th, 2021, Monterrey is currently in a reformation period.

Map of Monterrey and the Central +, + quadrant.


Political Geography

The Commonwealth of Monterrey's claim covers a portion of the central +, + quadrant, stretching 1,500 blocks horizontally, and 2,000 blocks vertically. It neighbors Cortesia Del Mar to the east, Adina in the north, Krowatiato the south and north east, and Mir to the north via the exclave of Querocia.

Physical Geography

Monterrey is a diverse nation home to the Mesas and the Dark-Oak forested highlands of Querocia. Its heartland, the island of Georgia, is home to the Georgo-Cascadian mountains, which is home to the highest point in central +, + region. And to the south lies the steppes of Akai, a fairly flat, lightly vegetated peninsula home to the capital and largest city, Rainier. In the North East lies the forested hills of Risk, which were home to the Risk Republic , a former republic founded by Maxpowerboy and his colleagues. In the far north in the +,-, the Old Georgia Colony, which was home to the original CivClassics iteration of Georgia, is a part of Monterrey for conservation of the land. It is a plains biome vegetated with Spruce Trees.

Flag of Qhubeka
Flag of Qhubeka

The Principalities


Georgia is a historical republic that was one of the founding nations in Vitelia, it is home to the city of Diora. It officially governs the lands of Georgia Proper, Cascadia and Queroçia. Its Prince is Dilbuercito, one of the original members of Georgia. It traces its roots back to Devoted, where it started with the settlement of Sanderstown, near the settlements of Wyvenhurst, and Entra. The Iteration of Georgia on CivClassics started in June 2017 near modern-day Lambat. Afterwards a migration had occurred south the the deep +,+.


Akai is a Province within the Commonwealth, it is a former nation in the +, + that shares the same name, it is home to the capital, Rainier.

Not much is known about the history of Akai, but its former Ruler fk_54 was the first to document the smallest jungle biome on the server.


Risk is a province comprising of the provinces of Risk, Mila-Cascadia, and the city of Arem.

The name Risk hails its roots from a Roblox Group called Risk Universalis. The original founder of Risk, Maxpowerboy had established it at a Dictatorship, but after being overthrown, he returned and vowed for Risk to become a Republic.

The Government

The First Senato of Monterrey was sworn in on January 1st, 2021.\

It is the first government of Monterrey, and it will expire on December 29th, 2021 for the Annual Monterrey elections.

Position Name
King Gabriel_Magoo
Prince of Georgia Dilbuercito
Prince of Akai fk_54 (defacto)
Prince of Risk alzuBloxxer11
Prince of Fjora LLE2
Executive Roles
Lord Mayor of Rainier MrDoomBringer
Governor of the Royal Territories MrDoomBringer
Head Diplomat Dilbuercito

The Royal Territories

The Royal Territories of Monterrey consist of the City of Rainier, the Old Georgia Colony, and Akai National Monument. These Territories are governed by the King and Royal Senato directly. The Royal Territories exist for conservation, defense, and strategic reasons.