East Jolington

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East Jolington
East Jolington's Flag (combination of the flag of Columbia and either the Union Jack or The Fire and Water Cross)
LocationEast Jolington Island
DemonymEast Jolingtonians
Foundation date9/22/2021

East Jolington is a state in the (-,-) that is East of Jolington. While it was temporarily annexed into Jolington proper, it eventually managed to gain uncontested independence through the East Jolington Peace Treaty.

The people who originally settled East Jolington were either citizens of or given supplies by Columbia and Kallos.


The Home Depot War

See The Home Depot War


Downtown East Jolington

Contains many buildings, including a Home Depot, a grain storage house, and many artifacts of history presumably given to the East Jolingtonians by Icenia or Columbia.

Uptown East Jolington

Contains many houses, most of which are unfinished.

Far East Jolington

Contains abandoned farms and an abandoned large castle.