Mery Horde

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Mery Horde
Flag of the Mery Horde and Merthyr
Location7300, 1312
Capital cityMerthyr
GovernmentPlatformist Confederation
• Ataman
Foundation date11 December 2021
Preceded by CCCP
Succeeded byHwillotati
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  • Brazilian Portuguese
IdeologyCommunism, Anarchism

The Mery Horde held territory in the +,+ on the CivRev server. It was the spiritual successor to the CCCP from CivClassics, with early Mery coming from Carson, Provincia, and the Confederation of Socialist Augusta (CSA). First settling in the democratic socialist city-state of Merthyr, the Mery soon expanded to control much of the Mery Steppe east of the Medi Sea. The Mery sought friendship with their neighbors and respect for their traditions.


At the start of CivRev some players from the CSA settled in the city of Tophopolis which boomed in the first days of CivRev. When CivClassics returned from a temporary outage, these migrants moved back to their original server and continued playing there.

Several weeks later, following the announcement of the end of CivClassics on December 8, 2021, citizens of the CCCP looked to continue their legacy and activities on another Civ server.[1]After some scouting, the city of Merthyr was founded on December 11, 2021. The city was named after the real-life Merthyr Uprising, which is credited as the first workers' movement in history to use the red flag.

The founding of the city marked a radical departure from the ZombieLeninism-Boleshevist thought and Anarcho-Stalinist government of the Confederation of Cities, Communes, and Protectorates. No longer lead by The Workers' Party, the civvas of Merthyr adopted a more democratic and anarchistic organizational model relying on the bonds of mutual respect and trust established in previous servers. After a calm early development, these early migrants emerged together as the Mery.

On December 18th, the city officially adopted the First Law of the Mery Horde, creating the country of the Mery Horde[2]. The law officially codified the Mery's non-hierarchical nature and created rules to permit the growth and functioning of the Horde. The Mery hold their equality to be sacred, teaching that "the sun beats down evenly on us all" but from time to time when the situation demands, an Ataman shall be elected from among the Mery to lead them in accomplishing their goals.

Following the decline of CivRev's playerbase in early January 2022, most of the Mery have since migrated to Vintage Civ where they founded the village of Hwillotati.