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Personal Info
Current Citizenships Free Workers' Cooperative of Danzilona

 Cortesia Del Mar

 Mount Augusta
Known ForExploring and diplomacy
Known Spoken LanguagesEnglish
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivcraft 2.0
Iterations played on
i am a freed-market respecting freedom-to-roam defending innocent until proven guilty unaligned cosmopolitan curious friend-maker

Lowtuff, Danzilona Discord[1]

Lowtuff is a Civcraft oldfriend and LSIF member known for their exploring, diplomacy, and extreme friendliness. Beginning their civ career in July 2013, Lowtuff became famous for their far-reaching diplomacy in service of New Danzilona and their extensive mapping, notably marking visited locations with signs that read "hi - Lowtuff." After the end of Civcraft 3.0, Lowtuff helped found Provincia on CivClassics and played only intermittently before returning in early 2021 - refounding the 2.0 city of Carson in April that year.[2] A longtime citizen of Danzilona and the U3P, throughout their civ career they have also been a citizen or resident of Fellowship, Saraliana, Tropica, Mt. Augusta, the CCCP (both old and new), and Merthyr.

Over the course of 2021, Lowtuff was pearled no less than 5 times on various trespassing and related charges due to a relentless and principled commitment to free knowledge and the rights of civvers to peaceably travel unmolested about a public server.[3]


Civcraft 2.0

Lowtuff and Des23 enthusiastically on the run from it_needs_bees during the Aeginan independence movement, August 16, 2014.

Lowtuff first began their career by joining New Danzilona with two of their IRL friends in July 2013.[4] Lowtuff quickly became an active explorer and pioneer for NDZ, overseeing the development of jungle & nether biome colonies as well as expansion into the immediate surroundings of the city, claiming the city of Babylon[5][6] and establishing contact with Eros Varos. Lowtuff also settled the swamp island south of NDZ as their own private property, which they would later lease out to a group of new settlers who founded the city of Aegina on it.[7] Along their travels, Lowtuff developed a knack for mapping and went on to spend much of their time on Civcraft 2.0 mapping out the entirety of the +,+ quadrant.[8][9] Interacting with a variety of cities around the map also led Lowtuff to forming an interest in diplomacy. They became a foreign representative for NDZ numerous times and helped found the United Provinces of the Plus Plus.[10][11][12] In December 2013, Lowtuff was a scout for the Danzilonans during the Christmas attack of Rancuneus and became the only Danzilonan to have been pearled by the raider.[13]

A dedicated Danzilonan, they introduced many changes and reforms to the city over the years, including making NDZ's flag and founding the Phoenix Council that filled the power vacuum in the city following the Riverford War.[14][15] Lowtuff was determined to fix everything in the aftermath of the war, which involved ending the Aeginan independence movement through diplomatic means and attempting to make official internal boundaries numerous times.[16][17] Ultimately, the leader of Aegina had to be pearled, which the Phoenix Council agreed to.

In August 2014, Lowtuff founded NDZ's COOL DESERT COLONY.[18] The CDC was the second NDZ territory in the Mt. Augusta region after Riverford and was a popular destination spot for vacationing Danzilonans. Lowtuff designed the cactus farm which was not actually built until 5 months after the CDC's founding.[19] Around the same time, Lowtuff also founded the religion known as Deathsquare.[20][21] Deathsquare would thereafter become the official religion of Tropica when Lowtuff joined Tropica as a dual citizen in October 2014.

Throughout 2015, Lowtuff, along with fellow Danzilonan Des23, helped organise and execute Project Phoenix, which involved fixing up and bringing activity to NDZ's territories and colonies.[22] A total of 5 projects took place, with Lowtuff themself being physically present for 4 of them. After Des took a break in September 2015, Lowtuff planned a new round of projects before the Danzilonan's time was taken up by supporting their fighters in the Nox War. During the Nox War, Lowtuff spent much time in the end bringing in supplies and emotionally supporting the civilians who were pearled.[23]

Devoted 2.0

Lowtuff played Devoted concurrently with Civcraft 2.0 but only very casually. During their short time on Devoted, Lowtuff [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] the [REDACTED], resulting in the r̷͇̓ë̶̺́l̶͖̚ẹ̶̑ȁ̵̮s̴͔̑ë̵̜ ̸͙̚ơ̸͚̒́͘f̸͇͇̥͛͒̍ ̷͈́̐͌̌t̸̜͍̅ͅh̵̛̜e̸͔̐̀͐̕D̸̨͓̠̪̜̳͍͇̯̥̝͂̀̅́̿̃͆͌̑͌̕͠a̴̧̨̛̛̟͙̙̲̿̂̽̈̈́̀͝n̵̡͔̖̜͉̰͕̼͎̭͖͔̳̤̼͓͔̠͌̍͊͋̈̿̅̔̎͑̂̇͌̀̎̓͌̃̚͝͝ͅz̷̨̼̗͓͌̌͒̅̅̏̓̀͐̄́̊́̿̌͒͊͐͂̀c̷̡̡̛̤̫̺̱͚̦͍͉͉̭͍̝͙̮̜͓̭͂̉̌̿̊͊́̿̉̒̊̋́̿͗̀͝ȕ̶̡̢̨͈̮̝̜͚̳͍͇̝̼̘̗͚̜̼͔̑̒̇͆͆̄̅͊̕̚͘͝b̸̡̧̡̡̡͕̘͍͈̙̹̹͖͈̘̘̠̭͛̆̽̓̒͛̈́̈́̊̈́͜͜ͅȩ̷̡̛̛͎̣̝̹̯̟̝͔̩̽̎̉̋̿̽̿̕.[24]

Civcraft 3.0

Like many long-time Danzilonans, Lowtuff helped plan out the next iteration of Danzilona for 3.0, which finalised in the founding of Nova Danzilona in the shard of Volans.[25] Lowtuff was still involved with mapping, but less so with diplomacy, and their short-lived career came to an end after 3.0 ended just 2 months into its existence.

CivClassic 2.0

A giant Lowtuff statue east of Provincia
Carson on CivClassic 2.0

Lowtuff took part in the founding of Provincia in the summer of 2017, becoming a moderator of its subreddit, but fell out of activity following the devastating raid on Threepton in 2018. It was not until almost 4 years later when Lowtuff was inspired to become active again and began to refamiliarize themselves with the server. Over the following year, Lowtuff would be known for their wide-ranging travels - for which they were pearled several times on charges of trespassing - and for founding the city of Carson as a homage to the Civcraft 2.0 city of the same name. The hole for Carson was completed in June 2021 after 2 months of digging.[26]

By the end of the server, Lowtuff had been pearled 5 seperate times on trespassing charges.

First time: Lowtuff was warned not to explore Mir after pinging snitches near the Mir borderline. They then proceeded to explore Mir. Pearled shortly afterwards while AFK on the rail to Savion.

Second time: Lowtuff swam past the pearl-on-sight line for the Nyasaland Vault in an attempt to load the empty chunk at the center of the vault. BennyZ quickly logged on in full prot at the vault and pearled them. They were released after serving an exilepearl sentence and paying trespassing fines to Nyasaland and Varkonia (Lowtuff had previously also swam past the pearl-on-sight line for the Varkonia Vault.)

Third time: After randomspawning next to the vault of Imperial Truidence and then passing a pre-exant hole in the wall to jump in the vault pit (so as to respawn elsewhere), Lowtuff was asked to turn themselves in for an exilepearl sentence. They were pearled visiting shops in Icenia a day later.

Fourth time: While mapping out the -,-, Lowtuff used a rail line from Mount September that deposited them in the warrens below Kallos city. They were met there by Danirague, and after talking for a few minutes they pearled Lowtuff on charges of trespassing - stating that Lowtuff had been banned from Kallos and been informed of this months earlier. Lowtuff was released upon complying with a shortened sentence requirement of writing and submitting an essay to Kallos authorities.[27]

Firth time: Columbia

Lowtuff was finally released during Pearled Harbor, immediately repearled by Hjaltland, and then released once again to take part in the End of the World party.

CivEx: First Light

Lowtuff and Des23 settled the small village of Atari Springs during the opening days of First Light in early 2019, planning to style it off a Wild West-type city. To avoid conflict, they incorporated it into Frankonia, which claimed the area Atari Springs rested in. The two friends lost steam and quit the server a month later due to not wanting to be associated with Frankonia's imperialist tendencies.

During this time, Lowtuff worked to create a replica of the Alamo in Atari Springs. They were pearled for trespassing while mining quartz for its construction.

CivRealms 2.0

In early 2020, Lowtuff was invited via Reddit DMs to join the IWW by Rainie, who wanted to bring in older Civcraft leftists who were associated with the LSIF. Lowtuff visited the city of Tolstoy and established a residence there but became inactive after only a few days.


Lowtuff helped found the city of Merthyr with former CCCP friends, playing only occasionally to help with others' build projects. Lowtuff secretly buried ChocChips 3 (3) times while they were AFK in Merthyr.


Lowtuff's raw map of the CivMC world, as of June 13, 2022

Lowtuff was a founder and initial settler of the Free Danzilonan Republic on the first day of the server, June 2, 2022. So far on the server, Lowtuff has been integral to mapping out the entirely of the world collaboratively with Gjum's map sync project. Lowtuff specifically mapped out almost all of the +,+ quadrant, doing so within the first two weeks of the server.

Tuff Facts

Feel free to add your own!

  • Was once charged with a total of 175 crimes by the Grundeswegian legal system.[28]
  • Created a small island in the shape of Japan in the sea between NDZ and Breslau.[29]
  • As a citizen of Saraliana, Lowtuff helped Papa_Pound build a large fort surrounded by an obsidian wall in the deep +,- before Papa's America raids.
  • Pearled for violating exclusion zones on CivClassic at least five times, including by Columbia, Imperial Truidence, Mir, and Kallos.
  • Due to the aforementioned unjustified pearlings, they inspired the foundation of a rebel organization known as the Lowtuff Liberation Army.
  • Removed all of the snow blocks from the Danzilonan neighbourhood of Swisston despite the name of NDZ's hockey team making a direct reference to how snowy Swisston is.[30]
  • Built at least 3 large statues of themself across the CivClassic map but denies that more than one exists.


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