Antipodean Union

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Antipodean Union
Antipodean Union Civball
Location-7777, 2700
Activity levelLow, 200+ citizens for tax purposes
AllianceAugustan Federation
Capital citySouth Augusta
GovernmentAnarcho-Capitalist Despotism
• Stadtholder
• Metropolitan
Foundation dateAugust 2018
MottoNot church or any belief of any sort. A relationship with yahusha 24/7
National anthemAllah, Syria, Bashar

The Antipodean Union was an isolationist worker's commune spread across a number of small islands in the -,+ of CivClassics. The majority of land and workers were owned by TheOrangeWizard, while the tax haven of El Caro was owned by Dr_Oracle.

The nation has cycled through many names including Sankt Most, Promise Global, and El Caro, and continued to suffer confusion from overlapping names for some time.


The Antipodean Union was founded in August 2018 by former Yoahtl government members TheOrangeWizard and Dr_Oracle. The two arranged to leave Yoahtl during the period of instability in the leadup to the Third Yoahtl-Laconia War.


The Antipodean Union consists of six principalities - South Augusta, Sankt Most, New Treeland, El Caro (and the Albion Listening Station), Hobbes Isle, and the Yoahtl Southern Territory.

On the 25th of February 2021 the Antipodean Union merged with South Augusta. The capital was relocated from Sankt Most to South Augusta, which maintains its own constitution.

Relations with Yoahtl

Despite their proximity and historic personal ties, the two nations have a rocky diplomatic relationship.

Resimare Rail Incident

In mid 2019, the Antipodean Union attempted to negotiate with the governments of Resimare and Yoahtl to have the NYC-Resimare rail redirected, as it ran directly under the Sankt Most islands. However the negotiations soon collapsed and threats of pearling were exchanged. After several months the dispute was resolved when GDAN12 dug an alternate rail line from NYC to Resimare, bypassing AU claims.

Spider Grinder Incident

Later in 2019, TheOrangeWizard approached the government of Yoahtl and requested they stop using a spider grinder in the ocean southwest of NYC. Yoahtl was hesitant to agree as they believed they had a right to use the grinder, due to its proximity to NYC and an informal agreement between TheOrangeWizard and Feathercrown dating back to 2017 giving the latter access to the grinder groups.

In response, TheOrangeWizard dug a small trench around the grinder and placed bastions to prevent access. Yoahtl was incensed and immediately demanded the surrender of the installation within 24 hours. 8 hours later a group of Yoahtlans led by SpaceVolcano surrounded the site and began preparing to cross the trench, placing platforms, cutting off the rail tunnel, and exchanging potshots with TheOrangeWizard. Finally TheOrangeWizard surrendered and transferred the groups for the trench and now disabled spider grinder to Yoahtl.

OrangeWizard pearling Incident

In April of 2021, TheOrangeWizard's pearl was obtained by Yoahtl. This was due to TheOrangeWizard threatening to obby bomb Resimere and for destroying the xp chest of Loungebob, a resident of Resimare.