Hotel California

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Hotel California was ashnwill's incomplete vault in Nudist Beach, which was controversially disabled by Entente-SATO forces early in it's construction.

It was originally intended to be a group vault for the Latvian Soccer Dogs, but ashnwill went on indefinite break as school started and revoked vault permissions for everybody but himself, effectively converting the vault to private property. Despite this, the vault was targeted in a controversial attack intended to cripple the Soccer Dogs in the southwest.

Attack on Hotel California
Part of the Infinity War
Operational scopeSurgical preemptive strike
Planned byEntente
ObjectivePush LSD out of the southwestern quadrant
DatePerformed 7 September 2019 (2019-09-07)
Executed byEntente and SATO forces
OutcomeVault disabled with no immediate opposition. Tensions and resentment against the World Police rise.
Battle of Hotel California
Part of the Infinity War
Hotel California retaken.png
Date28 September 2019
From the Hotel California vault island toward the Holy Jaded Empire

World Police victory.
~50% of vault materials saved by LSD-Laconian forces.

Start of the Entente-Laconia War.

Latvian soccer dogs.png LSD

Laconia Flag.png Laconia

World Police

Commanders and leaders

Latvian soccer dogs.png Pirater
Laconia Flag.png Tofee_Dodger 

Laconia Flag.png FRESH_candy

Entente symbol.png Frensin

MirFlag.png Lysika_Lantariel
13 10-12
Casualties and losses

6 pearled

~700 diamonds lost
0 pearled