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The Virgin Civ vs. The Gigachadtopia
Gigachadtopian Flag
The Great Seal of Gigachadtopia
Location-1400, -5700
DemonymGigachadtopian, Monochrome Muscleman
Capital cityIlluminati
TerritoriesGreat Chad Penninsula, Little Sahara
Area0.349 km (As of September 2021)
National Colors
  Chad Red
  Enjoyer Tan
  Based and Greenpilled
  Wheat Field Blonde
• Giggest Chad
Foundation dateMarch 21, 2021
Preceded byChadtopia
Motto"Ne amplius explicare"
National anthemBring Me the Horizon - Can You Feel My Heart

Gigachadtopia is a nation in the shallow Northwest Quadrant (-,-). It indirectly borders Christopia, Jolington, East Jolington, and Delve. The nation's theme is triangles - all claims are done with a mere three points demarcating boundaries. Gigachadtopia's capital, Illuminati, is under construction. It currently has two Monochrome Musclemen inhabiting it, led by Giggest Chad Mushroomfly.


Gigachadtopia was founded by the then MTA-Gensokyo dual citizen Mushroomfly on April 23, 2019, under the name Principality of Mushroomfly. He liked the area as it was hardly touched and it also happened to be where he spawned upon joining CivClassic in 2018. Unfortunately, before his grand ideas for the peninsula could be realized, he had to go inactive for an extended period of time; in the meantime, the area would be occupied by the Grand Imperium. However, they too would fail to do anything meaningful with the territory, and so it remained nearly as untouched as it was at the start of the iteration.

Mushroomfly would come back to the game at the end of 2019. He would take occasional trips to the area, brainstorming new ideas since the update to 1.14 was nigh. Once the GI finally petered out, he would make his move. In early 2020, he declared a small claim over the vanilla village in the area and began to build a bunker deep underground, labeling his claim Chadtopia. However, he felt this tiny claim wasn't secure enough, so on March 21st, 2021, he expanded his claim to cover the whole peninsula. With this major expansion, he decided the rename the whole country to its current name.

Due to its mostly underground nature and his mistake of not leaving his signposts reinforced (which presumably caused them to be wiped out by newfriends), people questioned if Gigachadtopia existed. Therefore, on June 10th, 2021, Mushroomfly would construct a gigantic Gigachadtopia sign that could be seen from space. On July 11th, 2021, Gigachadtopia helped solve a border dispute between Chungia and Carson. There was a triangular area of border gore the former wanted to claim; however, objections from neighboring states caused mild Discord chaos. Mushroomfly stepped in and successfully claimed the area as a neutral party, establishing Little Sahara. He would also annex a mushroom island on July 17th, naming it Bantam Bermuda, but later dropped the claim on October 2nd. Gigachadtopia founded the NWO, being its first signatory on July 20th. Mushroomfly leads the alliance to this day.


Gigachadtopia lies on the Great Chad Peninsula, a square-shaped protrusion of the connecting landmass, which it shares with Binchyland. It is patch of taiga biome, lying on the top of a steep crag. To the north and east are large beaches also claimed by Gigachadtopia, which are unfortunately depleted as a result of the pre-Grinding Mill glass economy.



A vanilla village.


A new capital of Gigachadtopia planned to the north of Village. The plots will all be triangular, and the streets will have a tessellated triangular layout.

(Former) Little Sahara

An exclave located in a desert in the +,+. Currently, it contains the Little Sahara Outpost, a watchtower monitoring the area, ensuring its stability.

As a result of changes in the region (Frostwall going inactive and the cession of Panem to Eddie Murphy), Mushroomfly decided they no longer needed the Outpost. The parcel and groups were sold at auction, with South Augusta winning with a bid of 128 diamonds. The handover occurred on October 28th, 2021, and the territory is now known as Far-East Augusta.

Screenshot of Little Sahara Outpost.
Little Sahara Outpost.

(Former) Bantam Bermuda

Another exclave, this time located in the Great Ocean, containing a mushroom island, two desert islands, and some build. It is near a CSA exclave. It was abandoned and made terra nullius due to a combination of isolation and a desire to encourage other nations to abandon their more asinine claims.


Gigachadtopia is a Chadocracy; that is to say, decisions are based off what would be considered "Chad" to perform. As the founding citizen, Mushroomfly serves as the nation's benevolent Chadocrat.


Gigachadtopian Militia

Currently one Monochrome Muscleman in prot; only virgins need vaults and skybunkers.


The virgin ball versus the chad triangle
Gigachadtopian "Civball".
Advertisement for the Gigachadtopian Militia.