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The Free States of Appomattox
Coat of Arms
Capital CityAntietam
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
Founded26 June 2017
Motto"Forever Free"
Political map of the Free States of Appomattox

The Free States of Appomattox (or simply Appomattox) was a Northeastern nation bordered by Garundistan to the south-east and Iria to the west. It was connected to the international rail complex and has connections from its capital to Bibelebonse Berg, Nevada and Lexington. Since its inactivity from early-to-mid-2020, most of its former territory was settled in by newfriend nations, namely Sussex, Lambat, Potistan, and Buckeye.


Ancient History

In ages past, several ancient Nations in a far off land were once in an eternal struggle for the cultural supremacy of their world. In time, a clear power arose, the wicked Mongols known as the Katten Khaganate rose to prominence and oppressed the good people of the server, including the Mighty Breshik.[1] Yet, the Spirit of the Breshikans never broke, even after several "tactical retreats", their Great Leader King Shakomatic kept the fire of the Nation lit.[2] Until one day, the Mongols disappeared, gone to a distant world known as Civcraft; there they became what is known as Grundeswald. Years passed, Breshik fell into countless civil wars (usually started by Grand Duke TomoCat)[3] until one day the Great King Shakomatic passed his Crown down to his most Loyal Knight and next successor of the House of Breshik, Austrobernd, the Great Leader then departed to realms beyond the Screen never to be seen again. More time passed, when it became clear to the inhabitants of the Realms of Alpha that their world was dying, a great migration needed to be had, so residents of the two largest nations, Ender and Breshik left, following in the footsteps of the Mongols and other Krautchanners of the past to Civcraft. Ironically, since the Breshikans were unfamiliar with the new world they had to join their former enemies in their nation of Grundeswald (which at the time was part of the HKE) and there they made their home but they have never forgotten their past.

Early history

Early CivClassic History

Appomattox was the first nation to be set up on the map, it was settled by members of the former Holy Krautchan Empire of Civcraft 2.0. At the time, Appomattox was one of 4 Nations that were ruled by former HKE members, the others were Alemannia, Avrelia, and Armistead. Gradually over time, Appomattox annexed the rest and peace flourished throughout the land. Due to several circumstances, the population quickly fell and a great migration ensued when members either stopped playing or went to join other countries. The country still grew, albeit at a slower pace. For around one and a half years, the Free states of Appomattox became stagnate, growing very slowly until the Appomattox renaissance.

During the whole existence of Appomattox, the nation has always been ruled by Vice of the House Gensokyo (Screenname von Gensokyo). In later times, many of the former Grundeswagians had left with only the former Breshikans (Also known as Breshars) being left behind. The Breshars saw something within Vice, the spirit of the great Shakomatic, so they followed him throughout time. Eventually, House Gensokyo merged with House Nova-Visegrad of the Breshars, the fact that Vice was not a former Mongol made this possible, so the Breshars can finally claim the last victory for Breshik, since most of the wicked Mongols had died out, while Breshik's spirit lives on and the Great Shakomatic wins this final victory over them.

Appomattox renaissance

The Second great world war, known by several names but mainly the NATO-Mir War, brought with it many tragedies but it also brought opportunity. Duke Tomocat had joined the war under the flag of both Appomattox and the Dwarven nation of Annwyn, Appomattox was the first to leave the war and later Annwyn left when Tomocat tactically retreated back to his quadrant. He arranged a fair treaty with Mir, and the two nations have had no other conflict. Tomocat, as Vice-President of Appomattox started to heavily recruit and so another wave of krautchanners came to the Server, these dwarven people are ruled by a different branch of the House of Breshik and made their home in Appomattox's north. As the old Government structure had to be modernized, Vice was made Emperor of the Free States of Appomattox with the House Gensokyo-Nova Visegrad ruling every entity within the Country. The Nation started participating more in International affairs and work on projects sped up, a new age of Appomattox started.

Photo gallery

Flags of Appomattox

Flag Represents Explanation
Antietam A horizontal bicolor of blue and black, split by a white stripe; charged with a row of 3 stars across the upper length.
Armistead A burgundy field charged by a white arm holding a rapier, with the text "QUICKSTEP TO VICTORY" displayed underneath.
Cleburne A blue field encircled by a white fimbration around the edges, and a white circle in the centre.
Duskwood A horizontal bicolor of green and purple, charged with a natural wooden shield containing the traditional crest of the Slapaho tribe.
Gadsden A horizontal triband of green, white, and blue, charged with a cotton plant, with the words "FOREVER FREE" positioned below.
Impor A reddish brown circle containing the seal of Impor on a field of orange, with a strip of white and black on the fly.
Shiloh A blue field with white fimbrations on all sides except the hoist, and a white cross offset towards the hoist.

Notable residents

Other players not included