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Theocratic Commune in the New World
Locationadd later
Capital cityCococabanna
ReligionCovenant of Kū

Cococabanna, also known as CCC, was initially founded as a colony funded by TheJmqn, Grand Duke of Godhaven, and settled by Black_Fusion alongisde Yarrishca.

Cococabanna grew quickly, eventually achieving Statehood in the Imperial Federation. After the events of the Norlish Coup (The precursor to the Imperial Federation Civil War ), Cococabannese leadership declared independence for the nation, in addition to securing a position in the Far Seas Alliance.


Imperial Federation Civil War

Due to possessing inadequate combat apparel, Black_Fusion lead a team of Cococabannese engineers, consisting only of himself, to aid in the defense of the IF during the fighting of the Civil war. At the time of the attacks it appeared to the leadership that the IF, specifically the Imperial Guard, had failed spectacularly at their intended purpose, that being the defense of the States. (After the war it should be noted that it was made clear that the Imperial Guard did act as best they could at the time, and neither gordona22, nor any of the Senators are at fault for the failed defense) This caused a loss of faith in the security of the IF, and directly led to the decision to declare independence.

Sadklaus and TheJmqn (Who was also planning on declaring Godhaven to be independent) made preparations and peacefully left the Imperial Federation after coming to an agreement with Onederful. Shortly after this, Cococabanna joined the Far Seas Alliance along with the Imperial Federation, replacing Norlund.

Covenant of Kū

The Covenant is both the head of the worship of Kū, a War god, and the governing body of Cococabanna.

The Covenant holds that Kū will appear as four separate avatars in a coming war that will determine the fate of the New World. They believe that Kū will cause this war in order to bring an era of peace and prosperity to the Covenant.

  • Ku-kaʻili-moku (Kū snatcher of land) shall appear first and invade the fertile lands, inciting the war.
  • Ku-nui-akea (Kū the supreme one) shall face the Land Snatcher and protect the lesser peoples.
  • Ku-keoloewa (Kū the supporter) shall fight alongside the Supreme One.
  • Ku-hoʻoneʻenuʻu (Kū pulling together the earth) shall appear and the war will end with the New World entering into a state of stability. Though it is unknown whether the Supreme One or the Land Snatcher will have won the war.


It is the duty of the Covenant to identify the avatars of Kū to the world once they appear and to record their feats. This is performed at the Temple of Kū, located in the city of Cococabanna.

The Covenant prepares and offers a sacrifice to Kū before heading into battle.

Custodians of Cococabanna

Members of the Covenant who are involved in the governance of Cococabanna are known as the the Custodians of Cococabanna. Their duties consist of Foreign affairs, Infrastructure, Trade, Civil affairs, etc.

Kū Cultists

The standing Army of Cococabanna is the Kū Cultists. Officers in the Army are known as Kū Occultists. One of the Custodians of Cococabanna is appointed as the head of the Cultists in order to avoid any confusion concerning the hierarchy.


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