Icenia (CivMC)

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The flag of Icenia
Activity levelExpected to be high
Capital cityIcenia City
GovernmentSemi-Democratic Republic
Governing documentThird Icenian Constitution

Icenia, officially the Third Republic Of Icenia, is a planned nation on CivMC led by ChrisChrispie. The nation is expected to consist of former Icenians, Bloomians, and select members of Mount Augusta from CivMC and follow a Semi-Democratic style of governance with an elected senate and tiered citizenship based on contribution to the nation.


The Third Republic of Icenia was announced unofficially shortly after the closure of CivClassic, but formally announced on the CivMC subreddit on May 15th, 2022[1]. In the formal announcement by ChrisChrispie, it was stated that Icenia would strive to be "an economic and transportation hub" with the ultimate goal of being a "major metropolis". Icenia is expected to maintain close relationships with former players of Civclassic's UNC, UDF, and Entente, however according to ChrisChrispie the nation is "open to positive relationships with any player group on Civclassic" and in statements posted on the CivMC discord "does not have a desire to "World Police".

Shortly after the unofficial announcement of Icenia reforming on CivMC, former Icenian subgroups such as Titan Industries and Otonabee, announced their intentions to become independent of Icenia, while many former members of Bloom, which Icenia had absorbed in Civclassic, announced their intentions to remain Icenian.

Planned Government Structure

  • ChrisChrispie as a figurehead with limited veto power.
  • Minister of Defense unelected position.
  • Tiered citizenship based on contribution to the nation of small, medium, and large nature.
  • Citizens who progress beyond certain levels of citizenship may run for office.
  • An elected Senate and Minister of Interior.
  • Limited states rights.
  • A codified rule of law with an emphasis on spirit rather than letter.
  • The ability of foreigners to own property and houses, but not have citizenship.

Foundational Period

Icenia started it's CivMC experience off by being stuck in que, having reinforcements constantly reset, and looking for suitable land close to potential allies. Icenia would eventually settle on land in the -,- with an island serving as the future city center. The claims would be bordered by Rhode Island (Rhodesia), Utopia, and Petrichor. This would set up Icenia squarely away from nations such as Titan and Yoahtl, which it has initially planned to be close to.